Long Birthday Paragraphs for 35th Birthday | Original & Funny 35th Birthday Wishes, Messages!

35th Birthday Wishes & Messages - Are you looking for original or funny sayings for 35th birthday? With us you will find both. Browse our 35th birthday sayings to congratulate you to a girlfriend, boyfriend, work colleagues or their daughter or son on their birthday. Whether you are a woman or a man, our happy 35th birthday wishes are written for both sexes.

Long Birthday Paragraphs for 35th Birthday

Birthdays are like counting machines,

everyone has to use them,

Today you can turn the hands

and see your 35 years.


At 35 you have achieved a lot,

you're incredibly rich in experience,

on your 35th birthday I can only say all the best,

I hope you will carry my congratulations in your heart.


Elegant, educated and arrived in life,

but you're a very level-headed guy,

Today your birthday card will be 35,

I can only congratulate you.


You are honest, direct and sometimes different,

that makes you so special as a person,

On your 35th birthday, I'd like to give you a hug,

you always manage to enchant me.


At 35, everything is going great for you,

family, friends and job,

I can only say all the best,

stay as you are, no questions asked.


Take the 35 years with pleasure,

the accumulated time is your run-up,

to get over every mountain with momentum,

as you set out to do.


The 35th year of life has made you mature,

brought you satisfaction and pride,

just keep going, keep looking forward,

continue to build your legacy.


So slowly life is clearing,

with the realization of still more to give.


You have already accumulated quite a lot,

relax in between times.


Your age is on the rise,

only slightly past is your youth,

at 35 you can now reorganize,

just don't lose heart.

Best Birthday Wishes for 35th Birthday

We wish you all the best for your special day.

The youth you have now far behind you and the life as an adult you have now already mastered some years well. All this you have done so far with flying colors and will continue to do so.

35 years old you are now

and since then you have always been a true support for us.

A very special day is coming up today,

and we are standing at attention for you.

We wish you all the best

and a right route in life.

Today is a very special day for which I/we congratulate you very much!

The joy that we / I may / may celebrate this day with you is incredible and you are wished only the best!

All the best for your 35th birthday! On that it will be three times 35 years and we can celebrate this together!

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