Long Birthday Paragraphs, Wishes, Messages, Phrases for AUNT

Long Birthday Wishes, Messages, Words and Phrases for AUNT - Knowing how to express our love to an aunt is not as easy as it seems: we may not have the time, lack the inspiration or the words to make her convey how we feel about her.

Long Birthday Paragraphs, Wishes, Messages, Phrases for AUNT

To help you, we have a collection of birthday phrases for your aunt that will help you to bare your heart and to be able to convey to her exactly what you feel for her.

Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Aunt, on this special day we have gathered all the family to celebrate your first birthday. We know that God will give you his best blessings and that he will help you to accomplish everything you have set out to do.

Dear Aunt! You are back for another year and we want to wish you the best birthday. I also want to take this opportunity to tell you how important you are to me, like a second mother. You have a heart of gold, strong values and don't mind telling it like it is. I hope this new year brings you lots of health, money and, above all, lots of joy, because you really deserve it all. Congratulations, Aunt!

Congratulations, Aunt. I wish you a happy birthday, and that on this special day you can have a great time with the people who love you the most. Don't forget that I am one of them.

The day of your birthday fills us with joy. Although this year I will not be able to be by your side, which makes me very sad, I want to tell you that I will be with you in thought and spirit. I hope you can have a good time for me with the rest of your family, and that I can be by your side for the next occasion.

Today is your birthday, Aunt, and I want to use these lines to express my happiness at how I feel about you. I wish you a future full of fulfilled wishes, consolidated successes, good news, and much happiness. Don't forget to enjoy this special day and remember that I love you very much.

Aunt, you are a woman who stands out for your kindness, your empathy, your ability to help others, and your humility. It fills me with pride to have been raised according to your principles and I hope you can spend this special day surrounded by all the people you love, eating a good cake. I love you very much! And I wish you many more birthdays as happy or happier than this one.

Aunt, you are my second mother, a person who has been by my side in every moment of my life, even in the most complicated ones, when I have needed help and you have given it to me. That is why I am here, helping to shape your birthday and guaranteeing you that you are going to have a great time.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your birthday, to let you see what an amazing person you have become and to tell you that you deserve everything you have and much more. Congratulations, Aunt!

Birthday messages for aunt

I want to thank God for allowing us to be together for another year, celebrating your birthday with the whole family. I love you, aunt!

You are the best aunt in the whole world! I wish with all my soul that your wishes come true, and that you have a great time with your loved ones. You have no idea how much I love you. The little gift I have given you is just a small part of the affection I feel for you. Congratulations!

I thank God every day for having an aunt like you. You are funny, sincere, kind and very funny. I feel privileged to have been your nephew. I know very well that you are going to have a great time, and you know how to make the best of every occasion.

It is difficult to express in words everything I feel for my aunt. My affection is so great that I like to measure it with words, since I would never know how to choose exactly the ones that represent it. I appreciate all the support you have given me, since it is something that helps me in the most difficult moments. I wish you from the bottom of my heart to have the best birthday of your life, and I want you to count on me for whatever you need. congratulations!

Today the whole family is going to celebrate the best day of the year: your birthday! We have prepared everything for you to enjoy it very much, we love you!

We wish you the best of God's blessings and may this year be filled with joy, happiness, good health and good opportunities. Congratulations, Aunt!

Today we commemorate not only that it is your birthday, but that you are my aunt. I hope that in the coming year you will have much health and prosperity, and that we can enjoy many more years in each other's company.

On behalf of all your nieces and nephews we want to wish you the best birthday. We know how good you are and how hard you work to make everyone around you happy. You are the best cook, you are empathetic and you can be counted on for everything. Congratulations!

On this marked day we would like you to know how much we love you and how much we feel for you. You have become a second mother to all of us. You have given us everything: attention, care and support, and all this has made you the best aunt in the whole universe. For all your efforts I hope you enjoy your birthday very much.

You are the most enthusiastic, happy and beautiful aunt out there. No matter how old you are, your face doesn't get older, we love you very much!

Birthday texts for an aunt

I have decided to write these lines to the aunt I love the most. You are loyal, empathetic, beautiful and so much fun. I thank heaven every day that I have been blessed to be your nephew. Through you I have proven that if a person does good, they will certainly receive the same. You are an example to follow. Congratulations, Aunt!

Congratulations! I hope we can spend this fantastic day with the whole family, mentally traveling back to the best moments of our lives to catch up. I pray to God that from each to the new year we will have more time to share moments and spend it together.

It's a shame not to be able to give you a hug for your birthday, not to be there when you go to blow out the candles, or not to taste a piece of the delicious cake you always make. Unfortunately, everything has been complicated for me, but as soon as I have some free time, you can be sure that I will come to see you. I send you a big kiss and I hope you have a great time.

I feel very lucky to have you as an aunt. Even though time goes by so fast, I still see you like I did when I was a little kid and I drool. Have the best birthday of your life, get lots of presents and remember the experience. Happy Birthday!

I'm so happy to be able to enjoy another birthday as a family, I wish you all your dreams come true!

You are one of the most important people in my life. You are not only family, you are also an unconditional friend, the one to turn to when you need help. I give you all my love and congratulate you on your birthday with all my heart.

I am very fortunate to have such a wise and kind aunt like you, receive my best blessings on this special day!

You are beautiful and special, so your birthday should also meet those criteria. congratulations aunt!

You are the friend to rely on, the mother who never scolds and the grandmother who spoils us all. Thank you so much for being there for everything, and for continuing to be. happy birthday!

You have motivated me in my worst moments and you have taught me all your kindness. congratulations!

I hope God is always by your side blessing everything you do, making all your projects come true. happy birthday, aunt!

I am lucky to have an aunt like you, with such a pure heart. Today we celebrate this moment with the people who love you the most.

Congratulations, Aunt!

You have given me the best advice, I have been happy and I have cried in your man. For all that, and for much more... Congratulations!

Today is the birthday of the best aunt in the world! I wish you a year full of joy, health and prosperity, we wish you all the best, aunt!

Long Birthday Paragraphs, Wishes, Messages, Phrases for AUNT

Long Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Happy birthday to the best aunt in the world! I hope this day is full of joy and that you enjoy it with the best company.

Today is the birthday of a wonderful woman, who has been like a second mother to me. Happy anniversary, dear aunt, I wish you the best, today and always.

Because there is no woman like you in the whole planet, today I want to thank life for your existence and ask God to grant you many more years to enjoy them by your side. Happy birthday, aunt! A hug.

Today is your birthday, beloved aunt, and what a pity I can't be with you on such a wonderful evening. However, I send you all my love and best wishes, hoping you have a wonderful day. Happy birthday!

Life has given you one more year to keep adding unforgettable experiences and filling us all with so much love and smiles. May every day be full of magic and may happiness never fail you. Happy birthday, Aunt!

Ever since I was a little girl, you have been there for me and treated me like another daughter. Thank you, Auntie, for loving me unconditionally and for being so special without asking for anything in return. I love you and wish you a happy birthday.

On this day is the birthday of an extraordinary woman, beautiful, intelligent and with a big heart, whom I have the joy of calling "aunt". Congratulations, beautiful! Thank you for existing.

Dear Aunt, you have no idea what you mean to me. Ever since I was a little girl, you have always been my role model, and with each passing year, you continue to amaze me and fill me with pride for the simple fact that I am your niece. You are wonderful! I love you and wish you the best birthday ever.

I wish I could be by your side to give you a big hug and say "Happy Birthday", but distance prevents me from doing so. However, I am sending you this message to let you know that I never forget you and that in my heart you will always have a special place. Congratulations, dear aunt!

All of us in the family are happy, because it is the birthday of one of the most beautiful women in this world. It's your birthday, Aunt! We wish you the best of days and may all your wishes come true.

Happy birthday to that loving, cheerful and fighting woman who makes us all happy with her pleasant presence. May this day be wonderful for you and may each of your dreams come true. Happy birthday, Aunt!

I want to wish you a happy birthday, surrounded by your closest family and friends. I, of course, will be there with you, to let you know how happy I am to celebrate another year in your life. congratulations, auntie dearest! May you have many more.

Dearest aunt, you don't know how happy I am to be your niece. I thank God for putting you in my path and I ask Him to give you many more years of life to have you with me. Happy birthday!

Since mom left us, you took the place of mother in my life, and how happy I am because without you I would feel lost. Thank you, dear aunt, for being so special and for giving me your unconditional love. Happy birthday!

Today is the birthday of a very special woman to me: my favorite aunt. May life shower you with blessings and may you have millions of reasons to smile every day when you wake up. many congratulations, dear aunt!

The most beautiful birthday words for an aunt like you, because it's your special day and you deserve the best attentions. congratulations, aunt! Have an amazing time.

Dear aunt, you have been with me in every step of my life, you have accompanied me and have been my unconditional support. For that and much more, I thank you and wish you a happy anniversary.

Because more than an aunt, you have become my second mom. Thank you for always being by my side and for being that special woman that I have followed as an example. Happy birthday!

I want to take this magnificent occasion to congratulate you on your anniversary and express my most sincere wishes of joy and happiness. Because you deserve all that and much more. Happy birthday, beloved aunt!

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