Long Birthday Paragraphs for Grandma - Long Birthday Wishes for Grandmother Quotes

Find an original message idea to wish a happy birthday to her beloved grandma and wishes grandma's day. For your grandmother's birthday, it is important to find the words that will touch her heart. Present your best birthday wishes to grandmother with our affectionate greetings. Find a beautiful poetry or a text of happy birthday to the grandmothers and grannies.

A selection of beautiful texts happy birthday grandma in the form of happy birthday sms, happy birthday poem grandma or a beautiful letter to send to the prettiest grandma in the world to wish her a merry Christmas or a happy new year.

Long Birthday Paragraphs for Grandma - Long Birthday Wishes for Grandmother Quotes

Long Birthday Wishes for Grandma

Today is the birthday of the most beautiful grandmother: mine.

With these few affectionate words, I send you my dearest grandma my best wishes.

Happy birthday my grandmother whom I love with all my heart.

May the good health, the joy and the love of yours never leave you.

Happy Birthday my beloved grandmother!


Life has no age.

True youth does not wear out.

We can call it a memory,

We can say that it disappears,

No matter how much we say and want to say that everything goes away,

All that is true remains there.

When the truth is ugly, it is a very unfortunate story,

When the truth is beautiful, nothing tarnishes its mirror.

Very old people go back to childhood

And their heart beats

Where there is no past.


May this day be only sweetness

For you my sweet grandmother

A grandmother I love with all my heart

Happy birthday to you! You are the best!

A happy birthday to my dear grandmother

A delightful woman, the sweetest grandma.

Grandma dear, receive my most beautiful affection.

I love you my beloved grandma!


To the most beautiful grandmother on earth!

You my sweet grandma that I love.

Sweetness and Love

Kindness and Tenderness

Delicacy and Wisdom

Are the sweet words that best represent you.

Since my childhood, you are my sun

A great lady, my wonder!

Happy birthday to my grandmother light.


Today I send you a beautiful bouquet of flowers of love to embellish your birthday. Beautiful flowers with the scent of eternal happiness and endless joy.

May this day be beautiful and joyful, just like your beautiful soul!

Happy birthday grandma I love you.


Grandparents' love is a child's treasure

Grandmothers and grandfathers are giants.

They pass on to their grandchildren a beautiful science.

A science of experience that comes from such intense experience.


To the sweetest grandma in the world

My beloved grandma who I miss,

This special day in our loving hearts is your birthday my sweet grandma.

I would have liked to wish you a happy birthday by coming to tell you in person but this year it is not possible. Although far away, I think of you.


You have lived through many years with a serenity that is an example for your family, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren.

It seems to me that youth has always prevailed in your life.

That your affection expressed to your loved ones has been maintained over the years and has never lost its intensity.

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