Texts to wish a happy 21st birthday by SMS

Texts to wish a happy 21st birthday by SMS - A young man or woman around you is about to celebrate his or her birthday? These small texts happy birthday 21 years old can be appropriate for all the young people having between 20 years and 30 years. Discover also a small poem for the twenty-first birthday.

Texts to wish a happy 21st birthday by SMS

Text wishes 21 birthday sms

This time it's done and it's getting very serious! You're past your twenties. You are getting old young man. With this sms I wish you a happy birthday for your 21st birthday. Stay always so original, singular, exceptional

With this sms for my best friend's 21st birthday I want to tell her that she really doesn't look her age. She still remains this exceptional and beautiful girl. Young at heart and in spirit. Happy 21st birthday my princess.

What 21 years! No way: already that old at your age. My god it's the beginning of the end! With this humorous message for my friend's 21st birthday I would like to tell him that the passing of time strengthens the friendship. Happy 21st birthday my friend!

Birthday poem 21 years

Young man, young girl To be three times 7 years old

It's not getting old! It is to be 3 times a child

The birthday of 21 years is a happy event

It is childhood and adolescence that are slowly going away

To be 21 is to have a heart full of innocence

And little by little, the path of responsibility takes on a meaning

Happy birthday 21 years, Happy birthday 21 years

Young girl, young man today you become a big one

Learn every day from love that living is a gift in itself

Forget the trivial and focus on the essential and the beautiful

Happy birthday 21 years, Happy birthday 21 years

With this beautiful message I offer you the hope of youth that lasts forever

Poem for the 21 years, Happy birthday poem 21 years

By these verses of poetry I wish you to always live in hope

Birthday Wishes 21 years old young man

An original idea for the birthday of the 21 years simply send to the girl or the young man concerned this image birthday 21 years by Mms without writing anything more

You can accompany this image for the birthday of 21 years with a beautiful quote on the theme of the birthday, the privilege of age and time passing, the experience of life.

- The first 30 years of life are spent not being able to wake up, the next 30 not being able to fall asleep."

- At 20 we have dreams - At 30 we try to realize our dreams - At 40 we have disillusions - At 50 we learn to live in reality. Moral: "You may never live your dreams but your dreams will make you live at all ages of life".

Humor Text Messages 21 Birthday SMS

Today a young man is getting old... Today he starts to lose his hair. And tomorrow some teeth. It is the end of the charm and the beginning of the tears. The wrinkles are already there... On the youth it is necessary to lower the curtains. But no, I'm kidding, my little youngster. Happy birthday for your 21st birthday. Always look ahead.

On this day of mourning a young lady has just lost her youth for good. By this funny sms message for the 21 years of this young gazelle let's wish her a happy birthday. Let's remind her that she must keep smiling every day and that youth is above all that of the heart. Happy birthday my little old lady.

For your 21st birthday gift I hesitate between a cane and a denture... I will think about it and contact you by text very soon. Friendly kisses and best wishes for your 21st birthday.

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