Friday, July 23, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Golfers (Ball Sport Lovers)

birthday wishes for golfers - birthday cards for golfers. We sincerely congratulate you on our birthday and wish you good luck next year on the golf course and of course a lot of fun in the "19. Hole"!

Birthday Wishes for Golfers (Ball Sport Lovers)

When golfing, it is especially on the shop talk, but we wish you in the next year, that you improve your handicap!

For your next year, we wish you no Bogies, but rather many Eagles and maybe even one or the other As!

Greens, fairways and rough, the golf course has a lot of different surfaces to offer. In between there are trees and shrubs, hills, bunkers and possibly water. Not so easy to play the par! In this sense we wish you a good blow at all times and that you will find as many balls as possible in the next year of your life!

Always stay cool when you hit the ball. Do not be fooled on the green. Choose the right club. You can do all that with life and aging: just do not let yourself go crazy, but take life and golf as it comes! Rail accidents and other uncertainties should not put you out of rhythm.

We wish you a happy birthday and always have the right racquet at hand so that you can improve your handicap even further!

Playing golf requires the right swing, a steady hand and a cool head. That's why we wish you today for your birthday that you stay fit, do not tremble and drink enough!

It is said that golfers are not deterred by playing. Today your birthday is still celebrated! And tomorrow you can hide the shadows under the eyes behind sunglasses. The only important thing is that your ball stays on the fairway, so you are not tempted to rest in the rough ...

We wish you not only a good new year of life, but as many 18-hole rounds with as few strokes as possible!

Happy birthday and all the best for your favorite hobby, playing golf! Keep your handicap and do not be discouraged by failures, because without them it does not work, neither in golf nor in real life.

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Someone Who is Ill, Sick, Diseased, Unwell

Birthday Wishes for Someone Who is Ill, Sick, Diseased, Unwell - For your birthday I would like to send you the very best wishes! It's not an easy time for you I know you are ill but still you will not let off track. We all admire your incredible strength and willpower. We wish you all the best for your new year and the lasting assurance that everything will be fine again! You can do it!

Birthday Wishes for Someone Who is Ill, Sick, Diseased, Unwell

Today you are celebrating your birthday and all your loved ones are with you to give you luck and strength. Let yourself be distracted and bring to other thoughts, laugh together and enjoy the great love and affection that you feel for each other. You are not alone in this hard time! Together, you will survive them, I'm sure! Everything imaginable, dear birthday child!

birthday wishes for someone who is ill

I am so happy to be able to congratulate you on your birthday today. I know what a difficult time is behind you, and I know that she is not over yet. But when I see the joie de vivre you still go to every day, do not be fooled and look to the future with confidence, then I'm sure you'll be able to do it. Keep it up!


I wish you all the best for your birthday! You should know that I often think of you and believe that your serious illness will soon be over. There is a strong healing power inside you, and that is called confidence. Trust in this power and let it flow through your body and mind. It is the one that can and will do wonders!


How happy I am to see you so happy today! It is incredibly admirable how strong you are. All your spirits are wide awake and ready to defend themselves successfully. Keep in your new year of life, this wonderful positive energy! It will make you the winner, that stands rock solid for me! I wish you all the best, happy birthday.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Gardeners (Nature Lovers)

Birthday Wishes for Gardeners
When the flowers sprout,
lets the gardener greet again.
With fertilizer, water and lots of love,
the new shoots are growing fast.
Cut off in the vase,
The bouquet is then in the nose.
Happy Birthday,
and with the flowers a lot of skill.

Birthday Wishes for Gardeners (Nature Lovers)

With hedge trimmer and spade,
he wades through the garden.
Dig a bit here,
cut something there,
that's how women like it.
But what do you give the gardener,
on his special day,
where he already likes flowers anyway.
You give a greeting and leave the flowers,
because he is in a different place to celebrate.


Cut hedges, put flowers,
Mow lawn, scissors whet.
Cut trees, put onions,
a gardener may complain about it.
Always green and always colorful,
it goes around in the garden.
But he sits quietly on his birthday,
because he just wants to party outside.
Lift the glass and celebrate,
because the garden is a hit.


Earth on the hands,
Pain in the loins.
To decorate the garden well,
he has to bend down often.
Let the flowers bloom,
do not freeze the lawn.
He provides a nice view,
and he gets it back today.
With a very special birthday greeting,
because he does not have to do it all.
We make a pleasure and start
because he is so good at everything.


If the tulips are a bit sad,
then the gardener comes very quickly.
He looks and pours and waters,
that everything will improve again.
As soon as the tulips raised their heads,
Here we want to praise him.
Because even today he takes the time
and is always ready.
For his birthday he should live very high,
because we give him the best wishes.


When winter has gone,
and the lawn is easily hereditary,
the gardener comes quickly,
and conjures a colorful sea of ​​flowers.
He mows and cuts,
some branch of the suffers.
A little bit here, a little bit there,
he plucks away many leaves.
After that everything looks great,
and he even gets applause.
That's not important to him
but today it is right.
Because on birthday you have to sing,
without swinging the tools.


A new year under the protection of Santa Fiacrius
Luck and health may always sprout you
in the new year we douse today!
Your trees are to grow into the sky
and always fulfill your dreams!
Colorful and numerous, life drives its flowers
and Saint Fiacrius, let him always guard you
He may bless with his blessing and his spade
Transform your life into a blooming garden!


A model gardener
Today we celebrate a man,
that can only blossom more than flowers
are the plants his mission,
otherwise he will always live up to his example, his patron saint!
Phokas, the gardener, was everywhere in the country
very well known for his charity and kindness
and also his hospitality was legendary
here our birthday boy is very like him!
For the love and care he gives to his garden,
he also gives that to the people he loves -
Leave to his loving care
Flowers bloom like humans alike!
That's why we do not just wish all the love for a birthday,
but also that he always stays that way!


The beautiful gardener
The lawn of your life always stays green,
the flowers of love may always bloom,
Gardening may continue to rejuvenate you
completely without artificial spraying and fertilizing!
Because we can see it on your plants -
just like you, you stay beautiful by nature!
Even doctors can wait a long time for your visit -
for your health and beauty, there is your garden!
With him, you always keep going,
he keeps you fit, he keeps you young!
We congratulate for birthday and find it terrific -
Another year older - and yet ageless!


The prime of your life
So many are waiting in vain in life
to the true meaning of life,
but you have it in many hours
Long ago found among flowers and trees.
We wish you a happy birthday, your luck
may your plants grow bit by bit,
this includes sunshine, but also rain -
But your place is always sunny side!
And everything that blossoms your life
be given to you in the new year of life!

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Birthday Wishes for Newborn Baby, Cooky

Birthday Wishes for Newborn Baby, Cooky - Now you are there, you little human being, and make so many other people happy with your arrival in this world! We are so happy that you are here and wish you a wonderful start to a long, happy life!

Birthday Wishes for Newborn Baby, Cooky

Welcome, little, new earthlings! How do you like being out here, in this unknown world? So many exciting experiences you will collect in the next few years and Keep your dear parents properly on Trapp. We wish you all a lot of fun! All the best, little darling!


Today, once again, a miracle has happened. For nothing but a miracle is when a new, little person sees the light of day. You are such a precious gift for all those people who have expected you so dearly and heartily love you. Good luck, health and happiness for you and your parents!


With your birth, my little darling, life is not just starting for you! No, you also bring life into the everyday life of all the people who love you. You will make us laugh and wonder, open our hearts, stir us to tears and provide many a sleepless night. You will show us all how intense life is. It's so amazing that you're finally here!

Only a year ago we did not know about you. Now you have been in the world for only a few hours and we can no longer imagine a life without you. Welcome to Earth, little sunshine, and thank you for bringing so much light into our lives. We love you with all our hearts and will always be there for you.


Without stockings, without shoes you came today to the world! Let greet you, little, sweet earthly citizen and make your dear parents much joy! Be a good baby, who hardly screams, sleeps through the night and goes alone with a year on the potty! No, that's not necessary. Just be like you are! Because that's exactly how we want you to be and will love you as naughty badger or rogue.

There are miracles every day,
as you like to look at you.
Long-awaited and finally there,
a small person,
how wonderful.
You need arms that hold you,
to unfold your senses.
You need people who teach you everything
and gently explain something new to you.
Need closeness that gives you warmth
and a hand that steers yours.
Your parents will give you
whatever you need
for a happy life.


I am standing here quietly and quietly
look for the end of your journey.
You are exhausted and lie completely still,
because your body wants rest.
You are perfect as you are,
50 centimeters you measure now,
You will grow, you will learn
you also reach for the stars later,
you will notice that you have limits,
if you deal with you.
Speaking, running and also walking,
you learn to understand all that
for the first birthday a box full of luck
and please, never wish you back!


Full of innocence and so small
You lie there, so quiet and fine.
Your eyes are wandering
from one place to another.
Little hands close,
start crying - bitter.
The first time in your life
Mama will give you comfort.
Shortly thereafter, you hardly believe it,
There is silence here in this room.
You rest in arms that protect you,
from illness, misfortune and dangers.


You are still small and without knowledge,
I'm born again in your pillow.
Can hear, but still understand nothing,
have legs and can not go.
Your body is already performing,
which forces you to survive.
My sweetheart, that's the way it has to be
because you do not always stay small.
You will grow and understand quickly,
learn great things, you will see a lot.
Your parents love you very much
and without you your life would be empty.
Be lenient if they fail
or complain about you.
Learn forgiveness when mistakes happen
and try to see the best in everything.

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Monday, July 19, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Pastor, Happy Birthday Pastor, Priest Bday Wishes

Dear Pastor, I would like to convey my best wishes for your birthday. Thank you very much for the assistance I have received from you lately. As Goethe himself once said, "I may say that I never returned empty-handed when I sought God under pressure and need." They receive everyone with open arms and patiently help to find God in all situations of life.

Birthday Wishes for Pastor, Happy Birthday Pastor, Priest Bday Wishes

"If God does not understand fun, I do not want to go to heaven." This beautiful quote comes from none other than Martin Luther! Dear Pastor, we are so glad that with you we have a happy, open-minded and humorous pastor by our side. We wish you all the best for your birthday today. Stay as you are, for you are a blessing to the whole community!

Happy birthday, dear pastor! We wish you continued good health for your new year. Take good care of yourself with all the often heavy obligations that come your way. Receive your cheerful mind and trust the sincere friendship of so many people in our community. God bless you!

It is a blessing to know that there are people like you, dear pastor. Sincere listeners, consolators, hope-bearers and mediators of community and love. You are a true happiness for our community! We wish you all the best for your new year and God's help in all your ways.
"Lord, you are the security, the peace, the happiness and the joy." This is how Francis of Assisi once praised God, expressing all the qualities that a person desires to feel in good hands. You too, dear pastor, unite these wonderful qualities of security, peace, happiness and joy in you! We feel good about you and wish you all the best for your birthday! God be with you!

"Go through man, and you will come to God." This advice was given by the church teacher Augustine many hundreds of years ago. You, dear pastor, seem to take him fully to heart. Their humanity and openness inspire us and give us time and again God trust. Go on like that! Our warmest congratulations on your birthday!

You always have an open ear for everyone
and take the worry with humor.
You know, heaven loves you very much
and did not send you without reason.
It is your way and your duty
to help - and you do not suspect
how well your words do us,
which you give us without resting.
But today we come to you
and all are radiant here,
to say "Thank you very much",
the world would be pretty empty without us pastor.
Happy Birthday.

When God created you, he thought,
I'll make you and send you here
to people who need faith
that money and power are wasted quickly.
And that happiness is in yourself.
But only if everyone wakes it up,
then life is easy and cheerful
and everyone passes the joy on.
And when the worries hit you,
then there is your strong back,
to which man can lean,
to you, you god-given man.
Degrees today, on your jubilee day,
God is especially happy and strong
and makes the love shine out of you.
With this band he wants to unite,
what he protects, very quiet and gentle,
You wonderful man he made.
From the heart of all happy birthday

The sun shines brighter today,
because you have your birthday.
The flowers and the birds
are very early your guest.
God send only good things in your life,
He thought it up for you
and I want to give you pleasure,
has always watched over you.

Do you hear the soft word in you?
God speaks here in a gentle voice
and say, "You are my dear child,
I put luck in you quickly,
because today is your birthday,
I think of you, did not miss it. "

The night is sometimes dark,
but in the morning, happiness comes
that is how God created it,
at the beginning, piece by piece.
And today he wants to tell you
what miracle you are,
the greatest of his creation,
so that you never forget
he loves you over everything,
since the beginning of time
and it will never end.
Are you ready for it?

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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Fast Rider

Birthday Wishes for Fast Rider: The greatest happiness for you in this world is that you do not fall off the horse! And the luck of your horse is the same, because after all, you are a unit. Congratulations and always a firm seat in the saddle!

Birthday Wishes for Fast Rider

As you ride through the forest and across the fields, the earth slides beneath you. Fly over the paths and hear the pounding of the hooves: That's life! Feel your heart beat and the blood flow in your veins! Riding is life.


Stay well-behaved to your horse as you always wear responsibly. In this way, you will always get along well. All the best and love for the new year, and many more beautiful rides!


Once you fall down, it's up to you, not your horse. If you take this to heart, you will never blame him. You are going to ... (old), since you are old enough not to falsely accuse your horse because you did something wrong! In this sense: Happy birthday, and do not break your bones!


Happy birthday, dear rider! Keep yourself in the saddle, look forward and do not mare you and your horse too much, so you will always arrive safely at the finish. It's similar with the "normal life" too!


Riding keeps you young and fast, I can tell you that: you are still as active and determined as before! So stay with your hobby, take care of yourself and your horse, and continue to enjoy riding and living!


We wish you all the best wishes for your birthday, always stirrups and a soft saddle, a well-tamed horse that still has temperament, and of course many beautiful rides!


Horses are known for their speed, their fidelity, their shiny coat and their strong muscles. And you are known for your sportiness, your friendly attitude and ... apparently you are just the perfect team! At least we wish you a very happy birthday!

Today begins a new year,
that will be wonderful for you!
Because many wishes are with you
and also with your favorite animal!

You should always understand yourself well
and never go astray,
In any case, you have the say,
the horse does what it tells.

It will never contradict you,
Never break out without asking,
Do not throw yourself out of his saddle,
certainly not biting your butt.

When you call, it follows the word,
and gladly and immediately.

These are for your honorary days
OUR wishes - no question!
But, we say that
you talk to the horse!


For the show jumper

Happy Birthday to You,
Good luck for the new year
wish gelding, stallion and mare:
"It's always going forward, not back!"

That applies to the general life
just like the highest jump,
this year, you will give everything
and the course is going really well!

This year will have no limits
no obstacle will make you too heavy
whether wall or moat,
the competition looks jealous.

One thing will be clear to everyone:
You are the new shooting star!
Because even the last layman sees:
From today you are favorite!


Today you will be one year older
and also become much wiser,
Here are some wishes
for your life with the horses:

You have to overcome hurdles
as high as possible in a short time,
You should ride over ditches,
without effort, as far as possible.

You should avoid mistakes
and it's easy for you to win
Collecting bows and cups,
Good luck is achieved soon.

All this you should do this year,
and what's equally important
Stay in the saddle with every jump
otherwise everything else is nothing!


For the dressage rider

Today for your honorary days
you get one hundred percent,
not for piaffe and passage,
but in the form of the "wish present".

Next year,
that is wish one,
everything should work,
happiness will be yours!

Step, gallop and strong trot,
everything is sitting - you do not limp.
Circle, Volte, Pirouette,
without mistakes - every bet.
Traversale, Schenkelweichen
and the spectators blanch.

The performance is right and moreover
the judges are not a problem either.
Because even for them soon becomes clear:
You are the star this year!

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Birthday Wishes for Tennis Player

Birthday Wishes for Tennis Player: Happy birthday, and always a quick counterattack, if your tennis opponent alludes to you!

Birthday Wishes for Tennis Player

We wish you further fast returns and nimble legs, and that you play many aces in the new year!


Even as you get older: Do not let yourself play, but hold against it! To win in tennis, you just need to always play the ball back.


Tennis is fun and easy: The winner is the one who always hits the ball in the opposing field. So stay fit, so that you continue to succeed, and get well into the new year of life!


Whether in or out tennis is often the question. It is important for you that you yourself are in, because that way you will stay fit and enjoy your tennis for many years to come!


Living and aging is similar to playing a tennis game: you beat yourself for a while, making good and bad experiences, and in the end it's hard to tell if you've lost or won. Above all, it is important that you have even started!


Happy birthday, stay fit in tennis and play your aces in the next year, so you will not let up!


Tennis keeps you fit and sexy, so do not stop it just because you're a year older, or you'll be aging for several years!


In tennis you can forget everything around you, except for the ball, the field and your opponent. Even your own age barely matters, unless it prevents you from getting the ball. That's why we wake you from this concentration today and call you: Happy Birthday!


If you continue to play tennis, you become more and more like McEnroe: He has made it more fun with the aging and less cursed. The age obviously helps to become more relaxed. That's why we wish you a good and sporty new year of life today!

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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Football Player (Soccer Lovers)

Birthday celebrates today a football fan,
On Saturdays, he always looks "ran".
Offside, corner or goal,
Müller ahead, Müller ahead!
He likes to be a guest in the stadium
so he does not miss anything important.
His life is the round leather,
Everyone knows that in their environment.
We congratulate today,
In the summer he misses the football painfully.
In autumn he is happy again
like the pug in the oat straw!
When the new season starts,
how long did he wait for this?
Congratulations and a lot of time
for stadium visits the opportunity.

Birthday Wishes for Football Player (Soccer Lovers)

Whether championship, whether Champions League,
For you only the victory counts.
Whether it is raining or snowing
into the stadium you are no way too far.
Even on hot summer days,
you go without asking.
That's why it's not hard for us
because your cash register is already empty.
That's why we did not think about
which makes you a pleasure.
A season ticket for your club,
you will find that fine.
Victory, draw or defeat,
You are there, without question.
For the birthday, we wish you all the luck in the world
and know that you like our gift.


Müller, Breitner, Beckenbauer,
they were always in wait.
Gomez, Schweini, Robben,
there is nothing to top it.
Bayern Munich is your club,
it does not have to be that way.
Also at Hamburg, Schalke, Dortmund
it actually runs quite round.
We want to congratulate the Bayern fan,
We will see if it works with the championship.
Today we want to say all the best
and dare no master forecast.


The ball is round,
you know that since the first hour.
90 minutes takes a game
that's really a lot.
You know the offside rules well,
To score goals you need courage.
The referees are often bad,
sure you are sometimes right.
Even once you were a football star,
You can believe it, it is true.
You played old gentlemen last
and you have really downplayed.
Today you watch every game on TV,
You do not need a ball feel for that.
We would like to congratulate you,
send you into the distance.
To a game of your choice,
that is certainly no torture.

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Friday, July 16, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Patients

Birthday Wishes for Patients - We wish you all the best wishes for you, and of course you should get back your health as soon as possible!

Birthday Wishes for Patients

We wish you a good recovery and a happy birthday, so you do not miss your own celebration!


We wish you a happy new year and that you can quickly get back on your feet!


Even if you are sick, you should not spend your birthday without us thinking about you: We wish you all the best for the new year and for your recovery!


Dear ... (name), Unfortunately you are ill on your birthday
but we will recover soon, as we hope
because your illness is thank God
not so bad that you are affected for a long time!

Being ill on your own birthday is not fun
but unfortunately can not change.
We wish you a happy new year,
because if it starts like that, it can only get better!


Dear ... (name), pay close attention next year, so that we can at least celebrate your birthday properly! Unfortunately, this time it fails because you are not feeling well, but you can not avoid getting older!


For my birthday, I like to say: stay as you are. Of course, since you're feeling pretty bad, I will not do that; Instead, I prefer to say: better yourself! Get well soon, so we can make up for your birthday party!


Happy Birthday, and get well soon!
Finally, we want to see you fit again, so we can raise you with the aging, and no longer have to comfort you, because you are just not feeling well!


Your birthday is actually a nice occasion to send you a kind greeting, but your illness gives the whole thing a negative touch. We wish you that you will soon recover and see everything positive again!

For the beginning of the year
We wish you a party today
good health, because with the
it is not for the best.
With patience and discipline,
good food, best care
can we get that back,
nothing speaks against it.


Illness must be borne,
but recovery is in the house,
plagues after last year
it looks better again.
That is why I wish you today
good health and a lot of strength,
happy birthday,
because commonality creates a lot.


A smile in his eyes shines,
that testifies to convalescence,
and now replacing birthday cake
the medicine from the retort.
We wish you all the best
and are with you glad cheers.


Oh, that hurt a lot,
but the cecum is now out,
and now the little man can
for a birthday fast home.
Can not eat a cake yet,
but he does not care
oh, I almost forgot
I have a gift with me.


Only when health has gone,
man appreciates them,
the disease made you anxious,
at night us and also by day.
But healing is the gift,
that the doctors brought you,
here is someone who thinks of you,
in your birthday night.


Life is not always easy
and often checks people,
whatever he already achieves
and what he hopes for.
Life is not foreseeable,
it takes us as it gives
but sometimes miracles come true,
you do not think about.
And so a miracle happened to you,
as only God can
I was so happy when I saw you
today on your birthday.


It starts now a happy time,
without the pain and without the suffering,
it starts again the sweet life,
which was first returned to you.
It's starting a new year,
with health that you failed,
without the fear and without the danger
never again is you plagued from now on.


Finally you got up
and you look better again,
shaking off the disease gangs,
Finally you are allowed to go home.
Now you can celebrate your birthday,
with friends and loved ones,
You throw off the veil,
only the sun stayed.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Pilots

You know, the pilot
almost nothing is forbidden:
So have fun with your birthday party, and of course congratulations! It is only important that you are sober again before your next flight!

Birthday Wishes for Pilots

You as a pilot have seen many countries and flew over great landscapes. It's the same with life: you get to know the unknown, you see new areas and you go over some things. Continue to enjoy your flights and take good care of yourself and your passengers!


Aging does not make life worse for you as a pilot either:
It can not be avoided, and you know, it's always down!


Fly carefully and think about your health, pay attention to the other planes and the next airport. Plan your fuel consumption and make sure you do not get tired. All such things need to be considered as a pilot for you, but do not forget the most important thing today:
It's your birthday, so congratulations and have fun at the party!


When flying over forests and fields and mountains and roads, you'll notice the difference: From a distance, humans and these other little things seem so unimportant. But we, your birthday guests, are totally important! But even more important are you, because today you are the birthday child, so congratulations!


May your next year be like a good flight: take off softly, fly over beautiful landscapes without great turbulence, avoid storm clouds and enjoy the sunlight, and finally head for a safe airport to land the perfect landing. My best wishes on your Birthday!


A pilot like you needs many congratulations, gentle landings, perfect wind conditions and always the desired start release for his new year. In this sense: have fun celebrating!


We wish you a good flight at all times, no problems with the radios and thus always a perfect connection to us, the ground staff. Just make sure you do not lift off too much, because we want to keep you celebrating on Earth today!

You know the metropolises scents,
fly big birds through the air,
Responsibility is what you live,
when in the air you rise,
you rarely have time for loved ones,
but you're here for your birthday
everything is ready for the festival
and we congratulate you.


Your parents, who looked probably red,
when you said you wanted to be a pilot,
but now they are proud of your job,
who lifted himself high above the clouds.
And we lift the glass, want to congratulate
happy birthday and want to chew,
what your wife did so well,
and say, did not we write well?


You rightly say that you have a bird,
one of tons of heavy load,
that you float through the air,
but not today, at the birthday party.


Our eyes often track
Your way up to the clouds,
and even higher, high in the blue,
over all cities gray.
Birthday we celebrate down there,
happy, moving hours,
until you leave again
and hover high above the earth.


Who would ever have thought that of you,
You're doing a great piloting career,
flying iron birds, safe and gentle,
are the honor of the whole family.
You know all the air and the sun run,
do not shiver the wind, the clouds flock,
For your birthday we drink it,
but in your garden, here on earth.


Although the mother forbade you,
out of great concern about how mothers are
Did you become a pilot by profession?
and drive the planes through the wind.
We wish you luck on your birthday
always fly safely to any destination,
and always come back to us,
You mean so much to us in life.


Already as a child you played with fliers,
Your big dream, it came true
now you are bringing passengers safely to their destination,
Your dream job is just wonderful.
Happy Birthday, my son,
I am infinitely proud of you,
there is no greater reward for the father,
as if one keeps what life promises.

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Monday, July 12, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Rockstar

Happy Birthday, old house, today no eye is dry.
You can rely on it, today we let it rock properly.
One year older, but not quieter.
Today we rock the shack the voice husky.
You are always in a good mood and mood is taken care of.
Also with drinks, since we are amply supplied with you.
Then nothing can happen to us today.
No one will lose the pleasure of the party so fast.
Maybe you can hide your wife and kids,
because we are guaranteed to party until the morning.

Birthday Wishes for Rockstar

From afar you can hear music is in the air.
We follow the rhythm and the sausage fragrance.
Today we let it crack because you rocker with body and soul are.
High you should live, because now is your birthday.
Put on the old discs.
We are looking forward to the party and come to Hauf.
So we're fine and that's the way it should stay.
We will still write history as a rocker.


Happy Birthday, leather and wild dreams.
We climbed together on the highest trees.
With lots of horsepower, cool rocker songs and a cool beer,
We are all rushing to you today.
The party, she'll be a cracker, you'll see.
Nobody wants to go home today.
Live your life and stay who you are,
because time is too short for tribulations and worries.


Dear birthday child, today it can be louder.
Because it beats so many rocker heart on earth.
Your birthday we will water with a big party
while enjoying the rocker songs from the speakers.
Whoever speaks here of getting older, stay as young as you are,
because our motto is youth and life and freedom.
Do you feel young at heart,
then you stay a rocker, not just in memory.

Rockers are fighters, are always on the move and fit.
Happy Birthday, today we all celebrate with.
A new year of life can not hurt you.
Rockers are fighters, always on the move and clever.
Cheers on you and on the Rocker, forever.
Keep the rocker deep in your heart.
Then you can also get over some evil in life.

Together on our bikes we are
in all the long, past years
over dusty slopes and straight highways
drove so many endless trip.

The time of your life is such a tour,
flying on boundless black asphalt;
Do not let anything cut your wings
and do not stop at any obstacle.

It's your birthday, then my word:
The world belongs to us and to the tires
our machines, that we in all
Years that come, take the liberty!


A few years ago, the hero saw
of the heavy metal the light of the world.
The god of rock was finally born,
on him a true Cobain was lost;
already on those earlier days
he only smashed toy guitars,
where other babies still get milk,
he always ate whiskey.
Today he is a bone-hard bone
and brings every bike bar to a boil:
instead of darts he throws knives at the dart
We say: Happy Birthday and rock hard!


We know you do not need much to be happy - that's why we wish you three things for your birthday: a full tank, the loudest amp of all, and a full box of beer.
Hail to the rock!

You've always had gasoline in your blood,
found motorcycle riding and "Megadeth" good;
had a weakness for fast machines,
you never appeared without a leather jacket.

It's the freedom you like so much:
Values ​​count for you, not money.
You are honest and courageous and always loyal to friends,
a wild guy and not shy.

For what you love, you would give everything -
and so we wish you a very long life
and a birthday that you will never forget:
All the best, stay the way you are!


For your birthday I want to finally say my opinion about you:
You're a long-haired wheelman with holes in his jeans,
You only hear loud music that disturbs the neighbors,
You have tattoos and piercings everywhere
and you consume beer as if it were water.
I love you with all my heart for these qualities. Happy Birthday!

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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Hunters - Happy Birthday for a Hunter

Hunters are mostly calm and well-balanced people because they move a lot in nature. A walk in the forest or even a session with a hunter on a high ground is an interesting and informative experience. The "professional clothing" of the hunters is kept in green color, because of the camouflage. Even outside of duty, they like to wear these clothes, they are easy to recognize. If you know a hunter, you should congratulate him on his birthday, maybe an invitation to a birthday party with a game roast will take place.
Birthday Wishes for Hunters - Happy Birthday for a Hunter

One year older should you be?
That's surely
Just a three-runner - so it looked -
is suddenly now an "old hand" out of it!
One with experience already in the weather,
nothing left so easy to tremble.
We wish for the birthday party
Everything that can be seen and heard
and whichever track you choose,
Luck, that should never miss you!


good hunting

For many years now with Kimme and Korn
Do you also hunt for happiness in life -
with Halali you hit the horn
and you never gave up hunting.

So many game hunted you and killed
now a new year of life moves into the country,
and in the district that you cared for,
we wish a healthy luck stock!


"Good Hunting"

As a friend, always loyal, true and with integrity,
a true man of honor as a hunter,
always honest, free and frank

We wish you a happy birthday
as a meeting always good!
And of happiness and health one part each
and above all, of course

Fermes destiny

Another year rushed by,
employed on your seat by fate,
already accepted by some animals,
but also very good times.
Although many wild animals have escaped you,
but you also have often targeted well,
You had, looking back,
in the past so much joy and happiness!
We wish you further in the life skirmish
Your fate, it is always suitable for the game!


Our birthday boy, that's not a phrase,
is a huntsman, as he is in the book,
he already knows how he runs, the hare
and how nothing goes through the rags!

He loves to nurture and care for
also skillfully brings down many a game!
We wish Blessing to the birthday of Saint Hubert,
Happiness and health and many a doublet!


we want to sing happy songs.
Happy Birthday, we congratulate
wish you so many animals.
Whether red deer, sow or even hare,
never fall on your own nose.
Take good care of you in the woods and fields
when the fields are ordered.
All the love and a lot of time,
to hunt the opportunity.
We wish you that very much today
and if you want much more.


Your high seat is there at the forest,
where the fox goes for a walk.
You like being there in nature,
that is pure life for you.
Now we congratulate you today,
wish a big booty,
if you go hunting again,
and therefore get up very early.
Congratulations and a lot of time
for your hobby the opportunity.


A shot pops through the silent night,
on the high seat you have been through.
Finally the sow is killed
she did not move again.
This is your hobby, is your life,
Then let us lift one.
We want to congratulate you on your birthday
will like to salute.
Look forward to the court
the sow in the oven has weight.
With Waidmannsheil and Halali,
we celebrate for as long as never.
Happy Birthday!


Your life is devoted to nature,
you have always had much of that.
You love the forest and every animal,
often look for lodgings on the high seat.
We celebrate your cradle party today
And wish you "the best"!
For your hobby and your life,
it still has so much to give you.
We're drinking a beer on it now,
because that's what we're after here for.
A Halali will still sound,
later we will sing too.


Where Fox and Rabbit say goodnight,
Your hobby comes to fruition then.
In the quiet and moonlit night,
Did you spend some hours there?
Wild boar, deer and deer,
there you go on the stalk.
The shot is always very targeted,
and has not missed his goal yet.
Happy Birthday today
wish you your hunters.

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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Funny Birthday Wishes for Cat Lovers

Funny Birthday Wishes for Cat Lovers: birthday wishes for a cat lady, birthday message from the cat, funny cat birthday wishes, cat lover birthday card, happy birthday to a cat lover, cat themed birthday wishes, happy birthday from the cat, how to say happy birthday in cat language

Funny Birthday Wishes for Cat Lovers

We wish you a heartfelt meow - no, congratulations - for your feline birthday!

We wish you a happy new year for you and your cat! Have fun clawing and brushing, feeding and petting - and what else cats do!


Today we make you purr with our good wishes,
for cozy petting and purring,
we congratulate you
and do not stroke the skin!


Supple as a cat, you move around us,
bring us something to drink, petting here and there a bit -
so we wish the perfect host!
Let yourself celebrate a bit,
and pause in between to toast with us!


Dear ... (name), we know that you love cats, so we wish you not only a happy new year, but best of all seven new lives, so that you are as robust and durable as a cat!


Cats are cuddly and individual,
therefore we congratulate you quickly,
so that you nestle nicely with us -
yes, we love you!


Get your claws retracted, today you'll be older, but that's no reason to hump! Be cuddly and let your back stroke; put on the coat and enjoy!


Cats are playful and cuddly, and that's exactly how you like to behave yourself. And so I like you too! Therefore, I ask you: Stay the kitty that you have been so long, even if cats now and then tend to scratch and hiss! A little individualism has not hurt anyone yet.


Dear friend of the kitty, give me your fat paw,
go quietly on all fours, because we congratulate
Anyway and anyway,
because today we are all happy!


Cat friends like you know exactly:
The four-legged friends are pretty smart.
That's why you celebrate today with us, and that important and correct - so happy birthday!

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Friday, July 9, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Wine Drinkers (Alcohol Lovers)

When I look at you like this, I think it's true: some people actually get better the older they get! As with wine, they are gaining maturity, and that seems to be true for you as well! So I wish you all the best in life and today I like to drink a glass more of you and your birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Wine Drinkers (Alcohol Lovers)

A good base ensures perfect growth, excellent maturity and finally leads to great results: I mean not only your favorite drink, the wine, but also you! In this sense, I wish you always enough bottles of wine in the basement and stumble on your birthday!


Your birthday is a good occasion to bring back a good drop - I know what you like most!


We wish you all the best in the new year of life, health, happiness and always enough supplies of wine, so you do not sit on dry land!


You are a wine lover, and that makes you a pleasure man above all. We congratulate you and wish you the time and serenity to let you taste the wine and other delicious things!


Wine should be healthy, promote the truth and above all, taste it! In this spirit, we wish you always a good wine at hand, which leaves you healthy, which ensures that you are honest and spoiled your taste buds!


Congratulations and always a full glass of quality wine in your hand - at least today, at your celebration - in everyday life that may not be so useful!


As a wine drinker and wine connoisseur, you know what this delicious drink is worth. But do you also know what your birthday means? It means that you come closer to your goal: you will become more valuable as the wine with age ...


Your love of wine shows your ability to focus on the enjoyment. If you continue to do that, you will never be afraid of old age. For this and your birthday we congratulate you very much!

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Cool Birthday Wishes for Musician

Cool Birthday Wishes for Musician: Birthday wishes for someone who loves music, birthday wishes for guitarist, birthday wishes to an artist, birthday wishes for pianist, birthday wishes to a drummer, birthday wishes to a drummer boy

Cool Birthday Wishes for Musician

Do you have sounds?
I still hear your music and think I'm in the woods.
You still have it and make us sound.
Together with you, we want to sing.
And we congratulate you very well.
Keep up the good work because you are so great!

Music that is your life, always and now.
We're going to sing and dance today, it's cracking.
We want to celebrate today, your day of honor.
Is that really true and right?
I want to know that, because that's important!
You are so fit, the radiant life.
Can it be that the sounds give you that energy?
Happy Birthday

Cool Birthday Wishes for Musician

Birthday Wishes for Music Lovers

A song on the lips and always in the heart.
With you you can sing, celebrate and joke.
Especially on this special day
Come to you, because everyone likes you.
We congratulate you and sing a serenade
and shake your hands.
Happy Birthday!

Rocky and snotty that everyone looks the same.
Just let them see who can do it.
It's your birthday today, you old man.
We celebrate you today and let you live,
make music until the neighbors stick to the ceiling.
Let it crack and drink on you
and hope you stay rock-like for many more years.
Happy Birthday!

Music keeps you young, you can see that on you.
But you are the proof, I can only say
And dare serenade yourself:
Happy Birthday to you!

Whether trumpet, piano, violin, trombone.
Everyone is in a good mood today.
Because you have your birthday, the seventieth. Applause!
Today we celebrate you and rock the house.
Congratulations to you.
You are a great role model for me!

Make music, dance and laugh,
These are the things that make you young.
Because how do you manage to look so good?
Surely you can make the hundred quite round.
I'll keep my fingers crossed and say:
Today is your birthday and you are celebrating wildly.
Today it will certainly be loud and not mild.
Happy Birthday!

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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Hikers (Trekking, Hiking, Nature Lovers)

Birthday Wishes for Hikers: Hiking is a beautiful sport: It keeps you fit and protects against signs of aging. Nevertheless, you are getting older today, but that does not matter, because as with a hike, this only means another path that leads you through previously unknown areas and offers new experiences.

Birthday Wishes for Hikers (Trekking, Hiking, Nature Lovers)

The paths lead uphill, sometimes downhill, of course you know that as a hiker. That's why you can not be disturbed by obstacles: you know how to deal with them. We wish you a nice new year of life with not too steep trails and without too much danger!


Stay healthy and do not stop hiking, this will keep you fit in the future!


Who walks, who has understood the real life: walking and living means to explore the world in known and foreign ways, to enjoy the beautiful impressions, to recognize dangers, to remove obstacles or to walk around, maybe even to take risks and Above all: to always move forward.


Hiking leads you into the depths of existence and the highest mountains. Have fun while wandering and experiencing life with all its perspectives!


If you walk up a path, that is relatively exhausting, but the following view rewards you. If you walk down into the valley, it will be inviting to you, but you will feel the effort and soreness in retrospect. It's similar to life itself: there are rewards and unpleasant consequences. So do not celebrate your birthday too excessively!


Congratulations, dear hiking friend, please wait with your next hike until after your party!


You have now come to an age when you no longer run up the mountains, but wander leisurely. Do not worry: this is the passage of time! We definitely wish a happy birthday and a happy new year with beautiful new trails!


Hiking is more than a hobby, it is a way of life. Above all, it keeps you young! In this sense: Happy Birthday and always good shoes on your feet!

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Birthday Wishes for Doctors - Beautiful Birthday Cards for Doctors

Birthday Wishes for Doctors: are always there for us and for our health and sometimes even put the well-being of their fellow humans above their own. At least they can accept a thank you - or a happy birthday. Because if we are not feeling well again, we are grateful for the birth of a clever doctor! In addition, he will certainly be pleased when he is put on the spot by his patients and medical assistants on his day of honor.

Birthday Wishes for Doctors - Beautiful Birthday Cards for Doctors

Birthday Wishes for Doctors

Have a birthday, believe me,
is the best way
and a true miracle cure
against stress in a white coat.

Chocolate cake instead of tablets
and champagne instead of cough syrup -
that gives you, let's just bet,
new strength for everything.

So I wish you with all my heart,
that you are at all the drudgery
sometimes have time, glad to joke;
enjoy life - take a break!

"Celebrate until the doctor comes" -
the saying is true,
but since you have today's birthday,
this rule is void.
Instead of the little word "to,"
there is a "because" needed -
Because you are a doctor! Drum I seal
until my skull smokes
and wish you, despite the semantics
and this long lyre,
that tonight the bubbly flows
at your great celebration!

You are the demigod at the bedside
and many patients find you nice:
That's why I wish you today
even more such people,
they make up for the rest quite easily!

You are celebrating your day of honor
and because I like you so much,
I wish you three things today
for medicine:
A practice, big and nice
with waiting room and skeleton,
which belongs to you all alone
and nobody bothers you.
In addition, private patients
with a lot of money and high pensions,
which frees you from pain
and then she points to bed.
And lastly, though
missing to the whole of one,
but I think, you already have it:
Enjoy the profession.

"Happy Birthday", we sing
and raise our beer,
bottled in a beaker -
that fits better than a measure.
There are chips from the kidney shell;
There were many parties,
but there is not everywhere
a medicine ball!
That's why we want to write here:
As you are, you must stay,
clever and conscientious -
a true doctor of passion,
full of humor and joy,
yes, we wish you all the best!

You are a really nice guy
and great lifesaver;
Birthday you have today
and me and all the people,
we wish you from the heart
(and that, without joking)
A pretty steep career,
so completely without a barrier.

It does not matter if the bile pinches me,
if the flu bothers me,
the blood values ​​go crazy,
or the stomach gnaws,
my doctor, he always listens
and knows the medicine,
I'll get well with him in no time,
he can do it again.
That's why, because he has a birthday,
I wrote him this poem,
he is a man of advice and action,
and I do not want to miss it.

Birthday Wishes for Doctors

Doctor knows my Zipperlein
and knows the medicine
and my wife doctor all alone,
she'll get me back.
It is Mrs. Doctor who recognizes
from afar any patient,
she knows every life story,
listen and do not judge.
Doctor is celebrating her birthday,
I congratulate,
because no doctor else I like,
and for no one else I'm tight '.

Dear, good veterinarian,
if a doctor like you would not be,
then the animals would have to invent him,
for spraying, auscultation, bonding.
And whether poodle, hamster or hare,
for everyone and everyone you have a nose,
the animals feel who they really like
Happy Birthday.

They would not be good for a long time,
my tired, old eyes,
would not be a specialist,
who misses those eyes.
I do not want to write long,
it should stay with a few lines,
only congratulations, in fact,
the best ophthalmologist of our city.

He has already seen so much
so many he saw already go,
and he always encourages everyone
Our doctor is kind hearted.
Many times he was ill himself
and has wavered with fatigue,
has always plagued us,
not complained about it for a word.
For my birthday, I wish you a happy birthday
a nice holiday, and very far away.

When nobody is there anymore
and if no man loves you,
It's the doctor who does not forget
that there is you on earth.
And today, I do not forget
that the doctor has his birthday,
a basket of powerful weight
Thank you for every action.

The diagnosis of the symptoms for next year shows
that the status praesens is coming to an end.
The etiology is a definite alcohol penie
which can be solved with a therapy in the circle of friends.
Therefore congratulations you genius
and that the lifesaver industry leaves you a little privacy left.

I wish you an extirpation of the worries
and a transplant of your wishes,
still hidden,
lie in your innermost
and hopefully be fulfilled before they fly away.

My definite prognosis is a cheerful diagnosis,
if you have a leather pants for the next visit
in the patient,
Therefore, a happy birthday
with this little post,
and that you think more about yourself next year.

In these unhealthy days
you have to endure a lot,
that's why it's often the Doctor's neck,
because the patients say one thing and only promise to behave well,
as the doctor thinks fit.
Therefore it is better with you, if one does not count the years,
because you already have more than you think.
I hope that next year your cholesterol level lowers,
and now is poured for your birthday.

May the exitus to your patient not hurry so much
and that they will stay for a long time under your successes.
We all appreciate your encephalon,
although you do not have enough pay
for your constant insomnia
due to the professional medical history.
We all feel deep sympathy and gratitude towards you for serving the good of humanity.
May today's euphoria
hold for a long time and we will give you pleasure with our gifts.

Do not let the alcohol hit the Gaster so hard today,
because tomorrow there are again patients who gave their fate into your hands,
and perhaps endure the foetor with melancholy.
I hope the birthday was good, and now that you're older,
deny new victories with much courage.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

200+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend - Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend: Birthday wishes for friend girl, simple birthday wishes for friend, birthday wishes for best friend girl, birthday wishes messages, unique birthday wishes for friends, short birthday wishes for friend, funny birthday wishes for best friend girl, birthday wishes for best friend male, meaningful birthday message for best friend, touching birthday message to a best friend, funny birthday wishes for best friend ,funny birthday wishes for friend

Your friend is a special person who is not connected to you through blood ties, but your hearts are in harmony.

You can only tell your close friend your secrets that you can not even share with your mother. The friend knows everything about the first love, the first disappointment, the first happiness and the first misfortune. The moments you spent with a friend are priceless. It can be a short walk, a warm conversation, a conversation over a cup of coffee. It does not matter where they are, they always have a special relationship.

Your girlfriend is the other half of your soul that lives in another body.

The birthday of a close friend is another reason to show how much you love, respect and appreciate your girlfriend. Express the full range of your feelings with joyful, touching, friendly and heartfelt wishes and sayings.

Let your girlfriend know that she is the happiest friend in the world. The wishes help you to say that you are ready to share a new year of your life with her.

happy birthday wishes for friend
happy birthday wishes for friend

We present you a collection of the best wishes for a friend. These sayings and wishes are written with love, tenderness and warmth.

Of all that contributes to a happy life, there is no greater good, no greater wealth than friendship. Happy Birthday!

Dear birthday child, I wish you a happy birthday, stay the way you are! Best regards.
For a magical girlfriend the most magical birthday wishes! All love from the heart; stay healthy and stay yourself!

I wish you all the luck in the world. Happy Birthday my beloved girlfriend!

My dear best friend, I wish you all the best from my heart happy birthday, health, happiness, money like hay and other beautiful things that start with G!

You have enriched the world with your existence. I wish you continued to run through life elated.

You are not getting older, you are getting better. Just like our friendship.

For my birthday, I wish you all the best with all my heart, I am very happy to have you in my life.

When a new year of life begins and the champagne is pouring down, we celebrate together as every year as best friends, that's clear.

If I'm not with you, I miss you painfully. I can not celebrate, I greet you warmly!

Flowers open with a hearty fragrance, the most beautiful words only for you. Happy Birthday.

Congratulations, I say to you, I am very happy that I am here today. We have known each other for a very long time and we are always ready to be there for each other.

I wish you a happy birthday and what you dream of. You are very important to me and the best friend there is.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

A year older again? Do not worry, because you are just a great friend who can not touch the years of life. Congratulations!

I wish you all the best for your birthday! You are always like a sister to me, for which I would like to thank you once.

I wish a very special person a very special day. Have a great birthday, my sweet girlfriend.

What do you wish for your birthday, dear friend? If you ask me, I know exactly what I wish for your birthday. I just want everything to stay as it is and continue to experience so many exuberant and quiet moments of familiarity.

For me you are breathtaking, bombastic, charming, memorable, exquisite, joyful, very special, helpful, somehow different, juchee, funny, lovable, my best friend, not to forget, without description, perfect, lively, huge, sensational, dancing bear , unbelievable, crazy, like no one else, x-tra class, yeah, pretty extraordinary. In short: everything from A to Z!

Today is your birthday, you should be happy and funny. A kiss on the cheek, I wish you good luck and sunshine!

In short, my wish is small: you should always be happy!

Often we have laughed together thinking about serious things. Today we both stand here after all these years I congratulate you. You are the best!

As a good friend, you have the ability to keep secrets best for yourself! You know, you can always count on me for that. But that you have a birthday today, I had to tell everyone. Will you forgive me? Let yourself be hugged and wish you all the luck of the earth!

Another year has passed, you will start a new one now, you will be accompanied by happiness, and with this little Verselein, I want to say to you on my birthday, I am a friend for all questions.

I wish you 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of satisfaction, 365 days of love, 8,760 hours without stress, 525,600 minutes of cheerfulness
The day brings you a little luck today and says I'm close to you. And if time is going to drive you crazy, then I'm here for you.

I wish that in this world, much happiness and joy will come to you, that your health will please you for a long time and you will continue to share much love with me.

Today, my darling, I think only of you. I wish you at all times: may God always accompany you.

As a best friend I would like to tell you today, as on all the other days, that I am glad that you are with me because everything is better with you. You have my birthday today, my dear, why I push you in my arms.

A friend like you is a high good, you give me pleasure, give me courage. Like a flower that you have to cherish, we also want to cultivate our friendship. And once there is a dispute - our friendship survives the time. I wish you health, love and happiness and a great birthday cake!

I let the cork pop for you, have you noticed? Today we want to celebrate a party, not to hide the reason for it: I wish you all the best, play "Happy Birthday" on the piano.

I wish you joy on all days. May angels accompany you in all your ways. I wish you a light in every darkness, because you deserve it!

Happy and cheerful, live your life year after year. Happiness be your companion, your heaven eternally clear!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

Trust, the greatest treasure, deserves the very best place on your table for your feast; I know you leave him free for me.

The highest luck is granted to you! So walk happily through life. There is peace in your heart, also there is a place for me.

Be merry, happy, loud, today we have only built on you!

Congratulations today and forever, on this day alone you are the winner.

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, my best friend is you. Another year is over and we are still crazy two.

Best friends, that's us. That's why I congratulate you today. Good luck, health and blessings I wish you in all your ways.

I'm not sure what you've learned this year, but every experience turns us into the people we are today. I wish you the happiest birthday of my beloved girlfriend.

Today, on your birthday, it's time to admit, unbelievably, what an admirable person you are. I am proud that we have such an intimate friendship and I am happy to celebrate many, many birthdays with you.

Joy and happiness, love and fun, days without stress and joy without grief, I wish you today and forever.

I wish you that all your wishes come true. And to make sure that happens, I will put a candle on your cake next year.

I wish you all the best for your new life, we are here to celebrate. Welcome the new year with you, hopefully it will be wonderful for you!

For my birthday, I wish you true friends, true love, true happiness.

I would like to wish you not only the very best for your present weighing birthday, but also wish health, happiness, contentment, keep the champagne chilled ready for me! I wish you luck on your birthday and every day my beloved girlfriend.

May you continue to bring out the best in your life, my dear friend. Happy Birthday.

Of all the gifts that fate gives us, there is no greater good than friendship - no greater wealth, no greater joy. Happy Birthday.

For the birthday of an old boy, I wish you the special gift, always happy and satisfied, then you will get everything else!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

No man in the world can ever separate us, we sit on each other like two hens. I wish you a lot of success and happiness on my birthday, and I look back with pride on our friendship.

Although we often laugh together, today we let it crack, your birthday is a date where I never come too late. For many years, so lucky, we go through thin and fat. And that will stay that way for a long time, I have to write in these lines. And because I always think of you, there's also a gift later. Happy Birthday, sweety!

Your birthday is a reason to look back: Since when do we know each other? What have we not already experienced together! It's really fun to remember our past and look forward to the future. So getting older is no problem: So congratulations!

My dear best friend, I wish you all the best from my heart happy birthday, health, happiness, money like hay and other beautiful things that start with G!

We celebrate the day and remember to celebrate it. Friends deserve the best. I love you and appreciate unconditional friendship, crazy ideas, jokes and goodness. Thank you that

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Birthday Wishes for Fireman, Firefighter Birthday Quotes

Birthday Wishes for Fireman, Firefighter Birthday Quotes: Happy birthdayfirefighter messages, happy birthday wishes for a firefighter, happy birthday firefighter funny, happy birthday firefighter meme, firefighter birthday, firefighter birthday cards printable

the fire department
comes fast as lightning.
An emergency call came to us:
This is to be today's birthday!
On the cake all the candles -
You should not joke with that.
Drum blows out quickly now
and save your house with it.
And if you can not do it with blows.
then we help with hydropower.

Birthday Wishes for Fireman, Firefighter Birthday Quotes

To today's birthday party
you deserve a special fire:
with torches, candles, flame flags -
the right thing for pyromaniacs.
This fire is now to enjoy,
and not to pour water on it.

A rumor is making the rounds here
and brings us the happy news,
that your birthday is year.
This is worth a party!
For what would our shift be,
would not you be in it?
You are always helpful,
you always have time for others.
That is why we wish for your party
for the next year you only the best!

Birthday at the Fire Department -
It can be quite high sometimes.
We do not have candles,
we ha'm the blue light yes.
The siren sings a serenade,
we have no knack for singing.
But that's all there is to it
in the fridge: it's full of beer!

Whether it's hailing or snowing -
the fire department is always ready.
Is a party in the house,
we move to the mission,
help, where we can,
and we do not let anything burn!
There is no rest from any cake
if you just let us help!

Because we all like you so much
as our buddy and colleagues,
we congratulate you today
and wish for the next time
Health, joy, happy sense,
maybe in the lottery a win.
Let yourself be celebrated and pampered,
and crown for today the king!

As everyone knows for sure
the fire department cooks very hot.
And for your birthday meal
is the food first choice!
Full of spiciness and seasoning
we made it in a nutshell.
And do you spit fire after eating,
then it was a great celebration!

Today the red car stops,
Today we do not want to delete.
Nothing should disturb our celebration,
if your cake is consumed.
Should it still burn somewhere,
others have to run today.

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20 Long Birthday Wishes for Business Clients, Employees, Customers

Birthday Wishes for Business Clients, Employees, Customers - best birthday wishes for workers - check out them all

For good cooperation we thank
and send you greetings for it.
To my birthday a very dear greeting,
that I just have to get rid of.
We can build on each other,
thank you very much for your confidence.

Our computer knew about it.
and he told us the day.
Today should be your birthday,
so he entered it in the diary.

You are one of our loyal customers,
luckily we found each other.
To your birthday and on all ways
congratulations and rain blessings.

Today you are the birthday child,
no, the wind didn't tell us.
We like to congratulate special people,
even if they are not near, but in the distance.
To the birthday the very best,
we wish you a nice birthday party.

With you as our loyal customer
we like to be closely connected.
This is how it has come to our ears and
we have gladly heard it.
Your birthday is today,
our people congratulate you.

You are a reliable supplier,
this is very well known with us.
Today is her day of honour,
which none of us may forget.

Health and a long life,
God's blessing on all paths.
Congratulations on a special day,
that may please you.

Birthday wishes for business partners

We don't want to lose any time.
Congratulations on your birthday.
It comes probably hardly from by chance,
because we are very happy for you.
A new year is coming for you,
nothing stays the way it was.

It's nice that we know each other.
and call us true business partners.
Congratulations to all colleagues,
shall the new year bring good luck and blessing

You always strike the right note,
by e-mail or on the phone.
Thank you and congratulations from the bottom of our hearts,
send a digital cake with candles.

Happy Birthday wishes our team,
celebrate today with beer or Jim Beam,
Something sweet with it, maybe a cake,
we should rather not try to fax it.
Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

Congratulations to our favourite customer,
with good thoughts and joy.
Happiness, success, health and more,
we wish you so much.

Today comes no order no,
these here can only be birthday greetings.
This time not operational, but private,
the diary did the betrayal.
Today should be your birthday,
we will be congratulators.

Good business partners who understand each other,
so we always want to see each other.
Today you are not close,
but the connection is always there.
It congratulates the whole team,
you celebrate well with a lot of hassle.

We toast here together,
the next order is already pending.
But before that we don't want the most important thing
from your eyes and to give you a heartfelt
congratulations on your birthday.

We work together all year round,
give from a fair couple,
That is why I would like to thank my business partner today,
give him the opportunity to recharge his batteries.
So that in the near future we will also be able to
work together as a good unit.

Business partners are very important to me,
which is why we are honoring you today on your birthday.
We would also like to mention the good cooperation
and tell you about our plans,
which we have captured for the time to come,
who cries out for further cooperation.

Dear business partner, today we are here,
to celebrate your birthday with you.
We review the past year
and would also like to animate you to do the following
to continue working with us next year,
together we can create hard times.

Hello and the warmest wishes to the honorary day,
that we wish our business partner arg.
We send you on this way
good luck and above all Hege.
Think about yourself, too,
to be happy and above all happy.

Dear business partner, that must be now,
we celebrate with you into your birthday.
It is very dear to all of us,
that's what we say, without kidding at all,
we wish you for next year,
to be successful, as it was this one.

We've been working together for so long now,
because we come from the same vintage.
That's why I take your birthday as a reason,
To wish you, stay healthy.
All the best and love, that's what I wish too
with a friendly and quiet touch.

The cooperation with you is good,
so today we take all our courage
and would like to congratulate you on your birthday,
but more will happen.
We also present you with a gift
and have another drink together.

Birthdays are beautiful and fine,
so we do not leave you alone at yours.
We have therefore appeared closed
and play with our mandolins
a happy birthday song,
before now this day burns up.

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Thursday, July 1, 2021

20th Short & Long Birthday Wishes - Greetings - Messages

Best 20th Birthday Wishes: Celebrating your 20th birthday deserves a nice birthday! Short of ideas to wish him or her? Find here some models to use or complete to honor the one who celebrates them...

20th Short & Long Birthday Wishes - Greetings - Messages

Short 20th Birthday Wishes

I wish you a happy and prosperous 20th birthday.

You're not 20 years old. You're just a 10-year-old with 10 years of experience.

The best years of your life are about to begin. Happy 20th birthday

20 are just the natural numbers following 19 and preceding 21. There is nothing wrong with that. Happy 20th birthday!

May all your dreams come true. Happy 20th birthday.

Congratulations to you. As of now you are officially old. Happy birthday to you.

You have inspired me a lot in life! You radiate happiness, sweetness and you have a lot of potential! I hope you get the birthday and the life you really deserve!

I welcome you to the second decade of your life. Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to someone who is beautiful, funny, athletic, powerful and perfect in every way and reminds me a lot of myself.

Today is an important day for everyone who knows you and loves the extraordinary person that you are. For your birthday and forever I wish you many beautiful things!

I know that you haven't slept for a week now, waiting for that birthday card. I know that's all you think about now, all you think about is the moment you open my birthday card. So let me tell you the good news, my birthday card, you FINALLY have it in your hands! Happy Birthday!

Birthdays come and go, everyone grows up a year every year, and gifts are opened and thrown away. But I want my birthday wishes to stay with you forever. Happy 20th birthday!

Here are my wishes for your birthday: lots of beer, lots of presents, lots of people at your party, love, smiling faces, tears of joy, and more... Happy Birthday!

I wish you 3 things for your birthday. First, I wish that this birthday teaches you something new and beautiful. Secondly, I wish that this day will be a day that you will remember forever with a smile. And thirdly, I wish that its days will follow one another day after day.

At 20, if you still don't know what to do with your life... Don't worry, you're on the right track! Happy twentieth birthday.

Turning 20 means you have the chance to decide whether you want to stay young and crazy or wise and mature. The best choice would be to be a little crazy and a little mature. Happy twentieth birthday!

Best 20th Birthday Wishes: Celebrating your 20th birthday deserves a nice birthday! Short of ideas to wish him or her? Find here some models to use or complete to honor the one who celebrates them...

Long 20th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages

Twenty years, health, flamboyant youth and overflowing desire. The age when you must make your most ambitious dreams come true! Take advantage of this incredible energy to achieve whatever you want to do and whatever happens, you can always count on me to be there for you. Happy birthday to you!

Yes, it seems that not every day you turn 20! Enjoy this great moment with the people who are important to you and who will accompany you in all these important stages of life. I wish you the best of luck in your adult life.

Twenty years old! The next decade is going to be full of twists and turns! I am sure that you will be able to make the right decisions in light of your reflections. I wish you a great birthday party, because before that, you deserve to have fun!

beautiful years already spent in our cocoon. For us, you will always be the little man/daughter that we have seen grow up. But seeing you evolve in your responsibilities is a new and very important step in your life and you know that your dear parents will never be far away to accompany you in your most difficult decisions. We are proud of you and the path you have taken and wish you the best of birthdays.

Happy birthday for your 20th birthday! New discoveries are waiting for you! I wish you to enjoy each one of them and to accomplish all the beautiful things you have dreamed of since your childhood.

My darling son's 20th birthday!

Today you are 20 years old my boy

Mom and Dad are celebrating

You are such a wise and good child

May life make everything you wish come true

You are a wonderful son

A smart young boy

You are our child who makes us happy

The pride of his parents.

Your father and mother who love you more than anything

Wish you a happy birthday

And give you lots of soft kisses

The 20th birthday of my darling daughter!

Today you are 20 years old my daughter

Mom and Dad are celebrating

You are a child so wise and beautiful

May life make everything you wish come true

You are a wonderful girl

Such a smart girl

You are our child who makes us happy

The pride of her parents that you enchant.

Your father and mother who love you more than anything

Wish you a happy birthday

And give you lots of soft kisses

Two decades ago my love was born

Happy day of your birth and of my happiness.

Happy Birthday I love you so much

May this special day be only sweet moments.

I love you I love you and I love you still

You are my joy, my reason to be and to love

My dearest possession, my precious treasure.

All my wishes of love accompany you

Signed: the person who loves you the most in the world

Your 20th birthday

It's not every day you turn 20

Energy to bite into life.

Life smiles on us, Love knows its beautiful days

The future is a garden of pleasure

Ah, what happiness to be 20 years old in our time.

The decades to come will be full of beautiful surprises and happiness!

I wish you a beautiful birthday party.

My child, I wish you to love

and to be loved as much as you are

I make twenty kisses on each of your cheeks!

And of your big kisses ....

My best wishes for happiness

Here you are entering your twenties

Being 20 years old is a great blessing

The time has passed! To you the Future!

Childhood is a distant memory

Adolescence was only a passage

Adult life is a beautiful journey

And here is the birthday of your twenty years!

You remain a handsome man at 20 years old

You are still the young man you once were

We wish you with sweetness and tenderness

A promising entry into your twenties

Happy birthday to you, young man with a future

On behalf of your family who love you very much

To be 20 years old is to be rich of a future to build

Twenty year olds are full of future

The age of all possibilities, a time when everything remains to be invented

The happiness of living without having to prove anything.

Quote 20 years and happiness

If you are not happy at twenty, you will never be happy

It is necessary to cultivate the joy when one has twenty years

To run, to love, to invent, in every moment to hope

Say goodbye to adolescence, enter into full consciousness

The twentieth year is a new birth

A stage of life where new hopes are born

To enter one's twentieth year is to enter into responsibility

To become a man or a woman, a wise being

Beautiful proverb 20 years

Happy is the one who knows how to enjoy his twenties

Life opens the doors of 1000 beautiful moments

Happy the one who knows how to seize the chance of his youth

Life will guide him on the path of tenderness

Saying 20 years for birthday card

A 20 year old girl is like a beautiful flower

A flower to bloom under a sun full of sweetness

A young man of 20 is like a beautiful sky

A blue sky under which everything becomes possible and eternal

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