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Special Birthday Wishes for Dog Lovers - Best Wishes

Birthday Wishes for Dogs: Amazing friendship of babies and dogs - Birthday excitement of our lovely friends dogs - explore amazing dog birthday wishes from us. Birthday wishes to dog, birthday wishes for animal lover friend, birthday wishes from dog to human, happy birthday dog lover funny, 1 year birthday wishes for dog, birthday wishes with dog picture, happy birthday dog lover, happy birthday to my dog in heaven quotes

(*MARVELOUS*) Birthday Wishes for Dogs

Happy Birthday, faithful friend!
Everything you dreamed about
in your beautiful dog life,
should it be today's birthday:
Big bones with a lot of meat
and a basket, sheepishly soft;
You can have any toy,
allowed to dig in molehills ...
Today, nothing is denied you,
what your dog heart desires.
And as a coronation - best variety:
Dog cake instead of the cake!


All the best, little dog,
stay so faithful and so healthy
as you are now - that would be nice!
I would like to see you forever,
how do you make Radau in the house
and laugh at me with pink tongue;
So I wish you fast today
always dense, soft fur
and for the next phase of life
a cold, wet nose!


You were so tiny when we got you
a small, fluffy ball of fur on legs;
still shy and insecure, one might think
without a family and without a name.


But if you were scared, you barked it
And hardly that you have settled in here with us
Did you miss a chance to create chaos?
and successfully turned our world upside down.


Years have passed since that time,
you became a clever and magnificent animal
and without you, it would only be half as nice here.


And so, when we sang for your birthday today,
I thought back to all the beautiful years
and I was glad: What luck have we with you?


I wonder if you really know
what is today for a day,
but your tail wagging proves
that you do not care.

Happy Birthday Wishes from Dog to Owner 

You're just happy that all people
are so kind to you;
they praise and they are scratching today
the birthday child.


For dogs, that's not the day
they live the moment;
as long as everyone likes them,
There's always a happy ending.


But even if only we understand
that you have your birthday:
We want to see you happy
and celebrate without rest.

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(*BEST*) Birthday Wishes for Father in Heaven, Paradise, Eden

Birthday Wishes for Father in Heaven, Paradise, Eden - Last year, at this time, we sat here together, were happy and have forged plans for the future together father. Today marks the anniversary of your birth again, but you are no longer there. Wherever you like to linger, I feel that you are with me right now. Let me tell you how much I miss you and how wonderful and unique it was that I was allowed to love you and still love you.

(*BEST*) Birthday Wishes for Father in Heaven, Paradise, Eden

Birthday Wishes for Father in Heaven

We know how much you loved your birthdays father. That's why we all got together again today to remember the wonderful time with you. You were such a special, warm, lovable person and therefore one thing is certain: we will never forget you! Wherever you are now, we send our never ending love to you!


This is not a day like any other, this is your birthday father! You are no longer with us, but the memories of you are as fresh as ever. We look at pictures from your past birthdays, look forward to how happy you look and laugh at the jokes you made. You will always stay with us, and on your birthdays you are especially close to us.


It is not easy to greet this day with joy father. Today you would have been ... years old. Again and again I wonder what you would have wished for your birthday. How would you have liked to spend this day? What could have surprised you? I have to smile when I imagine it and let my mind run wild. In them, you are suddenly alive again and take me with joy beaming in the arm. These are moments when the beauty of memory dispels pain.


We know how cheerful and heartfelt you have always been. You would never have allowed us to have a sad thought on your birthday. You would have wanted us to remember you with joy and laugh at you during the great time. And there were many funny moments in your life! We promise you that we will celebrate your birthday today without mourning and that we will happily commemorate your captivating personality.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues

Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues - If someone from the workforce has a birthday, the work colleagues warmly congratulate to formally - depending on how it works in the job. Especially among colleagues, the tone is often not very polite, but rather a little rough or ironic. The strengths and weaknesses of the birthday child are mostly known. So it is often not enough that the person is taken a bit on the shoestring. But the birthday is also a fitting opportunity to thank for collegial behavior or helpfulness.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues

Birthday Sayings for work colleagues - funny and witty

Congratulations in the circle of colleagues are usually written with humor. Popular allusions are to the inexorably approaching retirement age, which must also be heard by workers under 50 years. Or the indication that it once again did not work out with the promotion, because again a younger man had the nose ahead. It is also noted that the agreement with the boss in the eyes of colleagues is unusually harmonious. Small taunts are often not enough in the birthday sayings for co-workers. As long as they are not unfair or fuel the rumor mill, they can be very funny. Above all, when she recites someone who controls that and has a sympathetic charisma, the birthday boy will not react snapped.

Some teams go out of their way to honor a colleague or a colleague. Then the birthday sayings sound almost like a praise song to the person in question. Maybe it's the mood cannon in the department or someone who is always fair. Even superiors can experience some kind of homage, for example, if they are recognized as good conflict managers. In creative professions, colleagues attach great importance to a special choice of words, and here, too, the joy of words and clean rhymes becomes apparent. Or how the ambiguity of the language is used to accommodate a small sideline.

Birthday sayings for work colleagues arriving

Anyone who struggles with the density of crisp birthday sayings, can fall back on an old trick: simply a popular song umdichten. Then the verses do not rumble, and the song gives a guide. In addition, re-enacted pop songs or folk songs are usually a scapegoat when reciting a chorus of work colleagues or a gifted soloist. If the birthday sayings for co-workers meet the highest intellectual standards, offer poetry or quotes from poets and thinkers. For all proposals online there are a variety of entertaining and challenging suggestions.

Also see:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues

Our job is really not always comfortable,
but working with you is pleasant.
You are calm and relaxed, even when you are still in stress -
Happy Birthday, and please keep it up!

If it gets too colorful, we'll take a break,
and sometimes we go home earlier.
We will still be able to do the work
with united diligence and united power.
That's how nice it is and it's fun
and that's why I wish you something today:
Good luck, stay healthy and happy,
then we just keep it up!

We like you as a colleague,
but stay away from us today!
It's your birthday, so you have free.
Contradiction futile - it remains!

When I started here I was told
Here, above all, team spirit is required.
I was a little inexperienced
and also quite young for years.
But you came right up to me
and took me by the hand.
A real team quickly became both of us
and we can enjoy each other
Today is your birthday, so I tell you:
Go home, go celebrate, leave the work to me!

Although you have a birthday today, you came to the office.
Everyone else except you would have taken off.
That's why I did not think long
and something to celebrate.
You have to look for colleagues like you for a long time,
That's why you deserve this cake!

Teamwork - not always an easy job.
Therefore you deserve great praise:
Working with you is a pleasure
and so we wish you today:
Good luck and success, stay healthy for a long time,
then everything will continue to run smoothly here!

Today the work must be quiet,
we have better things to do:
Your birthday, colleague, has priority.
I'm sure the boss understands that, too.
We all want to congratulate you,
because without you nothing would work here!

You have been doing this job for many years,
but you still like to do it and good.
And here is the wonderful thing:
This work is simply in your blood.
A stroke of luck you are for all colleagues,
So we wish you good luck and much blessing!

Colleagues are sometimes a nuisance
but to whom do I say that.
With you that's different, no question:
With you the work is fun!
So I wish you this way
Good luck to my birthday, my dear colleague!

The boss has released you today,
So you are not here at all.
You make a nice life at home,
and we do the work.
Because today is your birthday,
is that okay.
Because you are our colleague,
we are happy about that.
All the best, health and good luck -
we expect you back tomorrow!

Today you're sitting happily behind your desk,
On it are flowers that are fresh.
As a birthday present, we have put it to you,
We are happy that you really like our present
And we wish you to remain our dear colleague,
We are happy to go with our little worries.

On the birthday, dear colleague, we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts.
We are glad that you work together with us here
And got to know you as a hard-working and loving colleague,
Who loves difficult tasks and never moves away from them.
So we congratulate you today for the birthdays
And we wish without any question,
That you stay as you are today
And enjoy the job with us for a long time

For your birthday, dear colleague, we wish you luck and blessings
And also in the new year a lot of success on all your ways.
It is nice that you are our colleague,
And enjoy the day of honor with us at work.

We have been working together in the company for many years,
We also found out that you have a birthday today.
We congratulate you wholeheartedly
Nice that you are with us with your laugh and your jokes.

A good colleague is as important as at home the dear husband or the dear wife,
Because most of the time we spend with him - as sociologists calculate accurately and accurately.
That's why today we do not just congratulate you on your birthday,
But also thank you that you stay at work always nice and fair.
We wish you a successful and healthy new life and work year
And hope for you that your many dreams will come true.

Today is the right time for us all
To celebrate a feast at work,
Because today you are celebrating the birthday with your colleagues,
On this day of honor, we wish you all the best and all the blessings
As well as success in all your projects,
But first we all want to eat cake.

Today, our dear colleague will be older once again a year,
The birthday calendar shows that your day of honor is really true.
That's why we gather to sing you a little serenade
And to bring you our congratulations.
We wish you success in the workplace and in private life
And to all your plans good luck and all blessings.

All colleagues, are here today,
and make you live, having you is a blessing!
And that's why I save a lot of talking:
Happy Birthday and happy birthday!

We are so glad that you are
of all of us you are the one who taps the fastest!
You are always on time, your outfit is usually neat
You are still friendly, and most are still nice!
Today is your birthday, everyone is happy with you,
We also like you pretty much, and that's why we sing:
"Happy Birthday to you…".

Dear colleague, Today is your birthday,
That's why I'll just give a little speech:
We all know you and love you,
That's why we want to bow today
in front of you and your performance, you are really a hero!
You always give everything, but you still do not get more money!
You do not care, because the operation is your life!
Anyone like you is a blessing to every boss.
If you have problems, you can always talk to you.
So slowly enough, I come to the end,
stay as you are and shake our hands!
We all congratulate, you are the hero today,
and for us, the best colleague in the world!

There is something to celebrate today, because many years ago you were born,
Back then you already had a crooked nose, a high forehead and big ears.
And that cheeky grin we all love so much,
I wish you a happy and happy birthday,
healthy and happy as often as possible.
It's good that you stop smoking, because that's as bad as narcotic.
Stay strong and keep it up, consider achievements so far as a leader:
You are already high up on her, your goal is closer
as the ground and you are still on course, and never wrong.
Enough of the serious issues, let's now settle for
To take a drink, because you are our man:
Happy Birthday to the colleague who can do everything!

Today has its birthday, people come here
the colleague is having a birthday, we are all very happy!
Because then there are rolls, sweets and cakes,
with these goodies, you quickly forget the book,
counting and typing,
and instead of "good day" you always have "all the best" on your lips.

In a nutshell: you are the best
I wish you a lot of holidays, and dough in the vest.
Stay the way I know you, then you have a real fan in me!
happy Birthday

If the colleague's birthday,
then a celebration will take place.
It is laughed and also danced
and not entrenched behind files.

Colleague ___ laughing at the desk,
who is celebrating today,
he has his birthday, oh how fine,
and invite the colleagues to.

With flowers and with cards,
we wait for the colleague
because this is his birthday,
and make a celebration of joy.
So we dance and we sing
and congratulate him here today.

Celebrating a birthday is a blessing
celebrating with the colleagues a little bit,
it also tastes the birthday cake,
you give him many nice words.
A party that everyone likes
on his rejoicing honor day.

His work table is decorated today
with flowers and gifts,
because he has his birthday today,
we think about the colleagues.

We celebrate the birthday today
by colleague Schmidt,
we also have gifts here
and bring flowers.

High should he live,
today we celebrate,
from the colleague's birthday here
Today we let the work be
and celebrate the birthday fine.

Today, a party is going up in the office
and the colleagues who are glad
who has ___ today's birthday
and therefore make a celebration.

A party is in the air today,
and also a very special scent,
Coffee and cake should be,
it will not be _____ birthday?

In the office, a party is going up today
that's why you all love you,
my colleague's birthday today,
and that's why today is the celebration.
There is dancing all night,
also much celebrated and laughed.

A serenade is brought to the colleague
because this is his birthday today.
Is celebrated today oh oh how beautiful,
there you can see all colleagues.

If the colleague's birthday,
is a nice party,
with flowers and gifts,
because everyone thinks about him.

There's a celebration in the office today,
and there are many people coming
There is dancing and laughing
and the colleague a pleasure.

When the colleague's birthday is over
everyone goes to the party,
there is drinking and laughing
and having fun all night.

The colleagues, all are happy,
because now comes the birthday child,
Today is sung and laughed,
the work today makes another.

The colleague's birthday today,
what makes all other colleagues happy,
a little drink, that's fine,
will be a pleasure for the colleagues.

A high on the birthday child,
so let's party very fast,
because the colleagues are crazy,
We want to send birthday greetings
and send flowers and gifts.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes Princess, Girl, Boy

The second birthday party is a very special day, especially for the parents. The child will probably not remember this day later, parents and grandparents but all the more. In this case, many grandmothers and grandfathers like to think twice about declaring the birthday wishes in a not too conventional way for their 2 year old grandson. A simple "Happy Birthday" is usually not too good, especially since you often get a greeting card, which you hand over to a nice gift to the parents. Popular toys here are often rustling or educational toys about which certainly the parents are happy.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes Princess, Girl, Boy

where our / our're ... birthday has!
2 years you are in this world now
and the sunshine that lights our day!
You are the greatest treasure for us,
That's why there is now NEN big smack!
Can someone tell me
Do we have a birthday boy here?
A truly sweet-sweet child,
as cute as angels are otherwise?
One, maybe ... means
and does not know anything about his 2nd birthday?
Actually - I found it, there it is:
Dear, I wish you all the best and a happy new year!
First one, then two - that's great,
our / ours ... is getting big now!
Can you already have so many great things,
that make you and us so happy!
With you life is exciting, beautiful and colorful,
there is laughter, dancing - there it goes!
We wish you that it stays that way,
live a life full of love, happiness and joy!
... will be 2 years old today,
that really does not leave anyone cold!
This is celebrated until it crashes,
and small ... laugh with us for the bet!
We wish you, right here and now,
all the best and that happiness never leaves you!
The birthday girl a loud hip-hip hurray!
Klein .... is actually already 2 years!
Today you have several wishes,
Also your favorite cake is included!
Strongly we want to make you live,
sing, jump, dance and laugh with you.
It's going to be a great day,
Every one of us likes to remember.
That's why we wish you on all your ways
all love, good luck and God's abundant blessing!
Our little sweet mouse,
we wish quite freely,
only the best for the 2nd birthday
and have fun at their party!
Ri, Ra, Slide -
the .... gets a kiss now!
Because he / she will be two years today,
everyone is happy here.
Ri, Ra, Slide -
the one, that's gone now!
A little bird came in the night
and brought me a message:
The / the ... is already 2 years,
that is celebrated - it is clear!
I got up quickly
and thought up a nice present for me.
Hopefully you'll like it,
otherwise I prefer to keep it here!
Do not worry - that was just a joke -
the gift is only for you, my heart!
Tip-tap, tip-tap,
two little feet tripping around the world,
pitsch-patsch, pitsch-patsch,
two little hands reach for the sky.


Clip-on folding, clip-folding,
two small eyes blink in wonder,
zip-zap, zip-zap,
listen to two small ears, whatever happens.
And what do you hear? What could that be?
It's a birthday serenade - just for you!
2 years you will - this is a hit,
And all your friends are partying!
Trari-trara - now it starts!
Celebrate your birthday - that's great!
We wish you lots of fun,
at your cradle festival number 2!
Look, look at little mouse.
Today you look much older.
You are already 2 years old,
Madness like that happens in an instant.
We all want to tell you Happy Birthday,
hug you and carry you on hands.
Congratulations on the 2nd birthday for the best grandchild that there is! Grandma and Grandpa have brought you something beautiful and want to give you the very best wishes for blessing along the way.
The second Burzeltag is a nice day
Everyone in this shop shows you that he likes you.
Today you are our star all alone,
Yes, best regards and celebration very wonderful.

Happy Birthday my dear little sparrow! If your parents were not here I would take you smoothly, you are so sweet.
For the second birthday all the love and the greatest happiness in the world. Have a great birthday party and enjoy every minute in your life.
We wish your little Windelpuper for children's birthday all the best. Surely you have already read your child's wish from your lips and organized a huge party.
I am sure that you can give a 2 year old girl a nice teddy bear. But only one who is at least as cuddly as she!
With 2 years you look gorgeous,
out of the diapers you're out soon.
I also wish you all the best,
a lot of health and success still more.
Hippi, Hurray the second is the best day of the year.
Officially, you are getting bigger and warmly welcomed by all,
no wonder, if you also sweeten the day for us.
Grandma and Grandpa love you very much
we wish a lot of health and happiness for life.
We have already missed our dearest godchild,
We all know how happy you are every day.
For the 2nd my little sweetheart I wish all the best,
I am always there for you, I give you my oath!
Year after year you get older, soon you are three.
Everyone comes to celebrate you,
We have a wonderful son,
our love and blessing are yours.

No matter if 2, 3 or 4.My child congratulations on the 2nd birthday. You make every day indescribably beautiful, because we want to spoil you with all our means.
We wish you all the best for ever.
Also, if you soon forget today,
Let's measure ourselves today in the cake feed.
We are all here to sing with you,
with so many nice things.
Go your way my child and always stay true to yourself. Life offers us so many opportunities to master. Surely mum and dad will prepare you well this way and we are always behind you. Congratulations from all of us.
Who would have thought this yesterday,
Today you woke up with a 2 in the petto.
You will soon have big dreams in you,
so big that there are almost no rooms for this.
But yes, you can do anything in life,
You only have to get up.
Mayor or doctor you can become,
to do good in heaven and on earth.
Now we want to search for the right words,
Happy Birthday party still book.
The 2-year holiday is very special today,
In addition, with twins you have the place already full of people.
From our birthday the sweetest congratulation,
soon you can stand on your own.

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Birthday Wishes for Supervisor, Boss, Mentor, Team Leader, Sir and Lady

What if the supervisor gets one year older? How best to congratulate These birthday sayings for the boss can serve as a template and bring ideas! Supervisor is not the same boss. This should be considered when choosing the appropriate award. Some bosses are like a friend, some others like a good colleague and others are totally clear who the boss is.

Birthday Wishes for Supervisor, Boss, Mentor, Team Leader, Sir and Lady

Choose therefore a suitable saying. In a friendly relationship, he may be a little naughty. Otherwise, you should use selected words, so that the well-intentioned birthday wishes do not go backwards. Of course, you can also use the birthday sayings for a private birthday card.

Best Birthday Wishes for Supervisor

The Supervisor has today 's birthday, so it sounds through the room, a former office closing, oh, that would be a dream! All the best wishes you the whole office, health, happiness and prosperity, well, anyway! A piece of birthday cake, a lot of laughter, a small sip of sparkling wine, so you celebrate properly at work.


Having a great Supervisor is not taken for granted, so today we want to say thank you for all the many successful days together. Good cooperation is always possible with you as a boss, thanks for the fair play and the good working atmosphere; we think you are all great. Happy Birthday, health and success, we are really proud of you.

My Supervisor, if we did not have you, we'd all be in bed. But because you give us a lot of work, we unfortunately have to rise from it. Now we celebrate your day of honor, raise the glass to you without complaint. What would we be without you, the office would be on its knees. Stay always well, otherwise the company goes to the dogs.


Dear Supervisor, it's hard to believe it's been a year. You are celebrating your birthday again today, you are singing birthday songs for you. I wish good health and a lot of joy from my heart today. Here on earth, good times let you be accompanied by happiness. Enjoy with your loved ones, the cake you will surely get.


Today is your birthday, so we ask, dear Supervisor, the following application: Through more breaks and a salary increase, comes into this company more satisfaction and momentum. If you enjoy your day of honor today, we are already trying to crawl onto the executive chair. We do not mean this saying seriously, (hope) you notice, because otherwise tomorrow a whole department does not appear to work.


Hello Supervisor, are we getting free today? Because we would like to be part of the celebration. Is the annual leave increased because we send such beautiful congratulations? And boss, we want to press you hard at the party later. You're the coolest boss in the world, that's why you get so naughty questions on your birthday. Happy Birthday!


The Polonaise roars in the cellar, vans drive faster, the trainee, this plague, do not ask a stupid question, everyone knows what it's all about - the party of the century is. Is honored as a good planner, conscience, role model, permanent fellow, in the stable all the best Ross, has birthday tomorrow - today 'only the Supervisor.


Order flowers and make coffee, get a birthday present and have a drink. Now the Supervisor can walk into the office and we wave him to us joyfully. Everything, all the best and good luck, you look back with pride on your life. Oh, is not it beautiful? Now you can retire soon.


The office is full of people, everyone is already there very early. Because the Supervisor has his birthday today, we want to celebrate it, it's clear. Work today is not so important, you should live high and long. Tomorrow we are all sick and pale-faced, no matter, we take this occasion of celebration.


Dear Sir, We want to take your birthday as an opportunity to tell you how fair, comradely and friendly we feel about your leadership style. Happy Birthday and have a nice day your coffee drinkers, smoker, sleepers, festibatscher, nonsense copiers and private users!


Hello Mentor, you do not believe, in this mail is a poem. Not for business as intended, just for fun. Your birthday is important to us, today we celebrate you right, look into the kitchen, there could be something for you. Hey Supervisor - Happy Birthday from your team!


Today is a very special day: - All customers are incredibly friendly. - The phone rings with a particularly nice tone. - The fax rattles quietly and satisfied. - The office plants are blooming. - And all employees today are hungry for coffee and cake ... What happened? Our Supervisor's birthday and we all congratulate!


Today we let it rip, also the Supervisor may laugh once! In the kitchen is coffee, the cake brought a fairy. In the office in a little corner is a nicely packed parcel. The content is still top secret, but it should be from the heart. Congratulations on your birthday from your entire team. Celebrate beautifully!


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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Campers - Happy Birthday Camper Girl

You are and will be born for the campsite,
You have lost absolutely nothing in hotels or pensions.

That's why we give you a birthday instead of money,
a brand new camping tent.

Birthday Wishes for Campers - Happy Birthday Camper Girl

In your holiday you go hitchhiking again,
and instead of staying in hotels, you go camping.

Your only companion is your cat.
She sleeps with you on the air mattress.

So we know you, that's how it should stay
You stay our camping god, we do not want to drive you out.

Good luck and keep living like a vagabond,
then you have some nice hours.


You are and will remain my greatest treasure,
and we celebrate your birthday at the campsite.


Smell the beautiful bonfire in the evening,
then crawl into the sleeping bag.

Yes, you enjoy nature,
that's what you call pure life.

We do not want to dissuade you
and will sing you a song.


You can actually do whatever you want,
You always celebrate your birthday as a camper at the grill.

Then you grill us delicious sausages again,
and give us drinks that will quench our thirst.

So every time the same lyre,
and again we look forward to this celebration.


Hotel vacation is not too expensive,
but you still prefer to sit by the campfire.

And instead of staying in a hotel you live in a tent,
Camping is and remains your world.

Stay the way you are, keep your style,
We want to be like you, that's our goal.

We will give you a sleeping bag for your birthday
There you realize that you have friends who just think along.


Rarely have you ever caught a cold
that's because you're camping regularly.

You get the following result, if you are rated,
stable like an oak, and extremely hardy.

Greetings come, you will already suspect
from your faithful tent companions.


You lead a life of freedom in style,
in your beautiful camper.

Every month you are, that I find strong,
in another camping park.

Keep your rhythm and do not let yourself be bent,
and for your travels we give you 2 camp beds.


Happy Birthday, we wish you all the best,
and give you a little water against mosquito bites.

With this you then moisten your skin,
before the camping tent is built.

Then all mosquitoes are repelled,
And your holiday remains carefree and carefree.


Air mattress and sleeping bag are things my child,
which are simply essential when camping.

That's why we give you these things honey,
and wish you a lot of fun at the campsite.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Happy Birthday Wishes for the Boss, Team Leader

Happy Birthday Wishes for the Boss, Team Leader: Everyone is happy about a nice poem or a fitting saying - even the boss. After all, it also means that the company is like a family. A nicely rhymed Poem, perhaps even with a fitting individual relation, can lighten up and revive the company gathering for the honorary day of the company owner or department chief - or even be the highlight of the event.

Happy Birthday Wishes for the Boss, Team Leader

However, one should pay particular attention to the choice and the presentation of a birthday sentence for the boss, that neither the general behavior rules nor the specific netiquette of the company are violated. The borderline between recognition and drowning is usually very subtle in the working climate

From the large number of birthday sayings that can be found on this page especially for the boss, only those shortlisted, which also correspond to the nature of the boss. If the boss is more of a reserved person, very politely and at a certain distance from the employees considered, the birthday saying should neither be too funny nor too personal.

If the boss shows in everyday life that he can deal with fun well, even if it concerns his person, he is sure happy about a matching birthday saying, in which a good portion of humor is. If you are not sure, a small trick will help: Allies.

In general, it may make sense to discuss the idea for a rhyming spell on the birthday of the supervisor with one, several or all colleagues. Preparing for the special day of the boss together can not only be fun, but can also strengthen the team spirit - and spread responsibility over multiple shoulders.

After the selection comes the lecture. A good idea may prove to be the intention to present the slogan together. For example, one could have the individual lines recited by different colleagues or audition the birthday saying as a chorus. This also gives the supervisor that he is in charge of a team that not only respects him as a boss, but is also interested in his personal well-being.

Regardless of which option you choose, in our birthday sayings for the boss you will find the right slogan for this opportunity.

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happy birthday wishes for the boss

If the boss has a birthday,
he usually does a party,
the staff is very happy
because today there is no more work.
It is laughed and also danced,
and not entrenched behind the desk.

If the boss is having a party,
then there's only one reason
because he has his birthday.
This is celebrated with all colleagues,
who also like to put the work aside.
So the fete takes its course
and the boss takes it in purchase.

A high on the boss and his day,
because you like him so much,
We celebrate in a tour
the boss's day of rejoicing around the clock.
Best until the next day,
because the workforce likes him so much.

The boss does it like every year,
designed a party, oh how true,
it will be his birthday
and he invites everyone.
Whether from the warehouse or the office,
everyone is anyway.
Many people are then
Nobody else gets to such a party.

Today a keg is opened,
the boss does a party,
is celebrated in a big way,
There's a lot of that,
the boss has his birthday today
and why make this party.
Celebrating with all the people,
which rejoices every year.
Fun makes this festival,
because it takes the bad mood.
And all the people are happy.

When the boss makes a round,
then you people really pay attention
and that loving her is the best
the boss its big cradles.
Is celebrated all night,
because the birthday is awesome,
is celebrated in large numbers.

With flowers and gifts,
will we consider the boss,
because today is his day of rejoicing,
and because you like him so much,
So you celebrate the great day.

Everyone knows
and the boss is also ready
he celebrates his cradle festivals,
he wants only the best for everyone,
of food and drink is always thought
Because he only does the best.

A festival as it is in the book
and on which every colleague goes,
the boss, who invites to the party,
then it can only be his birthday.

A party that gives everyone pleasure
where the boss likes to laugh,
is the birthday that's fine,
this will be the giant party.
That's why you dear people,
so that the boss is really happy.

When the boss invites you to a party,
there the whole company goes,
it is laughed, drunk and sung
and also the dancing leg is swung.
The boss's birthday is terrific,
something is going on at this party
is the mood always famos.

Every year the same game,
the boss's birthday is the goal
is celebrated now without rest,
and there is no one who misses that.
A party to which everyone gives something
because everyone loves the boss so much.

The best boss in the world,
does it every year because he likes it
a party to his cradle party,
There is only the best in this.
A party that everyone likes
every year on this day.

Can you choose your boss,
then you would be the first choice!
Why? - That's easy to tell,
but we will do it another time.
Today we congratulate from the heart
(because once again a year passed)
with a cupcake and with candles,
and singing for our boss!

Well, dear boss, here we stand
and wish you a lot of good.
We let the work rest for a moment
and are very glad -
that you give us a glass of sparkling wine.

We treat you to the big armchair,
where you are enthroned and lead,
You are removed from the cauldron,
because you work with your head -
who now tells you: "Lift the glasses!"

Congratulations, master, boss and boss,
that you do not fall from the high horse,
that you continue to count mistakes
and torture us with your "goodness"!

We do not want to exchange our boss.
He is fair, accurate and nice.

No forest - but he hears leaves rustling,
No head - there is probably no board.

He is certainly sometimes scattered,
Forgets to praise, if something was good.

And yet - not only today,
he is just unmistakable!

You had to climb many steps,
the boardroom is very high.
Even if we bow to each other very deeply,
You see our faces.
Today we come up to you.
We want to tell you: you are great!
You can blame and praise.
Congratulations! On your well-being!

Fresh from college, new broom;
Of course you have turned well,
It had not been easy for us.
But today you are very much worshiped.
You know where to go here in the house,
you had to learn a lot, get it over.
Take our warm applause,
and let you be honestly congratulated.

Congratulations, boss, keep it up!
That you lead me makes me happy.
Well, that's not every day,
that I'm really good at you.
But on the whole and in the whole,
between files and balance sheets,
Between coffee and papers,
I can congratulate from the heart.
Mostly we understand each other blind,
because we have become a team.

We see you as a respect person,
we have respect and are active,
follow instructions for pay
and would like to be lethargic
like you on your throne.
So it seems to us, because you are the boss,
but you have a lot to think about
pondering about some cunning,
to steer us perfectly.
Anyway, we congratulate you very much
and only wish the best,
Hey, our glasses are still empty.
Do not just give us the leftovers !!!

On the top floor
birthday is celebrated.
Surely there's a feast,
a buffet, overpriced.
And there are many wishes,
everyone joins in there,
smiles to the games,
because it has to be yes.
We stand there silently,
we work and are diligent.
But we also wish the boss good luck.
Long live the one who knows nothing about it.

You are our boss,
You make big speeches.
You are our boss
and you pull the strings.
You are very smart
and often very prudent.
You're just a woman
have already won.
If you only appear,
we feel blind.
True, if you think
that men are like that.
What year are you celebrating today,
We do not know that,
because you carefully veil it
behind the young face.
But here's the congratulation from all of us:
As a boss you are the best person!

You can not love a boss like that
as you with good reason,
So I stayed here
and stay for many hours.

You can not love a boss like that,
he is also nervous,
I like to stay here,
because he does not mean it bad.

On his honor
I want to congratulate him,
to that, no question
do not lose more words.

Only one thing I say today,
Health and good luck,
take this gift with joy
and me a piece of cake!

Responsibility, not an easy game,
the competition is huge,
Orders the company needs a lot,
they do not fall into our lap.

So today we thank a man,
who puts a lot into the stuff,
that it can go on for us,
that something is moving.

Congratulations from the crew
and only the very best,
we wish that too
and are very happy your guests.

Congratulations from all masters,
from the apprentices and journeymen,
we want to inspire with gifts
the boss, the smart and lightning fast.

If we do not know how to continue,
he always knows advice, is competent,
never sits on the pillow,
it is he who knows the answer.

Best wishes all the best,
no, best wishes,
Here we make a happy mute
and celebrate your birthday with you.

The boss, who has his birthday today,
we congratulate all,
if he always shied away from the praise,
it applies, in this case.

The boss, who has his birthday today,
there we want to congratulate
from the department all people
want to decorate him the day.

The boss, who has his birthday today,
there is also a gift
with it on this great day
he thinks long and happy.

Our boss will turn forty today,
so many women who adorn themselves,
to think about her age,
but she can not hurt that.

Our boss will turn forty today,
so many women who adorn themselves,
to tackle, to torment,
but with her you can steal horses.

Our boss will turn forty today,
on this day, that's it
that we congratulate
and you decorate the table richly.

Congratulations to the boss,
who is the birthday boy today,
The gifts are not big,
but of the kind you never forget.

The boss we let live high today
with flowers and speeches and also with gifts,
he has already given us so much,
That's why we just want to think about him today.

The boss, who gives himself the honor today
and celebrate with us his birthday party,
that he'll have a great day,
and worries he worries.

It is not easy to run a company
the employees often have to feel it.
They master this achievement but mostly with a sense,
this saves us all an ulcer.
We would like to thank you today,
until we all waver together.
As long as we do not bicker,
we would like to thank you once again.

As a boss you have the responsibility
that always means to judge everything,
You can not do that well.
That's why we've taken that over for you and it's come
that we can congratulate you on your birthday today.
May we still write a lot and you continue to swing everything in the right direction.
Good luck and good luck to you from the whole piece.

As a boss, you always have something to say
Sometimes we hear you complaining too.
But you also often say nice words
There is also this cake for now.
We congratulate you on this special celebration
and wish them all the best.
Let's hit you now,
on our Titan.

We would like to cheer with you
but we have to be comfortable with that, after work.
You can not ask for a boss, but you can still score well with us.
If you continue to score, then you are the boss we wish for.
If the working climate is rough, we feel like piggy.
Nevertheless, we like you and wish you all from afar, happy birthday.

Unfortunately we can not sing and do not make big speeches.
Speech can swing you so much the better
that belongs to their waters.
It's not always easy,
when laziness sometimes sneaks.
But we know what we have about you and we can only complain badly.
From the heart, without joking we wish you a happy birthday.

On you Mr. boss we must always hear well
and may rarely disturb only.
You must be at all important things
often swing the work scepter.
Always stay so nice and easy
and we do not knock you off the stool either.
So enough of the small serenade
We'd rather shake hands with you now.

We would like to say birthday
There is not much to complain to you as a boss.
As a boss you often have a lot of courage
and we think that's good too.
Let's hope it stays that way
and we wish you a nice time.
We congratulate you on your birthday
and without any setback.
Our great working atmosphere
we find colleagues all the best.

Dear boss, today there are delicious things
and we all have to laugh.
We all thought of it
and even the whole night.
Then we finally woke up again
and now it is done. A cake for you
and almost without words.
A delicious tart
for all the records.

Our boss - a man with tolerance.
Far from ignorance and never arrogance.
You are a boss with heart and mind,
who always found a suitable solution.
Advice from us has always been important to you
and even refrained from going on a picnic.
We thank you
we the busy bees.

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Monday, July 26, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Body Builder Friend

Birthday Wishes for BodyBuilders - Who does not want to be healthy and strong? You have achieved it. I hardly know a person who is as full of strength and health as you! For your birthday, I wish you continued energy and stamina!

Birthday Wishes for BodyBuilders

Higher, faster and further! You have made the Olympic motto your personal motto and amazed all the people around you. Again and again you even manage to outdo yourself! That's great! Happy Birthday, Sports Cannon! Keep it up, but do not forget to give yourself some peace and quiet!


The Greek philosopher Aristotle once said: "Every movement moves in time and has a goal." You are constantly on the move, you need sport, like others breathe. And that's just as well! Because by your fun in the movement, you automatically achieve a goal that others envy you: health and satisfaction! For my birthday, I wish you that this energy is always preserved!


As they say? A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Today someone has a birthday, whose body and mind are bubbling with energy! We wish you that this unbridled joy of movement accompanies you for a lifetime. Because she is a part of you and makes you visibly happy!


Today has the most balanced person's birthday, which has ever met me. What is your secret recipe? I can imagine. It is the fact that you pay close attention to your body as well as anyone else. Sport is the key to satisfaction for you! I wish you continued strength and joy in the movement! Stay fit!


There are people who smoke to relax, others watch TV or eat sweets. On the other hand, you do sports to make you feel good and leave the stress behind you. That's enviable! I wish you a happy birthday that you continue to be fit and also infect others with your positive sport virus!

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Funny Cute Animal Birthday Memes - Hilarious (LOL)

Explore free Animal Birthday Memes - Animal love is an unconditional love. Animals live longer and happier when supported by humans. When we have a pet, we are aware that our lovely friend will not make any financial contribution to the life we live. Over time, we get to know the animal we live in the same house, become familiar with its behavior, and get used to its presence in the house. After a while, as we empathize with him, our sense of compassion deepens and we love our pet very much. 

hilarious animal birthday memes

cute animal birthday memes

hope its awesome animal birthday memes

amazing animal birthday memes

elephant animal birthday memes

smile animal birthday memes

best animal birthday memes

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horse animal birthday memes

Texts to wish a happy 21st birthday by SMS

Texts to wish a happy 21st birthday by SMS - A young man or woman around you is about to celebrate his or her birthday? These small texts happy birthday 21 years old can be appropriate for all the young people having between 20 years and 30 years. Discover also a small poem for the twenty-first birthday.

Texts to wish a happy 21st birthday by SMS

Text wishes 21 birthday sms

This time it's done and it's getting very serious! You're past your twenties. You are getting old young man. With this sms I wish you a happy birthday for your 21st birthday. Stay always so original, singular, exceptional

With this sms for my best friend's 21st birthday I want to tell her that she really doesn't look her age. She still remains this exceptional and beautiful girl. Young at heart and in spirit. Happy 21st birthday my princess.

What 21 years! No way: already that old at your age. My god it's the beginning of the end! With this humorous message for my friend's 21st birthday I would like to tell him that the passing of time strengthens the friendship. Happy 21st birthday my friend!

Birthday poem 21 years

Young man, young girl To be three times 7 years old

It's not getting old! It is to be 3 times a child

The birthday of 21 years is a happy event

It is childhood and adolescence that are slowly going away

To be 21 is to have a heart full of innocence

And little by little, the path of responsibility takes on a meaning

Happy birthday 21 years, Happy birthday 21 years

Young girl, young man today you become a big one

Learn every day from love that living is a gift in itself

Forget the trivial and focus on the essential and the beautiful

Happy birthday 21 years, Happy birthday 21 years

With this beautiful message I offer you the hope of youth that lasts forever

Poem for the 21 years, Happy birthday poem 21 years

By these verses of poetry I wish you to always live in hope

Birthday Wishes 21 years old young man

An original idea for the birthday of the 21 years simply send to the girl or the young man concerned this image birthday 21 years by Mms without writing anything more

You can accompany this image for the birthday of 21 years with a beautiful quote on the theme of the birthday, the privilege of age and time passing, the experience of life.

- The first 30 years of life are spent not being able to wake up, the next 30 not being able to fall asleep."

- At 20 we have dreams - At 30 we try to realize our dreams - At 40 we have disillusions - At 50 we learn to live in reality. Moral: "You may never live your dreams but your dreams will make you live at all ages of life".

Humor Text Messages 21 Birthday SMS

Today a young man is getting old... Today he starts to lose his hair. And tomorrow some teeth. It is the end of the charm and the beginning of the tears. The wrinkles are already there... On the youth it is necessary to lower the curtains. But no, I'm kidding, my little youngster. Happy birthday for your 21st birthday. Always look ahead.

On this day of mourning a young lady has just lost her youth for good. By this funny sms message for the 21 years of this young gazelle let's wish her a happy birthday. Let's remind her that she must keep smiling every day and that youth is above all that of the heart. Happy birthday my little old lady.

For your 21st birthday gift I hesitate between a cane and a denture... I will think about it and contact you by text very soon. Friendly kisses and best wishes for your 21st birthday.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Wishes - Cards - Quotes

 Mickey Mouse Birthday Wishes - Cards - Quotes - one of disney's favorite characters Mickey Mouse! Explore free mickey mouse birthday cards

Mickey Mouse Birthday Wishes

mickey mouse birthday card

Mickey Mouse Birthday Wishes

mickey mouse birthday

Mickey Mouse Birthday Wishes

Mickey Mouse Birthday Wishes

Mickey Mouse Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes for Cyclists - Birthday Wishes for Bike Riders

Birthday Wishes for Cyclists - are a very nice people. For their passion to move healthy and exhaust-free in the open air, they even accept one or two showers. They pay attention to the environment, are often vegetarians because of their love of animals and have a huge heart for their fellow human beings.

Birthday Wishes for Cyclists - Birthday Wishes for Bike Riders

deserve a very special congratulation for their birthday - for one thing, because they are packed in thick bobble hats and scarves, they also defy the biggest frost, and secondly, because we all become cyclists when our car leaves us one morning

birthday wishes for cyclists

You love your bike
and stand up to it
when others curse,
You are just smiling.
That's how it should be in the New Year,
We wish you luck and only say.


Spring is calling -
It's time to exercise.
You swing your bike
instead of strolling.
The tummy hindered,
the legs are heavy,
but all this diminished
Your ambition is not very.
We just say "Next" and "Hopp" and "Drive to"
and wish you luck, perseverance and rest '.


Some need a lot of horsepower.
The others have no stress with it.
They love their rear derailleur, the stem and frame,
and rejoice when they came up the mountain.
So you should go steadily uphill and downhill
drive with strong legs everywhere.


On roads, trails and difficult slopes,
you are quite one of the smartest.
Mostly you manage the fastest descent,
afterwards you are proud and tender.
With hard shell and soft core,
you all really like.
So save your powers,
be relaxed and do it with us on it.


Reduced to the essentials
Are you coming to terms with everything?
Those who always brag, splurge,
you find simply to the K ...
You can do it and stay with it:
You stand on wheels, two!
With those you go everywhere,
a gain for the mind and body.
The result is convincingly clear
We wish you a successful year!


A touch of freedom
and fresh air,
Wind in your hair,
beguiling scent.
A shiny frame,
Titanium and carbon,
there are no exceptions
You already know that.
Only noble and good
retains its value,
You are in good spirits
on your fancy vehicle.
Healthy on top of that
may you be today.
Celebrated and happy to the new year,
Thou shalt be, our Jubilee!


No mountain is too high,
no climb too steep,
You take the exit like an arrow
and even have the breath
so as not to whistle on the last hole.
You are a cyclist of noble sex,
So our congratulations to you today are just fine.


Today is celebrated, old house and today you are staying at home.
We know it does not keep you in the chair, it pulls you out.
Explore the world on two wheels,
that makes you happy, you are on the way many hours.
For our birthday, we wish you all the best
And stay in the saddle for a long time.
Cycling is fun and it's healthy
drum pedal, hour after hour.


We congratulate a great man today,
who can excellently cycle.
Being on the move with the wheel,
we'll come with you, who likes to stay alone?
As pedal knight we are unbeatable and fit.
All friends, they like to come along.
May it always stay that way
and we continue to drive the hours with biking.
On your birthday we do not stingy with wishes.
Stay healthy and pedal slowly while exercising
Remember the wise saying: Sport is murder.


You are always one step ahead of us.
The wheel pulls you out.
But today, the bike has a break,
because it rises with you the big Sause.
We wish you a lot of sunshine in your life,
and always the ambition not to give up.
You have not seen many paths yet
and also the clocks, they do not stop.
Have fun and continue sitting in the saddle
and kilometers to screw and great to sweat.


Birthday girl, always stays awake
and cycle through the country, up and down.
From the coast behind the dike
to the British Kingdom.
The world is full of wonder
and if you see more, you will also see more colorful.
We wish you a lot of energy and strength.
You have already achieved many things in life.
Much, it's still up to you
and today, today we are celebrating.


Yes, is it really true
our cyclist is facing a new year of life.
Get out of the saddle and into it,
in the new year should be only happiness and joy.
Have fun on your nature tours
and flat tire should remain the exception only.
On two wheels, things are moving fast.
There is no traffic jam for you, you arrive.
So it should be for you in life.
All wishes should become truth
and you always happy and never alone for long.

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Friday, July 23, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Golfers (Ball Sport Lovers)

birthday wishes for golfers - birthday cards for golfers. We sincerely congratulate you on our birthday and wish you good luck next year on the golf course and of course a lot of fun in the "19. Hole"!

Birthday Wishes for Golfers (Ball Sport Lovers)

When golfing, it is especially on the shop talk, but we wish you in the next year, that you improve your handicap!

For your next year, we wish you no Bogies, but rather many Eagles and maybe even one or the other As!

Greens, fairways and rough, the golf course has a lot of different surfaces to offer. In between there are trees and shrubs, hills, bunkers and possibly water. Not so easy to play the par! In this sense we wish you a good blow at all times and that you will find as many balls as possible in the next year of your life!

Always stay cool when you hit the ball. Do not be fooled on the green. Choose the right club. You can do all that with life and aging: just do not let yourself go crazy, but take life and golf as it comes! Rail accidents and other uncertainties should not put you out of rhythm.

We wish you a happy birthday and always have the right racquet at hand so that you can improve your handicap even further!

Playing golf requires the right swing, a steady hand and a cool head. That's why we wish you today for your birthday that you stay fit, do not tremble and drink enough!

It is said that golfers are not deterred by playing. Today your birthday is still celebrated! And tomorrow you can hide the shadows under the eyes behind sunglasses. The only important thing is that your ball stays on the fairway, so you are not tempted to rest in the rough ...

We wish you not only a good new year of life, but as many 18-hole rounds with as few strokes as possible!

Happy birthday and all the best for your favorite hobby, playing golf! Keep your handicap and do not be discouraged by failures, because without them it does not work, neither in golf nor in real life.

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Someone Who is Ill, Sick, Diseased, Unwell

Birthday Wishes for Someone Who is Ill, Sick, Diseased, Unwell - For your birthday I would like to send you the very best wishes! It's not an easy time for you I know you are ill but still you will not let off track. We all admire your incredible strength and willpower. We wish you all the best for your new year and the lasting assurance that everything will be fine again! You can do it!

Birthday Wishes for Someone Who is Ill, Sick, Diseased, Unwell

Today you are celebrating your birthday and all your loved ones are with you to give you luck and strength. Let yourself be distracted and bring to other thoughts, laugh together and enjoy the great love and affection that you feel for each other. You are not alone in this hard time! Together, you will survive them, I'm sure! Everything imaginable, dear birthday child!

birthday wishes for someone who is ill

I am so happy to be able to congratulate you on your birthday today. I know what a difficult time is behind you, and I know that she is not over yet. But when I see the joie de vivre you still go to every day, do not be fooled and look to the future with confidence, then I'm sure you'll be able to do it. Keep it up!


I wish you all the best for your birthday! You should know that I often think of you and believe that your serious illness will soon be over. There is a strong healing power inside you, and that is called confidence. Trust in this power and let it flow through your body and mind. It is the one that can and will do wonders!


How happy I am to see you so happy today! It is incredibly admirable how strong you are. All your spirits are wide awake and ready to defend themselves successfully. Keep in your new year of life, this wonderful positive energy! It will make you the winner, that stands rock solid for me! I wish you all the best, happy birthday.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Gardeners (Nature Lovers)

Birthday Wishes for Gardeners
When the flowers sprout,
lets the gardener greet again.
With fertilizer, water and lots of love,
the new shoots are growing fast.
Cut off in the vase,
The bouquet is then in the nose.
Happy Birthday,
and with the flowers a lot of skill.

Birthday Wishes for Gardeners (Nature Lovers)

With hedge trimmer and spade,
he wades through the garden.
Dig a bit here,
cut something there,
that's how women like it.
But what do you give the gardener,
on his special day,
where he already likes flowers anyway.
You give a greeting and leave the flowers,
because he is in a different place to celebrate.


Cut hedges, put flowers,
Mow lawn, scissors whet.
Cut trees, put onions,
a gardener may complain about it.
Always green and always colorful,
it goes around in the garden.
But he sits quietly on his birthday,
because he just wants to party outside.
Lift the glass and celebrate,
because the garden is a hit.


Earth on the hands,
Pain in the loins.
To decorate the garden well,
he has to bend down often.
Let the flowers bloom,
do not freeze the lawn.
He provides a nice view,
and he gets it back today.
With a very special birthday greeting,
because he does not have to do it all.
We make a pleasure and start
because he is so good at everything.


If the tulips are a bit sad,
then the gardener comes very quickly.
He looks and pours and waters,
that everything will improve again.
As soon as the tulips raised their heads,
Here we want to praise him.
Because even today he takes the time
and is always ready.
For his birthday he should live very high,
because we give him the best wishes.


When winter has gone,
and the lawn is easily hereditary,
the gardener comes quickly,
and conjures a colorful sea of ​​flowers.
He mows and cuts,
some branch of the suffers.
A little bit here, a little bit there,
he plucks away many leaves.
After that everything looks great,
and he even gets applause.
That's not important to him
but today it is right.
Because on birthday you have to sing,
without swinging the tools.


A new year under the protection of Santa Fiacrius
Luck and health may always sprout you
in the new year we douse today!
Your trees are to grow into the sky
and always fulfill your dreams!
Colorful and numerous, life drives its flowers
and Saint Fiacrius, let him always guard you
He may bless with his blessing and his spade
Transform your life into a blooming garden!


A model gardener
Today we celebrate a man,
that can only blossom more than flowers
are the plants his mission,
otherwise he will always live up to his example, his patron saint!
Phokas, the gardener, was everywhere in the country
very well known for his charity and kindness
and also his hospitality was legendary
here our birthday boy is very like him!
For the love and care he gives to his garden,
he also gives that to the people he loves -
Leave to his loving care
Flowers bloom like humans alike!
That's why we do not just wish all the love for a birthday,
but also that he always stays that way!


The beautiful gardener
The lawn of your life always stays green,
the flowers of love may always bloom,
Gardening may continue to rejuvenate you
completely without artificial spraying and fertilizing!
Because we can see it on your plants -
just like you, you stay beautiful by nature!
Even doctors can wait a long time for your visit -
for your health and beauty, there is your garden!
With him, you always keep going,
he keeps you fit, he keeps you young!
We congratulate for birthday and find it terrific -
Another year older - and yet ageless!


The prime of your life
So many are waiting in vain in life
to the true meaning of life,
but you have it in many hours
Long ago found among flowers and trees.
We wish you a happy birthday, your luck
may your plants grow bit by bit,
this includes sunshine, but also rain -
But your place is always sunny side!
And everything that blossoms your life
be given to you in the new year of life!

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Birthday Wishes for Newborn Baby, Cooky

Birthday Wishes for Newborn Baby, Cooky - Now you are there, you little human being, and make so many other people happy with your arrival in this world! We are so happy that you are here and wish you a wonderful start to a long, happy life!

Birthday Wishes for Newborn Baby, Cooky

Welcome, little, new earthlings! How do you like being out here, in this unknown world? So many exciting experiences you will collect in the next few years and Keep your dear parents properly on Trapp. We wish you all a lot of fun! All the best, little darling!


Today, once again, a miracle has happened. For nothing but a miracle is when a new, little person sees the light of day. You are such a precious gift for all those people who have expected you so dearly and heartily love you. Good luck, health and happiness for you and your parents!


With your birth, my little darling, life is not just starting for you! No, you also bring life into the everyday life of all the people who love you. You will make us laugh and wonder, open our hearts, stir us to tears and provide many a sleepless night. You will show us all how intense life is. It's so amazing that you're finally here!

Only a year ago we did not know about you. Now you have been in the world for only a few hours and we can no longer imagine a life without you. Welcome to Earth, little sunshine, and thank you for bringing so much light into our lives. We love you with all our hearts and will always be there for you.


Without stockings, without shoes you came today to the world! Let greet you, little, sweet earthly citizen and make your dear parents much joy! Be a good baby, who hardly screams, sleeps through the night and goes alone with a year on the potty! No, that's not necessary. Just be like you are! Because that's exactly how we want you to be and will love you as naughty badger or rogue.

There are miracles every day,
as you like to look at you.
Long-awaited and finally there,
a small person,
how wonderful.
You need arms that hold you,
to unfold your senses.
You need people who teach you everything
and gently explain something new to you.
Need closeness that gives you warmth
and a hand that steers yours.
Your parents will give you
whatever you need
for a happy life.


I am standing here quietly and quietly
look for the end of your journey.
You are exhausted and lie completely still,
because your body wants rest.
You are perfect as you are,
50 centimeters you measure now,
You will grow, you will learn
you also reach for the stars later,
you will notice that you have limits,
if you deal with you.
Speaking, running and also walking,
you learn to understand all that
for the first birthday a box full of luck
and please, never wish you back!


Full of innocence and so small
You lie there, so quiet and fine.
Your eyes are wandering
from one place to another.
Little hands close,
start crying - bitter.
The first time in your life
Mama will give you comfort.
Shortly thereafter, you hardly believe it,
There is silence here in this room.
You rest in arms that protect you,
from illness, misfortune and dangers.


You are still small and without knowledge,
I'm born again in your pillow.
Can hear, but still understand nothing,
have legs and can not go.
Your body is already performing,
which forces you to survive.
My sweetheart, that's the way it has to be
because you do not always stay small.
You will grow and understand quickly,
learn great things, you will see a lot.
Your parents love you very much
and without you your life would be empty.
Be lenient if they fail
or complain about you.
Learn forgiveness when mistakes happen
and try to see the best in everything.

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