Pandemic - Covid19 Quarantine Birthday Wishes

Pandemic Birthday Wishes - A birthday is an important event not to be missed! Whether it's a member of your family (father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, child) or a close friend, it's important to write a little note to mark the occasion. If you are not inspired, don't panic, special birthday wishes website offers birthday messages and will send the card to its lucky recipient. A nice touch if you can't be there to wish them a "Happy Birthday". And as such a day is also the occasion to receive gifts, find gift ideas to spoil this person so dear to your heart.

Pandemic Birthday Wishes

Why wish a happy birthday?

A birthday is the date on which a person is born. It is often a very popular day for children - because it is an opportunity to get presents - and a little more dreaded for adults who do not like to grow old. Young or old, every year it is a chance to gather all your loved ones. In many cultures, it's traditional to celebrate the birth of a loved one with a party, cakes and blowing out candles on a cake. You may not know this, but in ancient times, candles on a birthday cake protected the birthday person from demons. The Greeks believed that birthday candles had the magical power to grant wishes. Even today, people still believe (or not) that if all the candles are extinguished at once, your wish will come true. In any case, don't forget to sing the traditional "Happy Birthday"!

Send a personalized pandemic birthday card to your loved ones

- A little thought to wish you a Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day surrounded by your loved ones. May this new year bring you health, success and happiness.


- I wish you a Happy Birthday. May this new candle bring you health, happiness and success. I hope that all your wishes will come true. Have a nice day and a nice year.

- One year older but you still haven't aged a bit! Don't worry, age is in the mind. Continue to shine. I wish you all the best for your birthday.

- On this very special day, I wish you a Happy and sparkling Birthday. Stay true to yourself, that's how everyone loves you. I'm thinking of you and I give you a big hug.


From these letter templates, no doubt you can wish a happy birthday while adding your own personal touch.

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