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Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter from Grandma

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Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter from Grandma

Dear grandchild, I wish you a happy birthday and all the best for your new year! When you are as old as I am, you will feel how difficult it is to wish the right things to someone two generations younger. But you can never go wrong with the usual congratulations!


I could tell you so many things that might help you, but might not interest you at all. Against you I am very old, after all I am your grandpa/grandma. Therefore, I simply throw my good, traditional wishes overboard and tell you: Make party! Enjoy your life! It will be serious soon enough!


Your youth is so far away for me, and yet I feel so connected to you. Now you are a year older and I congratulate you for it! But you and I will always be the same number of years apart.


I wish you, dear grandchild,

that we will always enjoy being together.

Even if you are young, and I am old,

my feelings for you will not remain cold.

Now I would like to lift you up,

in any case you shall live high!


I am so much older than you that I will always regard you as young. But I will not underestimate you because of that! I congratulate you very cordially on your birthday and wish you that you never feel older than you are!


If I as a grandmother/father congratulate you today,

I do it from the bottom of my heart:

Stay the way you are and change the way you want to:

You will do it right!


Today your grandma and grandpa wish you

wish you all the best, health and happiness,

We'll celebrate with you all day,

and go back late!


Dear grandchild and birthday child,

this day is wonderful

because we are with you today.

We wish you a wonderful new year of life!

Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter from Grandma

You are two generations younger than us,

and sometimes it seems to us

that you are much wiser now.

But that is only because

that the world has changed.

Enjoy your youth, use your chances

and don't forget that we love you!


Happy birthday to you,

health and joy of life

we wish you, dear grandchild,

from the bottom of our hearts.


You are a great person, my grandchild,

and when I look at you, I sometimes recognize in you

sometimes my own past.

Enjoy your life and make something of it!

On your special day today

I rejoice with you and celebrate

that you are the way you are.

Just stay that way, then your life is perfect!

Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter from Grandma

You are the child of my child,

and that's why I congratulate you,

because today is your birthday,

and we are together.


We are getting older, year by year,

grandparents, parents, children,

that's okay, because I know

Our family is wonderful!


My dear grandchild, you are not only great,

but sometimes downright wonderful!

Other times, however, you go a little crazy,

nevertheless, I wish you good luck:

Stay funny and sweet and for my sake also cheeky,

because that's how you make your way.

Above all, stay healthy and young at heart,

because later, like me, you will only have the memory.


Dear grandchild, first of all I would like to congratulate you on your birthday! Stay healthy and fit, take care of yourself and make sure that if you make mistakes, you learn from them. This may sound a bit pedagogical, but you will realize that it makes sense ...


Everybody is getting older all the time, not only the old ones,

I can tell you that now,

dear grandchild, that's why I congratulate you,

and I want to hug you and hold you tightly.

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