19th Birthday Wishes - Long and Effective Birthday Messages

19th Birthday Wishes - Long and Effective Birthday Messages: Need a 19th birthday message or quote? Turning 19 is an important milestone in a person's life! We offer a selection of messages to send to your loved ones on their 19th birthday!

19th Birthday Wishes


Your first 18 years of life are due back
You have reached your sell-by date ...

Your 20 years are on order
They should be delivered to you in a year.

In the meantime, enjoy your nineteenth year to the fullest.
A beautiful age of life with a thousand and one opportunities!

Happy 19th birthday to you!!!


19 years old and all your teeth!
Maybe already a few white hairs?
But still as beautiful and friendly

May this entry into your nineteenth year
Be like a sweet poem
Written by all those who love you.

Well, I stop the humor and the poetry!
Approach serenely this new stage of your life !
To be 19 years old is to have all the time to fulfill your desires...

Enjoy yourself young boy full of future !
Enjoy yourself young girl full of future !


Happy birthday my love!

Birthdays that pass are like coins in a piggy bank.
They only serve to make you more precious to my heart.

Happy birthday my treasure!
I love you ...


My child, my heart, my baby

Maybe to the world you are just one person, but to your parents you are the whole world.


On this day of your 19th birthday,
We wanted to give you the most beautiful birthday present,
but no gift will ever equal the one you gave us when you were born!

Happy birthday from your loving mom and dad.
Happy birthday my love treasure


19 years old today young man!

Being 19 years old, they say, is special.
But the one who is special and great is you!
Happy to share this happy event with you,

May life give us many more years
to share together more beautiful moments of friendship!

My best wishes for your 19 years beautiful boy!
Happy birthday my wonderful friend ...


To wish you a happy birthday
To tell you how happy I am to be your friend
To wish you a happy birthday
To thank you for being such a nice person

May this beautiful message of affection
Means my emotion ...
Your 19 years are a little piece of heaven
Paradise to be happy and fulfilled

Happy birthday to you!


On this special day when you are growing up and getting older
I have a heart full of beautiful emotions and memories!

Childhood memories that make this day even more special.
Seeing what you have become today makes me very proud to be your friend.

Good continuation for the continuation...
I wish you a wonderful birthday for your resplendent 19th birthday.

Your childhood friend who is thinking of you on this birthday.
Your childhood friend who thinks of you on this special day... 
I kiss you ....


My son, you are 19 years old today.
Nineteen years that you have embellished my life!
So many memories together shared,
Time spent is love given.

The day you were born, a rebirth for your parents.
Your birthday a beautiful and great event.
You are the happiness of your loving family.
A good man, a boy with great qualities

My son, my child, my boy
No matter what you do, I love you unconditionally.
You are a gift of yesterday and tomorrow
My son, you are my best way.

Young man with a future
To love and cherish you is my pleasure.
Best wishes for your happiness.
Every day in our hearts you sow joy.

Happy birthday my son whom I love
Best wishes of happiness to you of whom I am proud.
Happy birthday full of tenderness.
Keep your beauty and your great wisdom.

This poem of happy birthday to my beloved son
Is a love letter that tells you how much you are loved.
Your parents are proud of you my child.
You are our reason to live, a diamond.

We wish you a beautiful birthday.
Mom and Dad cover you with light.
Big affectionate kisses from your parents.
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