17th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages

17th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages - 17 is an important age! It is the last step before adulthood! So it's bound to be a remarkable year. If you can't find the words to write a birthday card, we will help you with our text templates. We have many ideas related to the age of 17. It's up to you to choose the one you like the most. You will find many texts related to the end of childhood, the beginning of adulthood, but also texts full of hope and humor.

17th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages

17th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages

At 17, everything is very fast! So we recommend keeping your birthday message short, with one or two sentences.

Whether it's your son, grandson, daughter, friend or nephew...our messages will be perfect to wish a wonderful birthday to this (almost) grown-up who is celebrating his 17th birthday today!

Last stretch of childhood! In one year, you will be an adult! Take advantage of this last year to remain a child in your mind and heart! Happy Birthday!

Happy 17th birthday. Never forget during this year that you are still a child. In one year you will be an adult forever! Enjoy the sweet joys of childhood and its innocence!

You are 17 years old so enjoy this wonderful year of youth! Every day counts! Happy birthday to you!

It doesn't matter to me that you are 17, that you are soon an adult, that you are growing up so fast, because to me you will always be my beloved little boy! I love you so much. Happy Birthday to you!

As you begin your last year of absolute freedom, I would like to wish you a happy birthday and to enjoy life as much as possible!

It is rare to see a 17 year old have as much maturity as a much older adult. You are truly an exceptional person. I love you so much. Happy Birthday my darling.

As you stand on the borderline between childhood and adulthood, I would like you to always remember that it was your personality and your ambitions that made you the amazing person you are today! I love you with all my heart. Your mom.

Birthday text message to a 17 year old girlfriend

My friend, aged on this day of seventeen years!

With this little note, I want to introduce you to my friendship wishes.

May this day of celebration be the first of a wonderful life!

All the best to you my fabulous friend.

One year away from your majority, you are beautiful and so responsible.

May no worries or difficulties of life

Don't put a grain of sand

In your life, which I hope will be filled with immense joy!

Happy 17 birthday text to a boy friend

My big buddy who is getting a little older today.

I send you these few words of friendship

To wish you a happy birthday!

You are a good guy, a wonderful friend!

May this day of celebration be beautiful and unique!

Friendly kisses to my best friend!

Text of wishes to a friend

On this festive day, you must have received dozens of sms.

So here is an original message made of humor and friendship!

A tender birthday poem written with sincerity!

Words from a friend who wishes you with delicacy

Only happiness and love in spades...

Happy birthday text message to your boyfriend

Today is the birthday of my little cute rabbit!

The birthday of a wonderful and good man!

To whom I send my birthday wishes of love.

Tender text message telling him that being his sweetheart makes me so proud.

Big loving kisses to my darling boyfriend.

Your girlfriend in love with you who loves you endlessly.

Happy birthday text to his girlfriend

Today is the birthday of my beautiful goddess!

For her birthday, I offer her sweet caresses.

I tell her that I love her with respect and wisdom.

She is my wife, what shall I say? My princess!

Best wishes to the love of my life!

A beautiful girl, my darling that everyone envies me.

Happy birthday I love you madly my love!

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