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Inspirational Best Wednesday Memes - Stay Positive

Inspirational Wednesday Memes - Wednesday memes images, photos, gifs and illustrations. The best free images of Wednesday for facebook. By clicking on the different images, you will access their specific page - Happy wednesday memes

its only wednesday - Wednesday Memes

dont tell me is just wednesday i dont wanna hear it - Wednesday Memes

yes today is that day! - Wednesday Memes

not sure if its wednesday or i just need coffee - Wednesday Memes

happy wednesday y'all! - Wednesday Memes

wednesday - still not friday - Wednesday Memes

happy wednesday - when is friday coming - Wednesday Memes

wednesday the week is now half over ! Wednesday Memes

hope your wednesday rocks! - Wednesday Memes

happy wednesday! i think i can see the weekend from here - Wednesday Memes

that moment when you think its friday but its realy wednesday - Wednesday Memes

woke up this morning like... happy wednesday

get out there and be awesome - Wednesday Memes

19th Birthday Wishes - Long and Effective Birthday Messages

19th Birthday Wishes - Long and Effective Birthday Messages: Need a 19th birthday message or quote? Turning 19 is an important milestone in a person's life! We offer a selection of messages to send to your loved ones on their 19th birthday!

19th Birthday Wishes


Your first 18 years of life are due back
You have reached your sell-by date ...

Your 20 years are on order
They should be delivered to you in a year.

In the meantime, enjoy your nineteenth year to the fullest.
A beautiful age of life with a thousand and one opportunities!

Happy 19th birthday to you!!!


19 years old and all your teeth!
Maybe already a few white hairs?
But still as beautiful and friendly

May this entry into your nineteenth year
Be like a sweet poem
Written by all those who love you.

Well, I stop the humor and the poetry!
Approach serenely this new stage of your life !
To be 19 years old is to have all the time to fulfill your desires...

Enjoy yourself young boy full of future !
Enjoy yourself young girl full of future !


Happy birthday my love!

Birthdays that pass are like coins in a piggy bank.
They only serve to make you more precious to my heart.

Happy birthday my treasure!
I love you ...


My child, my heart, my baby

Maybe to the world you are just one person, but to your parents you are the whole world.


On this day of your 19th birthday,
We wanted to give you the most beautiful birthday present,
but no gift will ever equal the one you gave us when you were born!

Happy birthday from your loving mom and dad.
Happy birthday my love treasure


19 years old today young man!

Being 19 years old, they say, is special.
But the one who is special and great is you!
Happy to share this happy event with you,

May life give us many more years
to share together more beautiful moments of friendship!

My best wishes for your 19 years beautiful boy!
Happy birthday my wonderful friend ...


To wish you a happy birthday
To tell you how happy I am to be your friend
To wish you a happy birthday
To thank you for being such a nice person

May this beautiful message of affection
Means my emotion ...
Your 19 years are a little piece of heaven
Paradise to be happy and fulfilled

Happy birthday to you!


On this special day when you are growing up and getting older
I have a heart full of beautiful emotions and memories!

Childhood memories that make this day even more special.
Seeing what you have become today makes me very proud to be your friend.

Good continuation for the continuation...
I wish you a wonderful birthday for your resplendent 19th birthday.

Your childhood friend who is thinking of you on this birthday.
Your childhood friend who thinks of you on this special day... 
I kiss you ....


My son, you are 19 years old today.
Nineteen years that you have embellished my life!
So many memories together shared,
Time spent is love given.

The day you were born, a rebirth for your parents.
Your birthday a beautiful and great event.
You are the happiness of your loving family.
A good man, a boy with great qualities

My son, my child, my boy
No matter what you do, I love you unconditionally.
You are a gift of yesterday and tomorrow
My son, you are my best way.

Young man with a future
To love and cherish you is my pleasure.
Best wishes for your happiness.
Every day in our hearts you sow joy.

Happy birthday my son whom I love
Best wishes of happiness to you of whom I am proud.
Happy birthday full of tenderness.
Keep your beauty and your great wisdom.

This poem of happy birthday to my beloved son
Is a love letter that tells you how much you are loved.
Your parents are proud of you my child.
You are our reason to live, a diamond.

We wish you a beautiful birthday.
Mom and Dad cover you with light.
Big affectionate kisses from your parents.
Find ideas for birthday poems to give!

Fantastic Funny Dirty Birthday Memes for Him - for Her

Dirty Birthday Memes: Time to explore perverted birthday memes! We have prepared a wonderful collection for you. get ready to laugh!

happy birthday i made you a drink - dirty birthday memes

just another year and another wrinkle on the ole nutsack. happy birthday - dirty birthday memes

happy birthday gorgeous! may your birthday cake be moist! - dirty birthday memes

happy birthday - you dirty pirate hooker - dirty birthday memes

happy birthday from david bowe an his bulge - dirty birthday memes

i will find you and i will wish you a happy birthday - dirty birthday memes

soooo... i heard its your birthday! - dirty birthday memes

its your birthday time to put something fun between your legs! - dirty birthday memes

happy birthday you old slutbag - dirty birthday memes

i dont normally do this but happy birthday you magnificent b*tch - dirty birthday memes

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Happy Monday Memes - have a nice week with humour memes!

Happy Monday Memes: Pay attention to these memes to have a Syndrome-free Monday! Mondays have always been tough for everyone, at least once in a while.


have a big coffee! - happy monday memes

when the teacher says, happy monday - happy monday memes

happy friday! wait sorry its monday - happy monday memes

its monday but keep smiling - happy monday memes

happy monday make it a good one! - happy monday memes

todays monday - just roll with it - happy monday memes

smile!! hΔ±rrrr - its monday - happy monday memes

its monday - time to take over the world - happy monday memes

when monday calls.. just to remind you its monday - happy monday memes

ot monday lets do this ! - happy monday memes

Funniest Happy Friday Memes to Send to Friends and Family

Happy Friday Memes - Friday is considered a day when we are happy because we will go on holiday! That's why we have prepared great happy friday memes for you. Have fun.


its friday lets rock! happy friday meme

happy friday meme

i made it.. its finally friday - happy friday meme

its friday baby!! - funny happy friday meme

my happy friday face - hilarius happy friday dog meme

happy friday stay cool - happy friday meme

happy friday everyone - happy friday humour meme

cheers its finally friday! - happy friday meme

we made it! its finally friday - happy friday meme

we have got that! friday feeling - happy friday meme

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18th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages

18th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages: Ah, 18 years old! Coming of age, graduation, higher education, independence, the first job, the right to adult beverages - so many novelties that make this stage of life particularly memorable. The 18th birthday is also the occasion to have a big party with family and friends and to spoil the star of the day. So, how about starting with a nice card with an 18th birthday text? A great way to celebrate your coming of age! 

18th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages

18th Birthday Wishes

I wish you courage to seize all the opportunities that will come your way, and I also wish you the perseverance to live your life to the fullest. Happy 18th birthday.

May your day be the image of your future life: filled with joy, happiness and love! May you receive, on this day, all the gifts you have been longing for, but above all, may you be well surrounded to enter this secret passage that leads to majority. Happy 18th birthday to you!

Welcome to the adult life where everything becomes possible, where dreams are within reach, where freedom is proud to announce the way, where you leave behind your life as a kid to commit to a new tomorrow. Happy birthday, may you be fulfilled and ready to start your beautiful destiny!

What a joy it is to be 18 years old: you've already lived a lot, but you still have everything to live for. The best years are yet to come. I wish you beautiful, joyful, loving, ambitious and warm years! Happy birthday to you!

Great, your childhood is finally behind you... in front of you there are debts, divorce and death. Have a good time. Happy 18th Birthday.

Happy 18th birthday and welcome to adulthood!

May every day of your life be a great celebration like today's. Happy 18th Birthday!

The best years of life are about to begin. Happy 18th birthday!

I wish you a very happy and remarkable 18th birthday!

18th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages

18th Birthday Text Messages

May all your wishes come true and may you always have the courage to pursue your dreams. Happy 18th birthday.

I would like to wish you in all the languages of the world, at any time of the day, in all the conjugations we know, but most of all I would like to hug you for 18 new years and send you 18,000 kisses. Happy birthday to you!

At 18, you've left your childhood behind, you're almost out of your teens, and you've decided to live in abundance! You see yourself already, at the top of the billboard, enjoying the moments that are getting in the way, living the present that is getting stuck, be sure of yourself and of what it implies! I wish you a life full of parties and shows, and a very happy birthday!

Eighteen is a good reason to party. The thing is, the more years go by, the more you party, the more your back will hurt. Happy Birthday!

This is it, the big day has arrived! When you turn 18, you'll finally be able to: get your driver's license, vote, get married, buy an apartment, take legal action, etc. You're coming of age, you're going to live as an adult, you'll have responsibilities, you'll have problems... But no, of course, there are no obligations! The truth is that you don't have to worry, nothing changes unless you decide to. Life offers you more possibilities, the legal age gives you more freedom, but don't forget to take full advantage of your youth, you still have a lot to live and to learn from it. Happy 18th year!

18th Birthday Greetings

17 +1 = 18. This means that you are no longer a teenager. You are a young adult. Happy 18th birthday!

By the looks of it, 18 is a milestone in one's life. It's the age you've been waiting for to finally feel like an adult and considered as such. We are proud to reach the age of majority that we have been told so much about. 18 is a real celebration. I wish you to enjoy this moment, it is unique. I wish you to believe in your dreams, they will make you grow wings. Always do your best, it will be good for you. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to you. You are officially an adult now.

May all your dreams come true! I wish you a happy 18th birthday!

A wonderful life awaits you. A life full of happiness, success and lots of potential! You really deserve the best. Happy 18th birthday!

A birthday is worth celebrating... Even more so the 18th! Big step in the life of a man/woman, the celebration of the 18 years must be worthy of the name. I wish you to celebrate it as it should be, to make the memory of this party memorable, and that this memory accompanies you in your future adult life. You grow up, but never forget where you came from, never forget what the path was. Keep your child's soul, deep inside. Happy Birthday!

A golden age of your life starts from now on. Happy 18th birthday!

Because you can finally say to your parents: "I am of age and vaccinated, so I can do what I want. "Because you can finally go and get a tattoo even if your parents were against it. Because you now have a lot of arguments to annoy your parents! Great, isn't it? Just for that, congratulations and welcome to the world of the majority!

From now on you have to be careful with your every move. You are at the age where your parents can legally stop giving you pocket money.

I'm in the nice position to tell you that you are officially an adult from now on. Happy Birthday!

There is only one rule at the age of eighteen! There are no rules!

I never meant for you to grow up so fast. You were always our baby. Now you are a beautiful young woman. Happy 18th birthday.

Now that you're an adult, you can legally vote. Vote for the right party and happiness will be yours. Just kidding. Happy 18th birthday!

You waited 18 years to become legal. Congratulations and welcome to adulthood.

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17th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages

17th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages - 17 is an important age! It is the last step before adulthood! So it's bound to be a remarkable year. If you can't find the words to write a birthday card, we will help you with our text templates. We have many ideas related to the age of 17. It's up to you to choose the one you like the most. You will find many texts related to the end of childhood, the beginning of adulthood, but also texts full of hope and humor.

17th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages

17th Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Messages

At 17, everything is very fast! So we recommend keeping your birthday message short, with one or two sentences.

Whether it's your son, grandson, daughter, friend or nephew...our messages will be perfect to wish a wonderful birthday to this (almost) grown-up who is celebrating his 17th birthday today!

Last stretch of childhood! In one year, you will be an adult! Take advantage of this last year to remain a child in your mind and heart! Happy Birthday!

Happy 17th birthday. Never forget during this year that you are still a child. In one year you will be an adult forever! Enjoy the sweet joys of childhood and its innocence!

You are 17 years old so enjoy this wonderful year of youth! Every day counts! Happy birthday to you!

It doesn't matter to me that you are 17, that you are soon an adult, that you are growing up so fast, because to me you will always be my beloved little boy! I love you so much. Happy Birthday to you!

As you begin your last year of absolute freedom, I would like to wish you a happy birthday and to enjoy life as much as possible!

It is rare to see a 17 year old have as much maturity as a much older adult. You are truly an exceptional person. I love you so much. Happy Birthday my darling.

As you stand on the borderline between childhood and adulthood, I would like you to always remember that it was your personality and your ambitions that made you the amazing person you are today! I love you with all my heart. Your mom.

Birthday text message to a 17 year old girlfriend

My friend, aged on this day of seventeen years!

With this little note, I want to introduce you to my friendship wishes.

May this day of celebration be the first of a wonderful life!

All the best to you my fabulous friend.

One year away from your majority, you are beautiful and so responsible.

May no worries or difficulties of life

Don't put a grain of sand

In your life, which I hope will be filled with immense joy!

Happy 17 birthday text to a boy friend

My big buddy who is getting a little older today.

I send you these few words of friendship

To wish you a happy birthday!

You are a good guy, a wonderful friend!

May this day of celebration be beautiful and unique!

Friendly kisses to my best friend!

Text of wishes to a friend

On this festive day, you must have received dozens of sms.

So here is an original message made of humor and friendship!

A tender birthday poem written with sincerity!

Words from a friend who wishes you with delicacy

Only happiness and love in spades...

Happy birthday text message to your boyfriend

Today is the birthday of my little cute rabbit!

The birthday of a wonderful and good man!

To whom I send my birthday wishes of love.

Tender text message telling him that being his sweetheart makes me so proud.

Big loving kisses to my darling boyfriend.

Your girlfriend in love with you who loves you endlessly.

Happy birthday text to his girlfriend

Today is the birthday of my beautiful goddess!

For her birthday, I offer her sweet caresses.

I tell her that I love her with respect and wisdom.

She is my wife, what shall I say? My princess!

Best wishes to the love of my life!

A beautiful girl, my darling that everyone envies me.

Happy birthday I love you madly my love!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

16th Birthday Wishes, Messages, Greetings - Happy 16th Birthday

16th Birthday Wishes, Messages, Greetings - Happy 16th Birthday - Great text ideas to wish a happy birthday to a girl or boy turning 16!

16 is a very interesting age. Not yet an adult, not a child at all, at this age have valuable and enriching experiences for the future. That's why Americans call it "Sweet sixteen".

16th Birthday Wishes, Messages, Greetings - Happy 16th Birthday

If you want to wish a happy birthday to your son, daughter, best friend, nephew...we suggest you find the perfect text to send by card, email or sms!

You'll find messages full of humor, love, wit...that will please a teenager who is turning 16 today!

Happy 16th Birthday Wishes

Toys, stuffed animals, lollipops, braids...all that is over!

Now it's time for makeup, fashion accessories, high-tech products...and boys!

Welcome to your 16th year!

Happy birthday to you!


It's been 16 years since a beautiful star shines in our lives.

Your inner and outer light illuminates our days and nights!

We love you very much and wish you a very happy birthday!


At 16 there are so many incredible things waiting for you

At 16, life is in front of you and opens its arms to you

At 16, how can you not be enthusiastic about the beauties of life

What a wonderful age!

Enjoy every moment and every second!

Happy birthday to you!


Happy birthday to the most wonderful and unique person in the world...You!


Even if the years go by (and even accelerate), make sure you don't grow up too fast! Enjoy this sweet youth and have fun with it! Happy 16th birthday!


It's time to put on your sunglasses, open the convertible top, let your hair down and turn up the music! Let's go shopping with the girls...because at 16, you can finally learn to drive... !

...Shit, I forgot that it was the accompanied driving !

Happy birthday anyway!


Happy birthday to you! You're finally going to find out what's behind all the shows, movies and video games that are forbidden to under 16s! Happy birthday to you!


I can't believe that yesterday you were still my little chick! Today, at 16, you have become a handsome, confident young man! I wish you all the best in your sixteenth year! Your mother who loves you!


The most beautiful flower in the world does not belong to a famous tropical greenhouse or to the Amazonian forest! No, it belongs to our family and it has the sweet name of "First Name". It has been 16 years now that it embellishes and colors our lives! Happy birthday my dear!


You have grown into a wonderful young man, full of qualities! We couldn't be more proud of you! May this 16th birthday be extraordinary and memorable!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Long Romantic Birthday Wishes - Phrases - Greetings for Wife

Birthday Messages and Phrases for a Wife: If you are looking for the most beautiful birthday phrases and messages for a wife I have to tell you that you have come to the right website, because in this article you will find the best birthday greetings for a wife from all over the Internet.

Long Romantic Birthday Wishes - Phrases - Greetings for Wife

Long Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

Congratulations my wife on turning another year older. I wish you much success in your life, may all your wishes be fulfilled and may life offer you more of what you deserve.


Happy birthday wife! I hope you have a great time. You know you can count on my support and remember I will always be there by your side, I wish you also much prosperity and have a very happy very beautiful day.


Dear wife, I want you to have a wonderful day, together with all the people who love you. You can always count on my support. I will always love you.


Thank you for being the best wife any man could have. You are a faithful friend, a good woman and an excellent mother, I wish you today a lot of health and happiness, may all your wishes come true and a very happy birthday dear wife.


To have found such a beautiful and kind woman like you is the best thing that could have happened to me in this life. Have a beautiful happy birthday my wife, I love you forever.


I wish you the best day of your life. As it is so special for you, I prepared many surprises and you will have a great time with all your friends and family. I love you and may you continue to have many more happy years, CONGRATULATIONS WIFE!


Today is a very special big day for the person I love and adore the most. I wish you the best of this world, lots of happiness and health, may you spend your birthday today celebrating in style.


Enjoy more years of life! I heartily wish you have a nice and beautiful birthday wife, I love you with all my heart.


Thank you for being the best wife in the world. Today on your special day I want to wish you my biggest congratulations, I hope your wishes are fulfilled and that you continue having many more years. Happy birthday wife of my heart.


I am really pleased to be with you, thank you for being my life partner, I hope you enjoy this special day with all of us who love you. Congratulations to my wife that I love so much.


I fell in love with you because in my mind I thought you were the most beautiful woman I have ever known in this world. Therefore, I thank the universe for giving me the joy of spending another birthday with you. May you have a very happy birthday, wife.


My wife, I wish you the best of your days but what better thing can I wish you than everything you already have. You have health, beauty and my love. Happy birthday, my dear wife.


On this special day I want to wish you the best of your birthdays with all those people who love you so much. Thank you for giving me all your love and unconditional support. Therefore, remember that I will always be there to support you in everything you need, just as you have done with me.


Wife, I wish you the best of success. May God fill you with health and bring you much more joy and happiness, have a beautiful day. Happy birthday my wife I love you.


Today I am very pleased to have found such a good, humble, loving and perfect person as you are. Thank you for always transmitting me all your happiness, for making my mornings happier and my days livelier. Congratulations to my dear wife.


My life, I wish you the best, remember that I will always love you. Today on your birthday I have prepared a surprise for you that I want to share with you and show you all the love I feel for you. Happy birthday to my wife!


I wish you on this special day a beautiful happy birthday, dear wife.


None of the birthday words for my wife that I can dedicate to you, would be enough to truly describe all the love I feel for you. I love you with all my heart.


On your special day I come to wish you many congratulations wife, may you enjoy this day with all your family and loved ones, may you have many more years to come!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

40+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Male Friend from a Female

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Male Friend from a Female: A good friend is having a birthday but you don't know how to congratulate him/her? Don't worry, because here you will find a list of birthday greetings for a friend that can help you wish him the best on his day - Happy Birthday Wishes for a Male Friend from a Female.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Male Friend from a Female

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Male Friend from a Female

It is the birthday of a great man, who has awakened in me great affection and admiration. It's your birthday, my friend, and I only pray to God that you have a wonderful day, and that all your wishes come true. Happy birthday!


Dear friend, I want you to know how happy I am to know that today is your birthday. I hope that life will allow you to continue adding years to your calendar and that I will have the joy of being by your side to share extraordinary moments with you.


A friend is a treasure, and I have found the most valuable of all, for I am fortunate to call you "friend". May God bless our friendship and allow us to share more special moments together. Happy birthday to you!


Happy birthday to you! May today be a great day and may you find a new reason to smile every second.


My great soul friend, what a joy to celebrate with you such an important date as your birthday. I hope you enjoy it to the fullest and that this is just one of the many moments we will celebrate together. Happy Birthday!


There is no doubt that I am lucky, because I have found the best friend I could have ever imagined. Happy birthday, my friend! I appreciate you very much.


Today, I want to tell you how much I love you and how important you are to me, because it is your birthday and there is no better occasion to celebrate such a special friend. Happy Birthday!


Because you have been with me through thick and thin, and you have never turned your back on me, today I wish that all the happiness in the world invades your soul and that all your dreams come true. Congratulations, my friend!


A friend like you is not easy to find and that's why I consider myself a lucky man, because having your friendship is the best gift anyone could have given me. Happy Birthday!


Friend, today we celebrate another year in your life and we do it with the greatest joy, for no one deserves more joy and happiness than you. Let's celebrate!


Happy birthday, dear friend. May God give you lots of health so that you continue to walk the path of life with good footing and conquer all the goals you may have. A hug


Friend is a very valuable word that not everyone has the fortune to say and hear, but I am fortunate because I count on your friendship. Happy Birthday, my friend!


My soul friend, my compadre and my brother has a birthday today, and I want to wish you a sea of well-being, love and health, so that you may have a long and prosperous life. Congratulations!


Because a good friend like you deserves a happy birthday, today I extend my best wishes and congratulations to you. happy birthday!


I want to wish a happy birthday to an extraordinary man who in such a short time gained my trust and appreciated me, to the point of considering him more than a friend, a brother. happy birthday!


Finding birthday words for a friend like you is not an easy task, because there are so many things I would like to tell you and wish you, that any sentence would fall short. So, I'll just thank you for being so special and pray to heaven that you have a great day. Happy Birthday!


Dear friend, I want you to know that I am proud of all that you have achieved and how far you have come, and that in my chest there is no room for the satisfaction I feel when talking about our friendship. I wish you a happy birthday and may all your dreams come true.


What a joy to be able to celebrate another year with you, dear friend. You don't know how happy I am to be in your company and to be able to spend quality time with you. I wish you to enjoy this day very much and to keep the gift of our friendship forever. A hug.


On this wonderful day, I would like to give you back a little of all the love you have given me. That is why I am sending you this greeting and a big hug, so that you will always remember that this good friend always has you in mind. Happy Birthday!


I have never been one to have many friends, but the truth is that I don't care, because having you, I feel well repaid. Happy birthday, my soul friend!


On your birthday, I want to wish you a wonderful evening and, more importantly, a life full of success and goals accomplished. Happy birthday, dear friend! You deserve all the best.


Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such a good and special friend like you, and even though I can't find an answer, I never stop giving thanks for having found you and for having earned your valuable friendship. Happy Birthday!


We have been friends for so many years that I can hardly remember when we met, but if there is one thing I will never forget, it is all those special moments we have spent together that have brought me so much happiness. Happy birthday, best friend!


Every time I think of our friendship, I wish my children could find an equal one, because having a friend is always a blessing, and even more so if it is someone like you, whom I value for his big heart. Happy birthday, friend!


How fortunate I am to have a friend like you and how happy I am to be able to celebrate with you so many important dates and moments, which I know we will remember when we get old. Happy birthday!


On your birthday, I want to wish you happiness, love and health in abundance, so that you will always find well-being and enjoy the miracle of being alive. Happy birthday, my friend!


Even though we don't have the same blood, I want you to know that you are like a brother to me and I hope that when my children are born, you will allow them to call you "uncle". Happy birthday, my friend! I adore you with my soul.


Dear friend, I send you my most sincere tokens of affection on your birthday, so that you know that, even in the distance, I will always remember you and wish the best for you. Happy birthday to you.


Let's toast with joy, because it is the birthday of the best friend who gave me life. Congratulations! Here's to many more years.


Despite the distance, I never forget you, dear friend, for someone like you is always worth remembering. Happy birthday!


A friend like you is not found everywhere, and that's why I want to make sure you are always happy, not just today, but every day of your life. happy birthday!


Happy birthday to my childhood friend, with whom I learned to ride a bike and with whom I used to sit and do homework at school. Today we are a couple of men and nothing makes me happier than knowing that our friendship will always last. happy birthday!


There is no other like you in the world and for that, I feel proud and lucky to be able to call myself "your friend". Happy Birthday!


On your birthday, I want to take the opportunity to tell you how grateful I am to life for having put you in my path, and how much the gift of your friendship means to me. I wish you an amazing day and that everything you ask for comes true.


Dear friend, I know I always tell you but today it is worth remembering, you are amazing! I wish for you much happiness and that everything you can ask from life, will be granted to you at the perfect time. happy birthday!


My friend, today you complete another lap around the sun and what a joy to be by your side to celebrate such a wonderful moment. May the universe give you all the best and may you always be that being of light that illuminates everyone. Congratulations!


Because you are a wonderful man with a heart of gold, I ask God to bless you and to multiply your years of life so that you may continue to make us happy with your magnificent presence. Happy birthday!


My dear friend, so many anecdotes that we have and those that we still have to build. I hope life is enough to add millions of moments that bring us happiness and make us value more this precious friendship. Happy Birthday!


I want to wish you the best on your birthday and tell you that, no matter what happens, you will always count on me, not only as your friend, but also as your brother. Happy Birthday!


The special day of that friend I love so much has arrived, and I can only think of sending him my good wishes and a sincere hug to remind him how much I love him.


Happy birthday to you! May you enjoy your day in the company of your family and friends, and may you receive lots of gifts to remind you how special you are. I love you so much.


You don't know how lucky I feel to have such a good friend like you, because I know that true friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand and that it is not always possible to find them. I, for one, have you, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't celebrate your life and your friendship. Happy Birthday!


The best and most beautiful birthday words for a friend I love, because it's his birthday and he deserves to receive lots of love and attention. Congratulations, my friend!


What I like most about our friendship is that we have a good time without needing much, because we don't need a lot of money or luxuries to enjoy good times. Happy birthday, friend!birthday wishes for a male friend from a female

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