Birthday Wishes For Sailors

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Birthday Wishes For Sailors

We wish you happy holidays as a sailor and dear people and always enough wind, because in times of drought it will be difficult to move forward! The same applies in principle to life, because without external force it is difficult to remain flexible. happy birthday

We wish you all the best, a beautiful new year and of course always a hand's breadth of water under the keel! happy birthday


As a sailor you know exactly how to deal with adversity: When the wind comes from the front, you cross it; when he becomes particularly strong and gusty, you will catch the sails; and in a lull you wait patiently. Symbolically, everything fits perfectly with life itself! In this spirit, we wish you all the best, at sea and on land!


Stay calm, even when the wind is turning, and use it to get you up to speed - it's your ally, even if it does not look that way sometimes. In this sense, congratulations to your birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Sailors

When sailing, you feel the life very clearly: The wind makes you aware that the earth is spinning, and the waves represent the good and bad phases. Use the forces of nature for your benefit! So you will not break the course and run into the next port.


We wish you all the best for your next year and for your upcoming sailing trips, favorable winds and interesting port cities, nice sailing friends and a working sailboat!


For a real sailor, capsizing is not the end, just a temporary imbalance. So in case of doubt, stay calm and set up your boat so it can go on!


We call you congratulations on your birthday, even if you are almost back on board your sailing ship and can hardly bear it on land!


"Good luck"

We know, you love the sea,

are always attracted to the water,

you feel comfortable there, in Luv and Lee

and love the wind, the waves and the waves!

That's why we did not search long,

it is not much to wish for us

We wish you "Mast and bulkhead breakage" -

and of course always a "handful of water under the keel!"


The first sip of Neptune

Above all, we wish you a happy birthday

that your lifeboat always stays on course,

whether it's good to lure in or drop off -

You should always know where the wind takes you!

Even if the sails sometimes kill

and if the boat sometimes gets sick -

when wind and waves play with you,

where your fate often hangs,

Neptune's protection that he may always accompany you,

when storm and waves make pressure -

so always pay attention to the tides -

and never forget the maneuvering swallow!


Hard on the wind

He is always upright at the bow and stern

may the storm still hurt so much,

as once Capt'n Claas Störtebeker -

he is always on course, the captain!

He does not want to give way to any weather lights,

he also gets the lines tight,

he will never paint the sails

and also he does not think about capsizing!

We wish the birthday child

never miss a storm warning -

and he often sails hard on the wind -

he should never go down!


Your crew

Above all, we wish you a happy birthday

May you always succeed in every maneuver,

whether a neck or a turn,

it always has a happy ending!

You do not control your boat alone

and drop your sails

or is the drift too big,

still make the lines go,

because we as a crew never allow

that you are in danger of an accident!

We always help you to navigate

or to correct your course

we hoist, pick, rescue, fieren -

The main thing, you can maneuver!

Your crew is always with you,

how high the waves are,

we like to serve you as a tender

or, if need be, as a fender -

we stand in every weather

reliable aft - behind you!

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