Birthday Wishes For Doctors, Birthday Cards For Doctors

Birthday Wishes For Doctors - Doctors are always there for us and for our health and sometimes even put the well-being of their fellow humans above their own. At least they can accept a thank you - or a happy birthday. Because if we are not feeling well again, we are grateful for the birth of a clever doctor! In addition, he will certainly be pleased when he is put on the spot by his patients and medical assistants on his day of honor. happy birthday wishes in medical language, birthday cards for doctors, happy birthday doctor funny, birthday wishes in medical language, happy birthday doctor images, birthday wishes for medical student, happy birthday doctor cake, happy birthday doctor greeting cards

Birthday Wishes For Doctors

Birthday Wishes For Doctors

Have a birthday, believe me,

is the best way

and a true miracle cure

against stress in a white coat.

Chocolate cake instead of tablets

and champagne instead of cough syrup -

that gives you, let's just bet,

new strength for everything.

birthday wishes for doctors

birthday wishes for doctors

So I wish you with all my heart,

that you are at all the drudgery

sometimes have time, glad to joke;

enjoy life - take a break!

"Celebrate until the doctor comes" -

the saying is true,

but since you have today's birthday,

this rule is void.

Instead of the little word "to,"

there is a "because" needed -

Because you are a doctor! Drum I seal

until my skull smokes

and wish you, despite the semantics

and this long lyre,

that tonight the bubbly flows

at your great celebration!

You are the demigod at the bedside

and many patients find you nice:

That's why I wish you today

even more such people,

they make up for the rest quite easily!

You are celebrating your day of honor

and because I like you so much,

I wish you three things today

for medicine:

A practice, big and nice

with waiting room and skeleton,

which belongs to you all alone

and nobody bothers you.

In addition, private patients

with a lot of money and high pensions,

which frees you from pain

and then she points to bed.

And lastly, though

missing to the whole of one,

but I think, you already have it:

Enjoy the profession.

birthday wishes for doctors

birthday wishes for doctors

"Happy Birthday", we sing

and raise our beer,

bottled in a beaker -

that fits better than a measure.

There are chips from the kidney shell;

There were many parties,

but there is not everywhere

a medicine ball!

That's why we want to write here:

As you are, you must stay,

clever and conscientious -

a true doctor of passion,

full of humor and joy,

yes, we wish you all the best!

You are a really nice guy

and great lifesaver;

Birthday you have today

and me and all the people,

we wish you from the heart

(and that, without joking)

A pretty steep career,

so completely without a barrier.

It does not matter if the bile pinches me,

if the flu bothers me,

the blood values ​​go crazy,

or the stomach gnaws,

my doctor, he always listens

and knows the medicine,

I'll get well with him in no time,

he can do it again.

That's why, because he has a birthday,

I wrote him this poem,

he is a man of advice and action,

and I do not want to miss it.

Doctor knows my Zipperlein

and knows the medicine

and my wife doctor all alone,

she'll get me back.

It is Mrs. Doctor who recognizes

from afar any patient,

she knows every life story,

listen and do not judge.

Doctor is celebrating her birthday,

I congratulate,

because no doctor else I like,

and for no one else I'm tight '.

Dear, good veterinarian,

if a doctor like you would not be,

then the animals would have to invent him,

for spraying, auscultation, bonding.

And whether poodle, hamster or hare,

for everyone and everyone you have a nose,

the animals feel who they really like

Happy Birthday.

birthday wishes for doctors

birthday wishes for doctors

They would not be good for a long time,

my tired, old eyes,

would not be a specialist,

who misses those eyes.

I do not want to write long,

it should stay with a few lines,

only congratulations, in fact,

the best ophthalmologist of our city.

He has already seen so much

so many he saw already go,

and he always encourages everyone

Our doctor is kind hearted.

Many times he was ill himself

and has wavered with fatigue,

has always plagued us,

not complained about it for a word.

For my birthday, I wish you a happy birthday

a nice holiday, and very far away.

When nobody is there anymore

and if no man loves you,

It's the doctor who does not forget

that there is you on earth.

And today, I do not forget

that the doctor has his birthday,

a basket of powerful weight

Thank you for every action.

The diagnosis of the symptoms for next year shows

that the status praesens is coming to an end.

The etiology is a definite alcohol penie

which can be solved with a therapy in the circle of friends.

Therefore congratulations you genius

and that the lifesaver industry leaves you a little privacy left.

I wish you an extirpation of the worries

and a transplant of your wishes,

still hidden,

lie in your innermost

and hopefully be fulfilled before they fly away.

My definite prognosis is a cheerful diagnosis,

if you have a leather pants for the next visit

in the patient,

Therefore, a happy birthday

with this little post,

and that you think more about yourself next year.

In these unhealthy days

you have to endure a lot,

that's why it's often the Doctor's neck,

because the patients say one thing and only promise to behave well,

as the doctor thinks fit.

Therefore it is better with you, if one does not count the years,

because you already have more than you think.

I hope that next year your cholesterol level lowers,

and now is poured for your birthday.

May the exitus to your patient not hurry so much

and that they will stay for a long time under your successes.

We all appreciate your encephalon,

although you do not have enough pay

for your constant insomnia

due to the professional medical history.

We all feel deep sympathy and gratitude towards you for serving the good of humanity.

May today's euphoria

hold for a long time and we will give you pleasure with our gifts.

Do not let the alcohol hit the Gaster so hard today,

because tomorrow there are again patients who gave their fate into your hands,

and perhaps endure the foetor with melancholy.

I hope the birthday was good, and now that you're older,

deny new victories with much courage.

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