Birthday Wishes For Chemistry Teacher

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Birthday Wishes For Chemistry Teacher

Birthday Bouquet comes into the vase,

completely without acid, without base,

only with the fresh H2O,

he will spoil anyway.

You do not age with half-life,

you are still ready to react,

do not even need a catalysis,

how many times the younger vegetables.

Nobody looks at your age

You exothermic beamman.


Your whole beautiful CV

looks really pretty chemical.

Been an atom in the beginning,

could not write, not even read.

As a youthful radical

you quickly went to the mate choice.

As a molecule with your wife,

Then you went to the house.

As the first small polymer

your child arrived quickly.

and then another atom,

this is called chain reaction.

Your life is in balance

and so far what it promises.

So be your next year,

as exothermic as it was last.

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

Your new year of life has as many phenomena as the sulfur on heating, be as energetic as a detonating gas reaction, be as productive as a polymerization and help you to remember that the law of conservation of mass also applies to epicurean delights.


Disorder belongs to life, is called chemically entropy,

but your birthday hangs very clean on my old kitchen wall,

because I never want to forget it and always be with you mentally,

so be embraced by good friends and drink this good wine.


Forget the sulfates today,

and remember that I'm waiting,

forget the reagent

and make yourself a nice Lenz

we want to party properly today

without smell of rotten eggs.


Even with Liebig and Bohr,

came the festival "birthday",

then did not like obsessed,

sat in the lab.

Your celebration will start soon,

let the chemicals wait,

for the innermost of the world,

It's also ordered without you.


What do only the elements do

Are you going to retire soon?

You will surely be alone,

to be happy about reactions.

We are looking forward to your party

and that you do not let us wait.

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