Birthday Wishes For Bikers [Motorcycle Riders]

Birthday Wishes For Bikers - Bikers are usually friendly contemporaries who enjoy life in their own way. Togetherness and helpfulness are among the qualities that distinguish bikers and appreciate them. As relaxed as her attitude to life, which she prefers to pursue on the saddle of her beloved machine, her dealings with fellow human beings are also evident. That's why bikers are such lovely contemporaries who deserve to be congratulated on their birthday. birthday wishes for bike riders, happy birthday biker quotes, funny birthday wishes for motorcycle riders, happy birthday biker style, birthday wishes for a motorcyclist, happy birthday motorcycle rider, happy birthday motorcycle graphics, happy birthday biker pictures

Birthday Wishes For Bikers

Birthday Wishes for Bikers

Polishing and screwing

belongs to your faith.

With the motorcycle on tour

you stay clean in the track.

Drive carefully without hurry

and stay awhile

in the beautiful places of this world

So we ordered for you

good luck and always an angel

who protects you, you little scamp.

Birthday Wishes For Bikers

In the spring comes the fast time

and then it is not far away.

Until you are back in the saddle

and sweat in the summer.

Then you take a short rest

because you do not need hurry.

That's why we want to congratulate you

and decorate this cake nicely.

With roads, bikes and a beer

we wish you all the best.

Bikers are not always racers

The carburetor also blares.

So you only ever drive with protection

sometimes lies in the dirt.

Must screw and repair

Polish your bike nicely too.

You're at home on the street

but take a break.

Sit down with us

we sing you birthday songs.

Motorcycles rush past us

Swap cars for two-wheelers.

Then it's time again

and you are ready.

With helmet and thick gulf

Do you hear how the street is calling.

Swing yourself on your machine

whizzes around like a bee.

But today you take a break

because there is a big break.

We celebrate your day today

because everyone likes you so much.

Happy Birthday to You

and just not too much courage.

Motorcycles flashing

Bikers sweat the doll.

Sitting on the cool wheels

their jackets are leathery.

Hard guys with a soft core

we like you so much.

We wish you a pleasant journey

paired with happiness and joy too.

Be happy and always cheerful

then the journey continues safely.

Happy Birthday

and also a piece of the cake.

Take care and stay calm

because then you have already won.

You should steer the machine safely

and also think about your health.

Drum shut down the gas

and sit down in the green grass.

Stop the machine on the way

and see how it goes on.

Because in life there are many paths

drum is not always straight.

You always had the tiger in the tank,

you are big as a bear, a real cupboard;

a man who only lives for his machine,

quaked under every highway.

"Harley" and "Davidson" make you happy

this also applies to beer and gasoline

from here to Mexico you are the star

in any biker bar.

That's why I wish you a happy birthday

on the street, now and here,

because there is, I would say it,

no better place for one

with motor oil smeared kiss:

Give full throttle, boy, until the end.

Do you hear the loud engines sing?

So, the birthday must sound for you;

I wish you hereby

always good ride,

fly free on big, fast wings.

You are truly not a peaceful angel,

but rather a really hellish villain:

With the motorcycle you drive through the streets,

love the extreme and do not like moderation,

have already done so many a long trip

and neighbors enlivened with booming noise.

And as a biker you are often quite tough -

we know, if you want, then you can also tender;

you are kind and sweet and a real friend,

as you do not even dream it secretly.

Happy Birthday! We wish: stay the way you are,

because you are a person whom you never forget.

"Motorcyclists pollute the air

and anyone who is a biker is also a scoundrel ";

people like to talk like that

you realize: you never knew you!

Because you are a great guy, so we wish you

a glorious life - in biker style.

The exhausts are smoking,

the starter hums,

the brakes that are hissing,

the engine that hums:

You love the machine,

the loud thunder rumbling

like an avalanche

and always rolling.

Your life is to rush -

we wish you that,

now where we feast here

with pizza and beer -

yes, it should race like motorized

and hopefully you will come then

in everything you ever dreamed of

successful and happy!

It's your birthday and just celebrate it

with a nice and long motorcycle tour;

we wish you luck,

come back, heal

and otherwise: enjoy life pure!

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