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Birthday Wishes for 11 Years old Children - Happy birthday 11-year-old

Birthday Wishes for 11 Years old Children - Happy birthday 11-year-old - For the 11th birthday you can congratulate a boy or girl with a birthday card, but nowadays you can also send a WhatsApp message or a mail a lot of Facebook or a picture using Instagram. Most children at the age of 11 now have a smartphone and can also handle the Internet, have a Facebook profile and a WhatsApp account. Thus, there are many ways to wish an eleven year old child a happy birthday. For all these options, here are presented sayings, short texts, formulations for cards and images that contain birthday greetings and show beautiful motifs on the theme of cradle feast. All wishes and sayings images are free for private use. They are suitable for friends and best friend, for grandchildren, godchild, nephews and nieces and for classmates. One should formulate sayings with wishes for 11th birthday naturally child-friendly, so that 11-year-olds can understand what is wished. With the rating function, one can mark each entry positively or negatively and thus provide orientation for other readers who are looking for a nice congratulation.

Birthday Wishes for 11 Years old Children - Happy birthday 11-year-old

Congratulations 11th birthday for boys

Boys and girls are already clearly distinguished from each other at the age of 11. Boys like to play soccer and are louder and wilder at this age. One usually congratulates a male child at the age of 11 differently than a female one. For this reason, here you can find special formulations of congratulations for boys on their 11th birthday. You can send them to your own friend, write them in the card of a classmate or congratulate your grandson or nephew with them. In any case, the texts are written so that boys in this age group will understand them without any problems.

On your 11th birthday, I wish my best friend all the best and that you succeed in everything you set out to do in your new year of life. Happy Birthday!

I am the proudest grandma in the world for the sweetest grandson anyone could ask for. You may not want to hear that you are sweet, but to me you will always be my little treasure. Happy Birthday!

Happy 11th birthday to you! A few more years and you'll be just as big as me. As a godmother, I have to tell you that I am especially proud of you for doing so well in school and always being kind and adorable.

Today you can forget about school and homework and devote yourself entirely to the birthday cake, gifts, guests and your birthday party. I wish you incredible fun and that you will always remember this day with pleasure. Happy Birthday!

I wish you for your 11th birthday that all your wishes come true and you get everything you would like to have. you deserve it!

Sometimes you are a little angel, sometimes rather a little brat. But always you are my treasure, whom I love very much. Happy 11th birthday to you.

Image with wishes for 11th birthday for a boy in cartoon style. The background shines in rich red tones, on it you can see various symbols that you know from comics. In the thought cloud you lie the big 11 as age number and the smaller birthday greeting.

I send my little superhero very dear greetings for his 11th birthday and wish you endless fun with your friends. Happy Birthday!

Happy 11th birthday to you. I wish you for your new year of life that you have a lot of success at school, that you get a lot of great presents today and that all your friends are with you today to celebrate your birthday.

Congratulations 11th birthday for girls

Congratulating a girl on her 11th birthday is a little different. With boys, it's not cool to cuddle them or write them that you love them very much. Girls are more emotional even at this age. Therefore, below are many congratulations and phrases for greetings for the 11th birthday for girls, which are also suitable for birthday cards, but of course you can also use them in online messages, in birthday cards and in other forms of congratulations for the child's birthday. Also these wishes for girls are free and may also be sent to the granddaughter, niece or godchild, best friend or classmate who turns 11.

Happy 11th birthday, my little princess. I wish you that this day should come for you with lots of fun and joy and with many great gifts.

My opinion is: every 11-year-old girl should have her own pony, right? Now we just have to convince mom and dad.... happy 11th birthday, my little amazon.

Today you turn 11 and you are almost a teenager, but for me you will always be my little treasure, because I am the proudest grandmother in the world. I hope you like my gift for you.

I congratulate you very much on your 11th birthday. I wish you that today will be the first day of a great year, in which you will get many good grades at school, in which you will have even more fun with your friends and in which you will have many great adventures. Happy Birthday!

I send you my warmest greetings from the bottom of my heart and congratulate you on your special day. You only turn 11 once in your life, so celebrate today especially with your friends.

Also, the 11th birthday is the first day of a 365 day journey of the earth around the sun. Enjoy the next round and have a special time today. Best wishes!

This birthday cake is accompanied by a banner that reads 11th birthday. The background is blue, the cake with pink and white especially suitable for girls. The motif is particularly suitable to congratulate on the birthday, because such a baked product does not require any special explanation on this day.

You have brought so much joy and fun into our lives that today we want to thank you very much for that. We wish you all the happiness in the world for your 11th birthday and that the next 11 years will be just as great as the first.

I wish you that you get many great, small and big surprises on your 11th birthday today and that all your wishes that you had on this day come true.

For your 11th birthday I send you lots of hugs and a kiss and wish you the most amazing time of your life. Happy Birthday!

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