Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Artist

Explore amazing Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Artist

Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Artist

A thousand greetings to your birthday,

I wish you a thousand years

Thousands of great vernissages

and a thousand on paper,

a thousand zealous patrons,

all very submissive and rich,

a thousand art ideas, beautiful,

a thousandfold luck, now!

Thousand are roaring your days,

change everything, just not you,

the situation is constantly changing

just not this: I LIKE YOU!

Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Artist


For your birthday I wish you everything and nothing ... everything you want and nothing that displeases you! Happy Birthday !

I am really happy to be here today by your side. Music, cakes and whipped cream to party. Full of stars and bells to wish you happy years. These words come out right from the heart and I wish you a birthday that is all the rage!

I want you to know that the ONLY people to whom I send greeting cards for their birthday are attractive, intelligent and incredibly sexy people ...

Do not celebrate the time that passes but spend your time feasting. Happy Birthday !!!

You're not old, you're vintage! happy Birthday !

The number of years is of no importance, what matters is to have as much as possible ... and if time runs away, it is better to flee with him.

If you want to be happy for a day, choose a meeting. Happy for a week, chose a lover. Happy for a lifetime, keep me as a friend! Happy Birthday !


I wish you a year with a thousand smiles. I wish you a year with a thousand opportunities. I wish you a year with a thousand emotions. All my best wishes for your birthday.

For your birthday I wanted to offer you something unique, extraordinary, great ... and then I thought it better not to lock myself in a gift package. All my wishes !

I remember your birthday, but not your age ... you see I'm a good friend! Happy Birthday !

It's a day not to be forgotten because today someone was born exceptional that's why I wanted to wish you a birthday in an exceptional way! All my wishes !

Happy birthday to a person extremely brilliant, remarkably refined, very attractive and especially incredibly ... credulous!

Open your hands, close your fingers, happy birthday to you.

It seems that wisdom comes with age ... See? You do not have all the signs of old age yet! Happy Birthday !

Enjoy this anniversary because you will never be so young, but be careful because you have never been so old until now. All my wishes !

One year more ? Do not panic ! You still seem young enough to pretend to be only thirty-nine years old ... and thus avoid quarantine. Happy Birthday !

I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday and I think I have arrived there; I hope it will be a great unforgettable day ... happy birthday.

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