Amazing Birthday Wishes for Musicians

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Birthday Wishes for Musicians

Curtain up, pretend four,

Happy Birthday!

Your timing is always wonderful,

even with (age)!

Amazing Birthday Wishes for Musicians

We celebrate you in minor and major

in happy intervals!

We groove and we swing

you will like it!

There are still many, many sets

up to your "Final Curtain",

We still need your talent,

from which everyone already heard!

Whether jazz, whether swing, whether classical,

It's rock'n'roll with you!

We wish you the best

and that it should stay that way for a long time!


The good thing about rock stars:

They never get old!

You always stay child!

That is the reason

why we today

are at your party!

You celebrate your birthday

and we are in,

Age is just a number

Fourth Quarter, six-eighth,

give the beat you!

How are you, you always know!

We are your friends

and are your fans,

Your audience and your band!

Play again for us,

rock the house with us

until the public order yawns!


How much does your mother have?

Wanted a decent job for you?

But you became a musician.

You have less money than us.

You have no security.

You have no idea what your day will look like tomorrow.

You get up late every day

and stay away until the night.

God, are you good!

Can we exchange?


Aging is a song

in minor, major, major, minor.

When's it going off, when it's quiet

nobody tells you in advance.

You can play your life like a song,

You decide what sounds when!

There are chords and sheet music,

but you decide who sings what and when!

Your life is a colorful song,

please play many verses!

You decide what your life plays,

like the chords, many things are open.

Aging is a song

with bars and intervals.

Not every sound needs it

fell with a bang!


Music makes you sexy,

Music makes you famous

Music makes you special,

Music is fun,

Music leads together,

but above all, music keeps you young!

So you have every chance

to be twenty forever!

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