Sunday, May 16, 2021

60th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Best 60th B-day Messages For Mom

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60th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Best 60th B-day Messages For Mom

 If you had not seen the light of the world 60 years ago, 

That would be, no doubt, God's greatest mishap.

The worst misfortune concerning me, that much would be lost to me,

Security and your love, I would not even have been born!

Therefore, I wish the best, the best and the only true

Mom, and much, much, in the next 60 years!

60th birthday wishes for mother

60th birthday wishes for mother

Dear Mom, 60 years! I still can not believe it!

How should that fit with your nature and your being?

So young and beautiful in heart and spirit;

So fresh and strong in the chest and groin;

Never would I have thought that years can be hidden!

Dear Mom, 60 years! I still can not believe it!

Should not be dusty in the living room at the age of 60?

In the rocking chair with good wine;

And a book for a good appearance;

No trace of your way of life can allow such conclusions!

Dear Mom, 60 years old, you probably do not believe that yourself!

Not a single proof to you, who speaks for the hypothesis!

60th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Best 60th B-day Messages For Mom

Are you 60 years old? Traces left only,

60 springs and summer, with flowers and sunshine!

No autumn foggy fog, no winter snowfall speaks,

From your warm, calm eyes and your gentle face.

Neither darkness nor cold, hide in your heart,

Because the bright sun laughs out of that, along with 60 little sparklers!

Who will be 60 today,

and who is the only true,


My mum!

Is the only true,

Answer only, to this question!

60th birthday wishes for mother

60th birthday wishes for mother

Good luck to the 60th birthday,

because you are our best piece.

May all your wishes come true,

We want to see you very happy today.

Gifts are available later with coffee and cake,

We really like to visit you today.

On the birthday cake we are very happy

and to see you much more.

I wish you all the best and say, remember:

At the age of 60, life really starts.

60 years are worth

that you are honored especially.

That's why we want to tell you today:

It's nice that we have you!

We wish you flowers and candles,

We are here with gifts today.

After all, you will only live 60 years once in a lifetime,

that's why there has to be a really great celebration.

The best time begins for you

The golden years start - if not now when?

The true art of living is to see the miraculous in everyday life.

Once, faithfully and diligently,

he did some deep pull.

Only after being twice 30,

he said, "It's enough now!

Of the deeds, well done,

loves to rest,

and now it's up to the boy

likewise their duty to do.

60th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Best 60th B-day Messages For Mom

Do not make the 60 years old

and not the gray hair.

You are only old when you lose

and you are no longer interested in anything.

Everyone who gets the ability

To recognize beautiful

will never grow old.

60th birthday wishes for mother

60th birthday wishes for mother

60 years ago you saw the light of day. I hope you look back with a smile on all the time.

Wine and sparkling wine and a few clear

... and a strike on sixty years!

Life is beautiful, life is long, now it depends on your 6er a 0er. The 5 and 9 are past, but you still have enough time. Your life begins with new goals and dreams. From clear lakes and tall trees. Happy Birthday!

The more you thought, the more you did, the longer you lived.

What in your 60 years,

has everything happened to you,

have experienced a lot and seen a lot,

many mishaps happened to you,

but also success was always present

on all your life paths.

Dude, dance, despite the years!

What joy when it says:

Dude, you're old at years,

blooming but is your spirit!

60 years - what a number! A reason to celebrate is that!

Unstoppable, quiet and silent

multiply the annual circles.

Suddenly in the passage of time

a round number is wide.

If you wake up this morning,

did you make the 60 full?

Every year has its meaning,

as it comes, take it.

For everything you do, thanks!

Stay healthy, never get sick!

The human being, who ages fast,

First he wears jeans, later flannel.

The teeth are getting yellow,

that does not look good, you realize yourself.

Low in physical activity, more weight,

the hair gets ugly,

whether less or tinted the hair,

That's how it goes with the years.

At you sixty, I realize

all this is still coming!

You are so fit and mopsfidel,

make no secret of the sixty!

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