60 Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister - It's your sister's birthday soon and you want to write her a nice birthday card, but you can't think of the right words. It's not terrible, it can happen to anyone.

Sometimes we just can't put our feelings and love into words. Having a sister is worth its weight in gold! One who has several sisters does not know how lucky he actually is.

Sisters are people we can always rely on, who are there for us and with us in every situation. And sometimes it is difficult to put these strong emotions on a piece of paper.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

Birthday wishes for sister

1- Our parents always had a lot to laugh about with you, no matter whether you dressed up or told funny stories. Even today, you are happy to look life in the face. So humorous it should also continue - then you can see everything in the eye.

2- I wanted to write you a poem, but I don't want to drive you away, so I let it be in the end All the best, little sister!

3- It's my sister's birthday and I'm giving this speech to show my love big, because I can't keep it a secret. Happiness and blessings are convenient for me, I want to give them to you in heaps and prosperity I put on top, so your life shall take its course. 

4- Be as you are, do not change, because as you are, you are indescribable! Dearest sister, all the best for your birthday, and healthy peace in heart and soul.

5- We are sisters, no question. We can gossip together, without complaint. I appreciate you, I promise you, so I will never hurt you.

6- All the beautiful memories we have together, no one can take away from us. Every birthday of yours makes me happy to have such a great sister. All the best, dear little sister and that many more birthdays will follow that we can celebrate together.

7- May you live high, may you live high, three times high. Dear little sister, may all your dreams come true. I wish you great love, health, success at work, lots of fun and dear friends for the celebration. Happy birthday wishes and many hugs

8- My dearest sis, for your birthday I wish you all the love without kidding. I wish you much happiness and joy, so that soon your dreams will come true.

9- Dear sis, on your birthday I wish you all the best, good health and that all your dreams and wishes may come true.

10- With siblings it is complicated, peace is not always guaranteed, but with us everything was clear, because you are a special specimen. Today, on your birthday, I give you not only the best, no, I want to give you much more, it is attachment for a lifetime.

Birthday Wishes for Sister

11- We can go through thick and thin together, because sisters know how to understand each other. We can consult each other about everything, tell each other their biggest secret.

12- Even if we often quarrel, we have many similarities. Even if we often quarrel, I want to thank you. Thank you for being my sister.

13- Congratulations to the most beautiful sister in the universe. You have always been a blessing from God and that is that when we thought we couldn't be happier, you came to assure us that we could be even happier.

14- Not only are you my best friend, you always listen to me and are always there for me when I needed you. Not everyone has such a great sister and today is your birthday, so I wish you an exceptionally happy day, you deserve it! Happy Birthday!

15- Never forget that you can count on me on good and bad days. You are my family and family must be taken care of at all times. I wish you a very happy birthday. I love you, sister.

16- It's her birthday, she's made it another year. She is not only beautiful, she has done everything else right! She goes her way, but she is never alone. She is my sister and her family will always be with her.

17- Even though we fight a lot sometimes, there is nothing better than the love of a sister. Congratulations, I hope your day will be great and you will get many gifts.

18- You were the person I trusted with my secrets as a child. You were the one who took away many a fear, who was always braver than me and who knew a solution for everything! You were and always will be my greatest role model! I love you so much, my big sister, and therefore I wish you heaven on earth for your birthday! An angel like you has earned it!

19- It is true that we had many friends when we were kids, but still I feel that you are not only my sister, but also my best friend. I love you very much, sister. Happy birthday and all the best.

20- It's true that we had many friends when we were kids, but still I feel that you are not only my sister, but also my best friend. I love you very much, sister. Happy birthday and happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for Sister

21- We do not reproach each other, because we are brothers and sisters until death, for you I give everything, today the cake, tomorrow the bread.
22- Happy Birthday, dearest sister, let yourself be pressed all the harder! You have always been my role model and this moment is convenient for me to finally tell you that I love you on all days.

23- Mom and Dad gave me a great gift when I was little that day, and that gift was you wrapped in a blanket. Since then I have never been separated from you. I love you, little sister. Happy Birthday!

24- My heart is not only mine, it's been yours since you were born, little one. Happy birthday and blessings, dear sister, I wish that God will accompany you at all times and that your days will be pure happiness.

25- Even though we have many differences, you will always be my beloved sister. I wish you a lot of fun!

26- Your big day has come now! You have heard my Happy Birthday now. I have gifts and the cake, because I want to visit you now to lament about the old times with you and fillet the cake. We two have always been connected, not only in the celebrations.

27- Happy birthday to the best sister you could have. You have been and always will be a very important pillar of my life. Without you, I am reeling. Never go away again!

28- You were always the best sister in the world and you still are. I wouldn't trade you for anything - you are amazing! Happy birthday big sister, I love you.

29- We sisters like from the western, wild and unpredictable You are just wonderful! Happy birthday

30- You are the best sister in the world, there is none I like so much. And to my very best sister I congratulate with joy on her birthday today.

Birthday Wishes for Sister

31- It's my sister's birthday today. It will be a nice party, when friends and relatives come to dance and laugh, which will also bring great joy to my sister.
32- When you are old, I will still be young, so don't worry, now I will take care of you! However, you will have to take out your teeth. Happy birthday to you!

33- If's Schwesterchen birthday especially if's mine, no matter how old she gets today, for me, there it remains the little one.

34- Dear sister, today is your birthday, so don't compromise! Let the dolls dance and the corks pop, the party should please everyone. Presents and champagne thirst, the consequences, we do not care.

35- Today I want to congratulate the best sister in the world, you. I hope that your birthday will be a beautiful one and that you will have an unforgettable day. Also, I hope you don't forget your sister who loves you so much. Happy Birthday.

36- If's sister's birthday, that will be 'ne big bash, because party can sister and without a break.

37- I can always count on you, because I give you my trust, no one can steal it from us. You are my sister, and it will always stay that way.

38- My biggest wish right now is for you to fulfill your dreams. You are my sister and my best friend and that is why I have to tell you that your happiness will always be mine. I wish you a happy birthday, sweetheart.

39- I like to think back to our childhood days, what happiness I had with you dear sister? Therefore, without question, I congratulate you most sincerely on your birthday.

40- My dearest sister, for your birthday I wish you all the love without joke. I wish you much happiness and joy, so that soon your dreams will come true.

41- Happy Birthday! How quickly time flies, how the year runs. You know I am sparse with words. But sis I have not missed your birthday again.

42- Being the older brother of a child like you was very easy and I am happy. Thanks to you I discovered the true meaning of love, because, dear sister, I love you very much, more than I thought. I wish you a happy birthday.

43- When the candles don't all fit on the cake anymore, you realize that you are getting old. Happy birthday, my little sister.

44- If I could choose the best sister in the world, I would choose you! Happy birthday little sister!

45- Today is an unforgettable day because it is your birthday. I wish you a good time in the company of your loved ones and then you will celebrate with all your friends. As a sister I wish you a happy birthday.

46- We have already done a lot together, have already climbed many a ribbon of life. And today I think especially of you, you are the best sister anyone could wish for!

47- The dearest and best birthday wishes from the best sister there is! I wish you contentment, joy, happiness and health. Continue to have so much fun in life and spread joy.

48- Remember when we used to ride our bikes looking for thousands of adventures? I remember like it was yesterday and it was a blessing to have you as a sister. Every day I give thanks for that. Congratulations.

49- The sister who accompanies you through your life, with whom you occasionally argue. The sister who disturbs you quite brazenly, often gets on your nerves. But what would life be without a little sister, then it would be quite lonely and alone.

50- Happy birthday, sister. I wish that you have only joys on this day. You are a very special person and deserve to be very happy on this and every day of your life.

51- My dear sister, on this special day I wish you a happy birthday and that my message brings the first smile of the day. Happy birthday.

52- Sister, today you will gain not only another year, but also experience, much wisdom and, of course, some wrinkles. But don't worry, you will be as beautiful as every day. Happy Birthday!

53- How many times you bitched at me, looked at me angry, crying, and still, dear sisw irst you will always be the best! Happy birthday!

54- Some also celebrate alone, but fortunately we never are! Dear sister, my little one with such a great imagination - celebrate yourself, celebrate life, and what does not fit, I can stick!

55- Give me your hand, my dear sister and climb with me on the mountain of joy, because your birthday is reason enough that only happiness line your paths. Happy birthday!

56- Fortunately I am not an only child, because I always trust you blindly, and now I want to congratulate you so that we never lose each other! Happy birthday to you.

57- You are still my little sister. I will always be there, have an open ear. For all your worries today and tomorrow!

58- We two sisters - not from yesterday! Shrill and loud, well-built. Always in shape, and enormous, well shot - a pleasure! Therefore, for your birthday, there is a big kiss for you!

59- It does not matter whether your young or older sister celebrates a birthday, it's up to you to surprise her beautifully. Choose an appropriate birthday card that look beautiful and fun.

60- The relationship between sisters or between a brother and sister has always been complicated. A relationship with many quarrels, anger, but also with so much love.

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