40 Good Morning Messages You can Send to Your Partner

Good Morning Messages You can Send to Your Partner - What could be better than waking up next to the person you love? Unfortunately, it's not always possible and then a good morning message will have to do... However, at some point creativity runs out. That's why today we present you 40 sweet good morning messages that you can send to your partner to put a smile on his face!

40 Good Morning Messages You can Send to Your Partner

Sweet Good Morning Messages

1. what is the most beautiful thing about this day? You. I wish you a good morning.

2. good morning, my darling. I can't wait for you to finally be with me again.

3. sorry to bother you, but I'm so cold. Could you crawl under my covers and warm me up?

4. hey, wake up, groundhog! Someone is writing to you who is thinking about you very much.

5. hope you have a stress-free day at work. I am thinking about you.

6. how I'd like to tousle your hair and kiss you awake. Have a nice day.

7. it's a pity that you are not lying next to me right now. I miss you soooo much.

8. herewith I send you a love greeting and 1000 kisses. See you later.

9. a day can't start well if I haven't told you how important you are to me.

10. can't you sleep either? I miss you. Let's have breakfast together today.

11. early in the morning I send you some kisses on your mouth. Miss you.

12. no matter what day we have today, the important thing is that I can hold you in my arms again today.

13. Hello my favorite person, I hope you had a good start to the day.

14. good morning greeting to the person who stole my heart. I love you.

15. i want to wake up in your arms every morning.

16. have i told you today how much i love you? No? Well, I'll make up for it real quick. I love you.

17. you are the reason why I get up in the morning. Thank you for always being there for me.

18. guess who I miss so much right now? That's right... you.

19. my first thing this morning is to send you a love and a kiss.

20. I just woke up and immediately thought of you. I miss you very much right now.

21. I slept on your T-shirt tonight, so that you are very close to me. But it would have been even nicer if you had worn it.

22. although I can't kiss you personally right now, I can send you 10000 kisses. Feel pressed. See you tonight, my darling.

23. you are my personal dream from which I never want to wake up.

24. are you awake yet? Do you want me to come quickly and bring you a delicious breakfast in bed? I would like to see you now.

25. good morning to the best man in the world.

26. it's so nice to fall asleep next to you. But it's even nicer to wake up in your arms. I miss you!

27. A day without you is impossible. I miss you so much. Hurry up and come back!

28. Goodmorning, sweetie. I would love to have you with me right now.

29. I am so looking forward to seeing you today. Right now I'm already counting the minutes until I finally see you again.

30. good morning, sweetheart. All I need right now is a shower, a coffee and you.

31. I've always been a morning person. Now I have a reason to look forward to the day. I am very glad that you exist!

32. i like waking up next to you so much. Good morning my darling.

33. good morning my darling. I am very happy to have found you.

34. my darling, it would be so nice now if we could have our morning coffee together.

35. good morning, here is your cheerful alarm clock. Call me when you are awake.

36.Just wanted to say good morning to my dream man.

37. don't look like that. I'd rather be with you right now, too.

38. if your cell phone is calling you right now, then be happy about my dear greeting. My thoughts are with you.

39. if you come to my place for breakfast, I promise you that your morning will be unforgettable.

40. next to my coffee, you are the most important thing I need this morning.

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