35 Creative Good Night Messages for Friends

Creative Good Night Messages for Friends - What could be better than falling asleep next to the person you love? Not really much. That's why it's always especially annoying when we have to fall asleep alone. To ease that pain a little bit, today I want to share with you 5 good night messages that will make sure it's not quite as bad. Here we go!

Creative Good Night Messages for Friends

Good Night Messages for Friends

  1. Well, I'm going to bed now. Bad news: Tomorrow I will be back!
  2. Sleep well... and always keep your hands over the blanket.
  3. Alarm clock brushed, teeth combed, clothes set for 7 o'clock. Good night.
  4. I'm flabbergasted. Good night, Dad.
  5. Dad, will you close the closet door before you go out? Why? Anything that can kill you can also open the closet door. Sleep tight.
  6. It's been a tough day. I'm soooo tired... See you tomorrow!
  7. Hopefully the early bird has made coffee.
  8. Does anyone still need me today or can I go to bed?
  9. I'm dragging myself off the couch and into bed now. Good night.
  10. Every night the same question: set alarm or write resignation? Good night...
  11. Status: Successfully landed in bed!
  12. I'm throwing myself into my bed now. Madratzenhorchtest etc... of course.
  13. If your eyes go black...you're asleep!
  14. Now that the nights are getting colder again, spiders, in search of warmth often hide in your beds. Good night.
  15. Tutto kaputto. Good night, see you tomorrow in old freshness!
  16. For a quick sleep I'll send you some imaginary sheep. Good night!
  17. I wish you some nice dirty dreams. Good night!
  18. I'm blinking slower and slower and can't help it! I think it's time to go to bed. Good night.
  19. Sleep you must now. Otherwise you'll be completely fucked tomorrow!
  20. So, now it's just chillin'. I wish you a nice evening and later a good night.
  21. You come home and want to tidy up, but you stumble so awkwardly that you suddenly find yourself covered up in bed. There's really nothing you can do about it. Good night!
  22. I'm about to do a quick threesome: comforter, pillow and me. It's going to be a hot night!
  23. Remember when going to bed was a punishment? ... How stupid we were! In this sense I wish you a good night!
  24. I'm going to bed now. Or as the mosquitoes would say, "The buffet is open!"
  25. It is no longer called sleep, but longed-for state of complete relaxation without thinking background. Good night.
  26. Bed does not ask questions. Bed does not talk. Bed is soft and warm. Bed is sweet.
  27. That moment when you're finally really comfy in bed and then realize you have to pee!
  28. My lambs are too fat to jump the fence... I just can't fall asleep!
  29. Is it reallypossible to rule out the possibility that we humans don't need to hibernate? I find that more and more doubtful by now.
  30. Good night, I wish you a blessed beauty sleep.
  31. Hope the bed is not too hard! Sleep well.
  32. Why am I wide awake when I go to bed and totally tired when I get up? I hate my life...
  33. I'm great in bed! No, wait. I'm great in bed!
  34. I heard it's going to be very dark tonight... Better go to bed right away. Sleep tight.
  35. Good night, sleep tight! And don't confuse sheep with birds!

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