28 Wondrous Thank You Messages - Say thank you with our thank you sayings

Thank You Messages - Just say "thank you"! Who does not know them - these very special people. Some people can't be thanked often enough, whether it's friends, relatives or colleagues - a "thank you" goes down well with everyone. But how often do we actually just say "thank you"? Everyone can afford it and use it as often as they want, so why don't we? Or rather, why do we so rarely use an honest and sincere "thank you"? Unfortunately, it has become an empty phrase and in many situations in life it is only said out of politeness. But there is so much more to a "thank you". This little word can bring you so much joy, because it expresses not only gratitude in itself, but also love and appreciation. That's why you should say thank you in a special way.

Thank You Messages - Say thank you with our thank you sayings

Thank You Messages

  1. I am very fortunate to have you. That's why I sent you this thank-you note.
  2. I just wanted to say 'thank you'. I can't complain about a friend like you.
  3. Gratitude is one of the most important and yet hardest virtues in this world.
  4. I tell you, it is not a joke. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  5. There is nothing unpleasant about owing great debts to someone; for gratitude is a sweet duty.
  6. It is better to give or receive a drop of light than an ocean of darkness.
  7. A little thanks costs nothing, and yet many people seem unable to afford it.
  8. A word that comes from the heart makes you warm three winters.
  9. I thank you for being there for me, thank you for your time. Don't know where I'd be without you, Thank you for all the love
  10. I think it's good that you've been there for me - so often for me. Alone I would not have carried it, I want to thank you for that.
  11. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the kind gardeners who make our soul bloom.
  12. He who has done you good - Be sure of your thanks, that you have done, forget them!
  13. I am grateful, not because it is beneficial, but because it brings joy.
  14. And even if the word is small, it should be heard. For what is important on this day, is that I say "Thank you!" to you.
  15. The older I get, the deeper I feel, everything is happiness and grace, the small as well as the big.
  16. Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
  17. Thinking and thanking are related words; we thank life by thinking about it.
  18. It is a praiseworthy custom: if you receive something good, you also thank it.
  19. Thanks for the helping hand. Thanks for the kind word. Mercy for always being there for me and never gone. You can always be counted on. That is why I bow.
  20. Gratitude is a divine feeling, it fills the heart, but not to bursting, it warms it, but not to fever like other feelings.
  21. In some cases, God does not want any other thanks than that one holds out his hands.
  22. So many people have wished us happiness. So many people have thought of us. So many people have given us joy. We would like to thank all these people. Without you our memory would not have become such a treasure.
  23. It is not the lucky ones who are grateful. It is the grateful who are happy.
  24. If we meet someone who owes us gratitude, it immediately comes to mind. How often can we meet someone to whom we owe thanks without thinking of it?
  25. Gratitude is heaven itself, and there could be no heaven if there were no gratitude.
  26. There it becomes bright in our lives, where one learns to give thanks for the smallest things.
  27. The more beautiful and full the memory, the harder the separation. But gratitude transforms the memory into a quiet joy.
  28. In normal life, one often does not even realize that man receives infinitely more than he gives, and that gratitude makes life rich.

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