21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter - Happy Birthday Daughter!

21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter - with us you will certainly find the right birthday card for your daughter's birthday. Choose from numerous layouts full of love, joy and happiness and let the words enchant you!

21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter - Happy Birthday Daughter!

21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter

My girl, my daughter, my child,

a new year of life begins,

I love nothing like you so much,

Never again will I give you away.

For you today the candles burn,

And I tell you with all my heart

All the best and a piece

a piece of birthday happiness.


My daughter, my great one,

You're barely sitting on my lap,

I wish you much happiness in life,

Today we'll make the earth tremble

A birthday party just for you,

a beautifully laid table.

Cake, juice and also cocoa,

and I know one thing for sure.

The house will soon be full of guests,

Celebrating a birthday, that's great.


For your 21st birthday I wish you,

good luck, health and a few bottles of beer.

Today we came to celebrate,

because we have heard here a super party.

Happy Birthday!


All the best and love for you

on your 21st birthday.

Three years ago you came of age

and since then you have gained a lot of money and experience.

Time flies by so fast,

Good luck and success on your birthday!


On this day 21 years ago

you had no teeth and no hair.

Today you are of age and big enough,

so we wish you good luck for your adult life!

Let's celebrate properly!


We wish you a happy 21st birthday, good health and success, and that you never lose your inner youth!


At 21, you are still so young,

you have a lot of experience and you are smart enough.

Three years after coming of age -

Time passes so quickly.

The next years also come step by step.

That's why today let's celebrate 21.

Happy birthday


Everything comes together and fulfills itself

you only have to be able to expect it

and to the becoming of your happiness

year and fields abundantly.


This message I send you today,

I hope that it pleases you.

Happy birthday, good luck and success,

more congratulations to follow!


For your birthday I wish you - quite clearly -.

much luck and a beautiful new year!


Better late than never

so I wish you all the best with delay:

All the best for your birthday, all the best!

Now we toast and celebrate properly, dear guests!


Here I come, birthday girl

with a full heart, cheerfulness and joy,

Alas, I cannot dance and sing

but I can embrace you lovingly!


We are now invited numerous

and will celebrate today times crashing.

The party will certainly be unforgettable and good,

so we take off our hats already.

Thank you for the invitation

and to a wild birthday party!


Nope, your birthday I have really not forgotten,

I have only waited until you are sober again after the wild celebration, so that my congratulations really arrive at you!

So: All the best for your birthday, old buddy!

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