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21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter - Happy Birthday Daughter!

21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter - with us you will certainly find the right birthday card for your daughter's birthday. Choose from numerous layouts full of love, joy and happiness and let the words enchant you!

21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter - Happy Birthday Daughter!

21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter

My girl, my daughter, my child,

a new year of life begins,

I love nothing like you so much,

Never again will I give you away.

For you today the candles burn,

And I tell you with all my heart

All the best and a piece

a piece of birthday happiness.


My daughter, my great one,

You're barely sitting on my lap,

I wish you much happiness in life,

Today we'll make the earth tremble

A birthday party just for you,

a beautifully laid table.

Cake, juice and also cocoa,

and I know one thing for sure.

The house will soon be full of guests,

Celebrating a birthday, that's great.


For your 21st birthday I wish you,

good luck, health and a few bottles of beer.

Today we came to celebrate,

because we have heard here a super party.

Happy Birthday!


All the best and love for you

on your 21st birthday.

Three years ago you came of age

and since then you have gained a lot of money and experience.

Time flies by so fast,

Good luck and success on your birthday!


On this day 21 years ago

you had no teeth and no hair.

Today you are of age and big enough,

so we wish you good luck for your adult life!

Let's celebrate properly!


We wish you a happy 21st birthday, good health and success, and that you never lose your inner youth!


At 21, you are still so young,

you have a lot of experience and you are smart enough.

Three years after coming of age -

Time passes so quickly.

The next years also come step by step.

That's why today let's celebrate 21.

Happy birthday


Everything comes together and fulfills itself

you only have to be able to expect it

and to the becoming of your happiness

year and fields abundantly.


This message I send you today,

I hope that it pleases you.

Happy birthday, good luck and success,

more congratulations to follow!


For your birthday I wish you - quite clearly -.

much luck and a beautiful new year!


Better late than never

so I wish you all the best with delay:

All the best for your birthday, all the best!

Now we toast and celebrate properly, dear guests!


Here I come, birthday girl

with a full heart, cheerfulness and joy,

Alas, I cannot dance and sing

but I can embrace you lovingly!


We are now invited numerous

and will celebrate today times crashing.

The party will certainly be unforgettable and good,

so we take off our hats already.

Thank you for the invitation

and to a wild birthday party!


Nope, your birthday I have really not forgotten,

I have only waited until you are sober again after the wild celebration, so that my congratulations really arrive at you!

So: All the best for your birthday, old buddy!

Friday, May 28, 2021

20 Heart Touching Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend - It's so nice to be in love or to have a loved one by your side, but what do you wish and write for your birthday? It should be something from the heart, something with feeling, maybe something poetic or simply: I love you!

We have collected quotes and sayings that are suitable as an idea for your own congratulations or can be easily changed and expanded. A quote from great poets or from folklore is just as suitable as rhymes and poems. Congratulate your loved one with a beautiful saying for his or her birthday.

20 Best Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend (Make Her Happy)

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

  1. Another year has passed and still there are two of us, united as a couple and so familiar, because one builds on the other. Because your birthday is today and you are the greatest for me, I want to think only of the good, give you all my love. For all time and always further, maybe it will not always be cheerful. But you and I - that remains as it is, because you are in my heart.
  2. For today's happy feast I wish you from my heart the most beautiful and the best and your love for me. Kindly accept my wish out of pure mind and faithful love!
  3. Happiness is love, love is happiness, I have said it and I do not take it back!
  4. All the best I wish you! Give me your love.
  5. Happy birthday, my darling. You make me feel loved every day anew. Your day is today and I love you.
  6. It's the birthday of the main character in my movie! You are my superstar and I would give you several Oscars for capturing my heart. All the best for your birthday.
  7. My dear darling, I am happy and grateful every day that you exist. I love you so much and wish you all the best for your birthday from the bottom of my heart.
  8. I wish you a day that is as unique and beautiful as you are: Happy birthday my darling.
  9. Give your heart for a crown, give it to someone who loves you, give it to someone who will give you his own as a reward. I would give you a kingdom for your birthday if I were a king. But all the love in the world, happiness, health and my heart are even more precious. Happy Birthday to you my Queen of Hearts!
  10. Arm in arm, so I go with you into your new year of life. Be aware of my love, because it is always there for you. All the love for you, your ...
  11. The one in love has no time to be witty. Stendhal Happy birthday, my heart, for I love you!
  12. I congratulate beautifully! Long may you still live, always angels surround you - and now - take still at the end of love hot kiss!
  13. I love you because I have to love you. I love you because I can't help it. I love you after a celestial lock, I love you through a spell. I love you like the rose loves its bush, I love you like the sun loves its glow, I love you because you are my breath of life, I love you because to love you is my being.
  14. What is beautiful: a meadow in the morning dew. The first ray of sunshine after rainy days. An hour of absolute silence. And your face, marked by the troubles of life, smiling all the same.
  15. Time flies almost like the wind, again I quickly wrap all the gifts for you and ask myself, how will it be this time? Will all the friends come, have they heard your invitation? But for both of us I have gently lit the many candles. In their light I look at you and know that you are the man I was looking for and found, with whom I am forever united. Happy Birthday!
  16. One sees well only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes.Antoine de Saint-Exupery For your birthday I wish you with all my love and from the bottom of my heart: All the best my heart!
  17. After all, is there a better way to cope with life than with love and humor? Charles Dickens I wish you for your birthday a lot of love and the humor that goes with it! Your...
  18. Like wine, the two of us get better with age, so I'm thrilled to be able to congratulate you on your birthday today and wish you with all my heart many more such days that we will celebrate together. Here's to you, my darling!
  19. I love you - that's why I'm putting birthday wishes on paper and would like to ride through life with you in the years to come.
  20. Happy birthday my darling. You are for me not only the most beautiful, but also the sweetest and most understanding woman in the world. I thank you for that and wish you all the happiness in the world for your birthday.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Funny Birthday Wishes for Woman

Funny Birthday Wishes for Woman - Great sayings are also just words strung together and yet often difficult to find. Especially for a birthday, the chosen words should sound beautiful and harmonious. Not only a gift is crucial at the birthday, but also or even especially the surrounding. A card, a saying, a loving gesture. All this belongs to a successful attention, but every year the same phrases no one likes to read more.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Woman

Whether funny, thoughtful or maybe even melancholic: we have the right birthday saying. Not every birthday is the same and also every presentee is individual. We offer suitable sayings for different birthdays. Whether for a "finally grown up" at 18 or "60 - retirement is near". Whether round birthday or Schnapszahl, each birthday is worth it with a beautiful saying to be titled.

Funny Birthday Wishes

Small, fat and without hair,
lazy as a groundhog.
Constantly swearing at the sports show
on the couch with a beer.

Cooking, cleaning, laundry,
only the woman does that.
But where there is still dust on the surfaces,
he sees exactly.

Your neighbor is not a great man,
but you are.
Happy birthday to you,
Now let's drink a toast to you.


Everyone gets older, you have to take it as it is.
You are probably also aware that you are not excluded from this.
You will soon need dentures and a rollator too
and thereby comfortably ne pipe smoke.
But then it also means no more work,
now aging is no longer difficult.
So enjoy the time and your day of honor,
so that it may never end.


The years are racing faster and faster,
The hair becomes lighter and lighter.
The bones become more and more brittle,
The thoughts more and more fleeting.
But one thing still goes on,
To raise a glass with humor.
So celebrate nicely and without worries,
through the night until early in the morning.


For your birthday I wish you
Women, money and lots of beer.
In addition nen luxury class car
and a fur to wear every day.
If that should not come true,
you shall not stand in the rain.
A cool blond, at any time,
is ready for you in my cellar.


The years go by, that was already clear to you,
so fast one becomes XX year.
But you have also become wiser
and nevertheless still spoiled.
Corners and edges you get more and more,
Being grumpy is not difficult for you.
Despite everything you are a great catch,
So I toast you today.


Gray hair is not bad
and everyone has a back nowadays.
Cruise instead of city trip,
No sports, only warm baths.

You don't have to work anymore,
but chill out a lot.
It could be much worse,
You can barbecue in the garden every day.

So celebrate today
and always remember
that being a disciple can be much harder
than getting older can be.


Neck, back, bones
Everything hurts so much.
Always cooking for the grandchildren
drinking bladder and kidney tea.

But not bad I can tell you,
Because that's the way it should be,
Today is your special day,
So I'm inviting you.


You are no longer a child and a teenager,
you see the years go by.
You still want to experience so much,
But today it's time to raise a glass.
To you and your XX year,
Hard to believe but true,
we'll celebrate you into the night,
because it brings so much joy.

Friday, May 21, 2021

28 Wondrous Thank You Messages - Say thank you with our thank you sayings

Thank You Messages - Just say "thank you"! Who does not know them - these very special people. Some people can't be thanked often enough, whether it's friends, relatives or colleagues - a "thank you" goes down well with everyone. But how often do we actually just say "thank you"? Everyone can afford it and use it as often as they want, so why don't we? Or rather, why do we so rarely use an honest and sincere "thank you"? Unfortunately, it has become an empty phrase and in many situations in life it is only said out of politeness. But there is so much more to a "thank you". This little word can bring you so much joy, because it expresses not only gratitude in itself, but also love and appreciation. That's why you should say thank you in a special way.

Thank You Messages - Say thank you with our thank you sayings

Thank You Messages

  1. I am very fortunate to have you. That's why I sent you this thank-you note.
  2. I just wanted to say 'thank you'. I can't complain about a friend like you.
  3. Gratitude is one of the most important and yet hardest virtues in this world.
  4. I tell you, it is not a joke. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  5. There is nothing unpleasant about owing great debts to someone; for gratitude is a sweet duty.
  6. It is better to give or receive a drop of light than an ocean of darkness.
  7. A little thanks costs nothing, and yet many people seem unable to afford it.
  8. A word that comes from the heart makes you warm three winters.
  9. I thank you for being there for me, thank you for your time. Don't know where I'd be without you, Thank you for all the love
  10. I think it's good that you've been there for me - so often for me. Alone I would not have carried it, I want to thank you for that.
  11. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the kind gardeners who make our soul bloom.
  12. He who has done you good - Be sure of your thanks, that you have done, forget them!
  13. I am grateful, not because it is beneficial, but because it brings joy.
  14. And even if the word is small, it should be heard. For what is important on this day, is that I say "Thank you!" to you.
  15. The older I get, the deeper I feel, everything is happiness and grace, the small as well as the big.
  16. Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
  17. Thinking and thanking are related words; we thank life by thinking about it.
  18. It is a praiseworthy custom: if you receive something good, you also thank it.
  19. Thanks for the helping hand. Thanks for the kind word. Mercy for always being there for me and never gone. You can always be counted on. That is why I bow.
  20. Gratitude is a divine feeling, it fills the heart, but not to bursting, it warms it, but not to fever like other feelings.
  21. In some cases, God does not want any other thanks than that one holds out his hands.
  22. So many people have wished us happiness. So many people have thought of us. So many people have given us joy. We would like to thank all these people. Without you our memory would not have become such a treasure.
  23. It is not the lucky ones who are grateful. It is the grateful who are happy.
  24. If we meet someone who owes us gratitude, it immediately comes to mind. How often can we meet someone to whom we owe thanks without thinking of it?
  25. Gratitude is heaven itself, and there could be no heaven if there were no gratitude.
  26. There it becomes bright in our lives, where one learns to give thanks for the smallest things.
  27. The more beautiful and full the memory, the harder the separation. But gratitude transforms the memory into a quiet joy.
  28. In normal life, one often does not even realize that man receives infinitely more than he gives, and that gratitude makes life rich.

35 Creative Good Night Messages for Friends

Creative Good Night Messages for Friends - What could be better than falling asleep next to the person you love? Not really much. That's why it's always especially annoying when we have to fall asleep alone. To ease that pain a little bit, today I want to share with you 5 good night messages that will make sure it's not quite as bad. Here we go!

Creative Good Night Messages for Friends

Good Night Messages for Friends

  1. Well, I'm going to bed now. Bad news: Tomorrow I will be back!
  2. Sleep well... and always keep your hands over the blanket.
  3. Alarm clock brushed, teeth combed, clothes set for 7 o'clock. Good night.
  4. I'm flabbergasted. Good night, Dad.
  5. Dad, will you close the closet door before you go out? Why? Anything that can kill you can also open the closet door. Sleep tight.
  6. It's been a tough day. I'm soooo tired... See you tomorrow!
  7. Hopefully the early bird has made coffee.
  8. Does anyone still need me today or can I go to bed?
  9. I'm dragging myself off the couch and into bed now. Good night.
  10. Every night the same question: set alarm or write resignation? Good night...
  11. Status: Successfully landed in bed!
  12. I'm throwing myself into my bed now. Madratzenhorchtest etc... of course.
  13. If your eyes go're asleep!
  14. Now that the nights are getting colder again, spiders, in search of warmth often hide in your beds. Good night.
  15. Tutto kaputto. Good night, see you tomorrow in old freshness!
  16. For a quick sleep I'll send you some imaginary sheep. Good night!
  17. I wish you some nice dirty dreams. Good night!
  18. I'm blinking slower and slower and can't help it! I think it's time to go to bed. Good night.
  19. Sleep you must now. Otherwise you'll be completely fucked tomorrow!
  20. So, now it's just chillin'. I wish you a nice evening and later a good night.
  21. You come home and want to tidy up, but you stumble so awkwardly that you suddenly find yourself covered up in bed. There's really nothing you can do about it. Good night!
  22. I'm about to do a quick threesome: comforter, pillow and me. It's going to be a hot night!
  23. Remember when going to bed was a punishment? ... How stupid we were! In this sense I wish you a good night!
  24. I'm going to bed now. Or as the mosquitoes would say, "The buffet is open!"
  25. It is no longer called sleep, but longed-for state of complete relaxation without thinking background. Good night.
  26. Bed does not ask questions. Bed does not talk. Bed is soft and warm. Bed is sweet.
  27. That moment when you're finally really comfy in bed and then realize you have to pee!
  28. My lambs are too fat to jump the fence... I just can't fall asleep!
  29. Is it reallypossible to rule out the possibility that we humans don't need to hibernate? I find that more and more doubtful by now.
  30. Good night, I wish you a blessed beauty sleep.
  31. Hope the bed is not too hard! Sleep well.
  32. Why am I wide awake when I go to bed and totally tired when I get up? I hate my life...
  33. I'm great in bed! No, wait. I'm great in bed!
  34. I heard it's going to be very dark tonight... Better go to bed right away. Sleep tight.
  35. Good night, sleep tight! And don't confuse sheep with birds!

40 Good Morning Messages You can Send to Your Partner

Good Morning Messages You can Send to Your Partner - What could be better than waking up next to the person you love? Unfortunately, it's not always possible and then a good morning message will have to do... However, at some point creativity runs out. That's why today we present you 40 sweet good morning messages that you can send to your partner to put a smile on his face!

40 Good Morning Messages You can Send to Your Partner

Sweet Good Morning Messages

1. what is the most beautiful thing about this day? You. I wish you a good morning.

2. good morning, my darling. I can't wait for you to finally be with me again.

3. sorry to bother you, but I'm so cold. Could you crawl under my covers and warm me up?

4. hey, wake up, groundhog! Someone is writing to you who is thinking about you very much.

5. hope you have a stress-free day at work. I am thinking about you.

6. how I'd like to tousle your hair and kiss you awake. Have a nice day.

7. it's a pity that you are not lying next to me right now. I miss you soooo much.

8. herewith I send you a love greeting and 1000 kisses. See you later.

9. a day can't start well if I haven't told you how important you are to me.

10. can't you sleep either? I miss you. Let's have breakfast together today.

11. early in the morning I send you some kisses on your mouth. Miss you.

12. no matter what day we have today, the important thing is that I can hold you in my arms again today.

13. Hello my favorite person, I hope you had a good start to the day.

14. good morning greeting to the person who stole my heart. I love you.

15. i want to wake up in your arms every morning.

16. have i told you today how much i love you? No? Well, I'll make up for it real quick. I love you.

17. you are the reason why I get up in the morning. Thank you for always being there for me.

18. guess who I miss so much right now? That's right... you.

19. my first thing this morning is to send you a love and a kiss.

20. I just woke up and immediately thought of you. I miss you very much right now.

21. I slept on your T-shirt tonight, so that you are very close to me. But it would have been even nicer if you had worn it.

22. although I can't kiss you personally right now, I can send you 10000 kisses. Feel pressed. See you tonight, my darling.

23. you are my personal dream from which I never want to wake up.

24. are you awake yet? Do you want me to come quickly and bring you a delicious breakfast in bed? I would like to see you now.

25. good morning to the best man in the world.

26. it's so nice to fall asleep next to you. But it's even nicer to wake up in your arms. I miss you!

27. A day without you is impossible. I miss you so much. Hurry up and come back!

28. Goodmorning, sweetie. I would love to have you with me right now.

29. I am so looking forward to seeing you today. Right now I'm already counting the minutes until I finally see you again.

30. good morning, sweetheart. All I need right now is a shower, a coffee and you.

31. I've always been a morning person. Now I have a reason to look forward to the day. I am very glad that you exist!

32. i like waking up next to you so much. Good morning my darling.

33. good morning my darling. I am very happy to have found you.

34. my darling, it would be so nice now if we could have our morning coffee together.

35. good morning, here is your cheerful alarm clock. Call me when you are awake.

36.Just wanted to say good morning to my dream man.

37. don't look like that. I'd rather be with you right now, too.

38. if your cell phone is calling you right now, then be happy about my dear greeting. My thoughts are with you.

39. if you come to my place for breakfast, I promise you that your morning will be unforgettable.

40. next to my coffee, you are the most important thing I need this morning.

35+ Birthday Wishes for a Dear Friend - Happy Birthday Friend!

Birthday Wishes for a Dear Friend -  Are you looking for Beautiful birthday wishes and birthday pictures for a friend? If you want to be original and surprise that friend, don't hesitate to read on. You can choose from a variety of Birthday Sayings To Birthday Greetings For A Friend. So don't hesitate any more and start choosing - you have a great choice!

35+ Birthday Wishes for a Dear Friend - Happy Birthday Friend!

Birthday Wishes for a Dear Friend

  1. Over the years you have become a very important person to me, moreover I consider you not only my best friend, but you are already like a brother to me. Enjoy this special day because it is your birthday. Happy Birthday.
  2. I remember the day we met, it was your birthday too! It's true that we didn't like each other very much at first, but today we are inseparable: happy birthday! I hope I can continue to make years and celebrate these special days with you.
  3. I hope that this day will be very special for you and that you will withstand a year full of joys and adventures. Happy birthday my friend, I wish you all the best.
  4. It seems like yesterday when we met, but no, many years have passed and yet our friendship seems eternal. We have been through a lot together and it seems that we will continue to do so. Always remember that you are one of my best friends and that I will always be by your side no matter what you need. Happy Birthday.
  5. On your birthday, I want to tell you that I wouldn't be the person I am today without you. You taught me to smile in bad times and that is something you never forget. You are so much more than a friend. Happy birthday to you!
  6. I remember when we met, we were just kids! And look at us, years later, it continues like the first day, with our jokes and our jokes. Have a great birthday, my friend, and I hope all your wishes come true.
  7. Happy birthday to you! I wish you an unforgettable day and a nice day with your loved ones - don't forget to ask for gifts!
  8. I wish you a happy birthday, my friend. Enjoy life and don't stop pursuing your dreams. You are a person with a big heart and deserve to be happy. Happy Birthday.
  9. Finding birthday words for a friend is not easy, especially because you have always been a very important person to me. You advised me, took care of me and scolded me. You were really like a big brother to me. So I can't find these words to express my gratitude to you. I can only tell you that many congratulations and hope that happiness floods your days.
  10. Happy birthday my friend, I am very proud of what you have achieved with effort and work. You are an example to follow.
  11. I look forward to sharing the day of your birthday with you for another year. I wanted to tell you that you are a very special person to me and that I hope we will be friends all our lives. Happy Birthday.
  12. Today, on your birthday, I want to give you back a piece of everything you have given me. Therefore, I send you this happy birthday with all my love and affection. Happy birthday, my friend.
  13. A friend like you is worth millions, and that is why I am so grateful to have you by my side. Thank you for being who you are and for supporting me through the bad times. Happy birthday, my friend.
  14. When someone asks me who you are, I always answer that you are my chosen brother. You are the one who is always there for good and bad, who wakes up at so many o'clock in the morning to comfort me because a boy hurt me, who cooks for me when I don't feel like it. In short, you are the perfect chosen brother because you manage to get a smile out of me whenever I need it. Happy birthday my friend, I love you very much.
  15. I will wish you not only a happy birthday, but also a beautiful year, the best of your life. But use today to rest and have a good time, tomorrow you have to go back to work! Congratulations.
  16. I often think about what my life would have been like if I hadn't known you, and I don't know exactly what it would be like. What I do see clearly, however, is that I would not have laughed as much or witnessed your great successes. Anyway, I am very proud to have you as a friend. Happy birthday to you.
  17. It has been so many years that I can hardly remember what it was like. What will never be forgotten is the time we spent at the park playing ball or riding bikes. You are my friend from childhood, adolescence and maturity. I hope it stays that way and we get to old age together. I love you my friend, happy birthday.
  18. Celebrating your birthday is almost like celebrating mine, because I am filled with happiness and joy on this very special day. Happy birthday, my friend.
  19. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have a friend like you. I couldn't have chosen better! You are very important in my life and I want you to know that on this special day like your birthday, happy birthday to you!
  20. I congratulate you on your birthday and I want you to know that even though I am far away, I will never stop thinking of you as my best friend. The distance is nothing if we compare it with all our long friendship: I will toast your health across the pond!
  21. A friend like you is a gift that life has given me. Happy birthday my friend, I hope this day is very special for you and never forget that you are a beautiful person.
  22. There is no other friend like you who is so thoughtful, loving and honest. You are always by my side, both in good times and bad, and that is why I am so grateful to have met you. I want this birthday to be unforgettable and a new beginning for you. Remember that you are unique and incomparable. Nothing will have to do with you.
  23. You have achieved something with your way of being that no one has ever achieved, that I don't miss having a blood brother. You were my tear jerker and my personal comedian. We overcame many moments together, especially some very difficult ones, and we had a great time. Do you remember those dinners with conversation? What special moments! So I wanted to take a few minutes to wish you a happy birthday
  24. I wish you the greatest happiness and of course a wonderful time on your 
  25. The best part of being your friend is not party nights, no, but being able to celebrate your birthday with you. Happy birthday, I hope you like my gift!
  26. I feel lucky to have such a good friend like you in my life, and is that if I had to ask something to life, I have to be your friend forever. Happy birthday, have a nice day.
  27. Do you know what the secret of happiness is? It's not about having lots of friends or having lots of money, no, it's about having you as a friend. Happy birthday, big boy!
  28. Today my message goes out to you, my friend. I want you to know that I am very proud that you entered my life and that in a very short time you have taken a big place in my heart. I hope your day is fantastic and that you know how to make the most of your time. Congratulations.
  29. For many people the year starts on January 1, but for us it starts on your birthday. I hope you get everything you plan to do this year, and most importantly, that you are very happy in the process. Happy birthday and be careful with the candles, don't burn yourself
  30. From this year we will start a new tradition, instead of fulfilling the years in advance, we will fulfill them backwards, starting with you, because today is your birthday, happy birthday my friend!
  31. I told you that this year I had a very special surprise for your birthday, I'm going on a trip! So take good care of my fish and don't forget to water the plants. P.S. Happy Birthday.
  32. If there is one thing I want, it is for you to be very happy every single one of your days. Remember that after the storm comes the calm and if you have a problem, you can always count on me and my support. So stop thinking right now and run and celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday!
  33. I will always be sure that the friendship of a good friend lasts a lifetime, and with that I want to wish you a happy birthday. No matter how many years have passed, our friendship will always remain alive.
  34. Have you noticed that there are more candles than cakes this year? You are getting older! And I'm glad to be with you to see it. Happy birthday, my friend.
  35. Without a doubt, your friendship is a great blessing. Thank you for being my friend and always by my side. Happy birthday to you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

18th Long Birthday Wishes for Brother

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18th Long Birthday Wishes for Brother

18th Long Birthday Wishes for Brother

My brother, you are having a big party today
And make a happy face as never before.
Eighteen years ago you came into this world,
Now you're free to do whatever you please.
I wish you a lot of skill and even more luck,
Make the right choices, there's not always a way back.


My brother turns eighteen years old today,
I may not fail to write my congratulations.
All the best to you as a now grown man,
who will hopefully be able to ask his parents for advice for a long time to come.
They, like your brothers and sisters, are always there for you,
Please do not make yourself too scarce with us.


You are not only my brother,
but also my best friend,
It's your birthday today
And that's why you can rejoice.
Because you are now grown up,
You can do whatever you like
You can always pick me up
and then drive me home.
So I am also happy
about your big day.
I wish you the best
and always a good trip.


For weeks, brother, you have been talking about your eighteenth birthday,
On which occasion I congratulate you and, as your elder sister, tell you..,
That you don't have to obey mom and dad anymore,
But voluntarily following their advice avoids many a frustration.


You look like me
and you are just as old,
and one thing everybody knows,
time doesn't stop.
Now it's been 18 years
that we were born.
All the happiness from this world
your twin brother wishes you.


My dear brother, you are now turning eighteen,
You'll walk on your own two feet through the rest of your life,
At last you may do whatever you want,
Gone are the days when you secretly looked for more freedom.


Too bad that youth is over
and you are my brother now 18.
Man what we had always played so great.
We teased the parents and rummaged through their beds.
Sometime we also belong to the old,
but we will always remember our childhood.


The 18th birthday,
it's a big event.
The step from child to man,
who you are until it's over.
Your brother wishes for this day,
that this will last for a long time,
that there are still beautiful things
that lurk in life.


Eighteen years ago you were a little baby
And today, my brother heart, you become a grown man.
From the baby who once cried loudly for his mommy,
Will become the adult who can decide everything on his own.
I wish you many blessings in the process,
That always the good side in you will stir.


Instead of big cake
and numerous words,
you get today on your honor day,
love greetings because I like you.


Coming of age, voting, driving alone
Taking out loans or saving money according to your own choice
My brother, enjoy your eighteenth birthday,
Your new freedom may serve you well.


I wish my dearest brother all the best and love for his coming of age. You now have the helm of your life in your own hands. I wish for you that you never get out of the direction and achieve all your goals in life!


Finally you are 18,
I don't have to pay the cab fare anymore,
because that's what brothers are for,
who always drive you.
In this sense I am happy
and wish you all the best,
have a lot of fun in your life,
that's what your brother wishes you.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Special Birthday Wishes for Brother

Special Birthday Wishes for Brother - Happy birthday to the most beautiful brother on the planet Earth. So you can start the perfect birthday card for your brother. But one sentence is little, so the question follows, what can you write further? Sometimes you just don't have the inspiration to describe your wishes and love for your brother in a greeting card. Sometimes it's not easy to choose the right words. That's why we have prepared many different birthday poems and birthday greetings for you.

Special Birthday Wishes for Brother

Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • An amazing brother like you deserves all the praise, gifts and love in the world. So on this special day, I plan to give all three of you, in greater quantities than you could ever imagine! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful brother on planet earth. You have been and always will be a blessing from God.
  • Life gave me a gift in the form of a brother. I love you very much and hope that this day will be very special for you. Happy birthday to you.
  • My dear brother, what have we not experienced together? When we were kids we used to tease the neighbors, annoy our parents and borrow each other's friends. And today? Today we annoy the neighbors, annoy each other's friends, and our parents borrow our children!
  • Dear brother, all the best. I hope you feel like celebrating today. Because we are toasting another year of life, if that's not a reason for a party, isn't it? You are the center of attention, I can be the best again tomorrow.
  • Dear brother, it's your birthday and I wish you all the best in the world, because you deserve it: Happy Birthday!
  • My dear brother, I wish you a great birthday party, with enough to eat, many nice guests and especially a lot of wine and beer!
  • You say you can choose your friends, but not your family. I just want you to know that if we weren't already brothers, I would choose to be friends with you in a heartbeat! I am so lucky to have a brother like you! Happy birthday to you!
  • Today we're both going all out because it's your birthday and we're well. Cheers little/big brother, here we go! This evening is going to be great. We will go around the houses and escape from everyday life for a day. It's a pity that not every day is a birthday, but it's great that you were born on today's date.
  • I have a lot to thank you for, not only because you helped me with my homework, but also because you are the best older brother a child can have. I hope life always smiles on you, brother. Congratulations.
  • My brother, you are the best for me I congratulate you on your birthday. Another year older, it's hard to believe We say "Cheers", "Cheers" and "Bottoms up"!
  • That is what counts in life, not only taking, but also giving. I deeply wish you the best for your birthday celebration today. Never let yourself be bent like a branch, but keep what you have.
  • To have a dear brother is a beautiful gift. But brother look how time is running out, one candle is already burned more. My happy birthday, let me cuddle you for that you are never too big. May the brotherly bond hold us forever. I warmly extend my hand to you.
  • May you live high, may you live high, three times high. Dear little brother, may all your dreams come true. I wish you great love, health, success at work, lots of fun and dear friends also for the future. Happy birthday wishes and many hugs.
  • Happy birthday my brother heart, for your birthday I rhyme you a little verse. Because I need you and you love me more than anything and always push my worries aside. I can't repay you enough and just say it way too rarely. (insert name), I love you like crazy and will never let you down.
  • For your birthday I wish you a lot, but it is not riches, not a nice game. It is also not everlasting happiness, is not eternal youth, no skill, is not trickery is not cunning, I wish you, little brother, that you remain as you are!
  • As my brother, you can be a bit demanding now and then, but sometimes you behave rather as if you were a friend, and then it works out quite well with us. That's why I'm happy to celebrate your birthday with you today!
  • Brother, I congratulate you not only because it is your birthday, but also because you are a very special and honest person. I wish you the best in this life, because your happiness belongs to me. Happy birthday, brother.
  • I don't know how you do it, but you always smile at me. You are the best brother a girl like me can have. Happy birthday, brother.
  • How to stay up late and how to throw the perfect curve ball, every year of our lives you've taught me something new. I can't wait to see what you teach me this year. Happy Birthday!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Heart Touching & Deep Birthday Wishes for Sister

Special Birthday Wishes for Sister - Anyone who has a sister knows that he or she is lucky to have such a valuable person at their side. Sisters are like rocks in the surf, who catch you when it is necessary, always have an open ear for problems, give tips and advice when they are needed, are up for any fun and above all very special people that you just have to love and like. If your sister's birthday is coming up soon and you want to think of something original for her, then you've come to the right place. We present you the most beautiful birthday sayings for the sister - no matter whether for big or small sisters!

Birthday Wishes for Sister

Special Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • We have experienced so many great things in our childhood, which weld us together forever. Happy birthday!
  • Best wishes to you, because your birthday we celebrate here today! You are the best, it's clear, so let's pop corks year after year.
  • You can't stop it being your birthday and you can't stop it being my sister. And that's a good thing too. Happy birthday!
  • Sisters always stick together! We are like Batman and Robin, only better. I wish my dear sister a happy birthday, hopefully we will have many more adventures together.
  • You are not only my best friend, you always listen to me and are always there for me when I needed you. Not everyone has such a great sister and today is your birthday, so I wish you an exceptionally beautiful day, you deserve it! Happy Birthday!
  • All the best for your birthday and all that you need for your happiness I wish you! Think of me while eating cake. Next year as much sunshine as today. So let it go especially well today sister heart. Love and a hug sends you your brother
  • Your big day has come! You have heard my Happy Birthday now. I have gifts and the cake, because I want to visit you now to lament about the old times with you and fillet the cake. We two have always been connected, not only in the celebrations. 
  • My dearest sis, for your birthday I wish you all the love without kidding. I wish you much happiness and joy, so that soon your dreams will come true.
  • We can go through thick and thin together, because sisters know how to understand each other. We can consult each other about everything, tell the other his biggest secret.
  • Happy birthday, favorite sister, your hand I squeeze even tighter. Because I want you to feel my respect as it is due to you. You are the very best and we celebrate it!
  • I wish you dear ........ that all your wishes will come true and you will master your way for the future in the best way. Stay as you are. Many happy birthday greetings from your brother
  • Happy Birthday, dearest sister, let yourself be pressed all the harder! You have always been my role model and this is a good moment for me to finally tell you that I love you on all days.
  • Best wishes to you, because your birthday we celebrate here today! You are the best, it's clear, so let's pop corks year after year.
  • Even though we often quarrel, we have many similarities. Even though we often quarrel, I want to thank you. Thank you for being my sister.
  • We are sisters, no question. We can gossip together, without complaint. I appreciate you, I promise, so I will never hurt you.
Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • The dearest and best birthday wishes from the best sister there is! I wish you contentment, joy, happiness and health. Continue to have so much fun in life and spread joy.
  • Why have a big brother when you can have a strong sister like you? You are my super heroine and today is your birthday, all the best from me and that all your dreams may come true!
  • Cool sayings, dear sis, always need a rhyme. On you rhymes the whole world, which you like so well. So enjoy your birthday to the fullest and let only joy into your home.
  • Every year again, we sing your birthday songs, which should please you and which we do not regret. But our voices are a plague, that we know since the day when the neighbor thought frightened, a cat choir made the music.
  • The sister who accompanies you through your life, with whom you argue from time to time. The sister who disturbs you quite brazenly, often gets on your nerves. But what would life be without little sister, then it would be quite lonely and alone.
  • Even in a family there is now and then discord, especially with a big sister. But even where love is strongest, there is sometimes a lot of blasphemy. But since you are my sister, our love remains stronger than the quarrel, and always more firm.
  • It's my sister's birthday, and I'm giving this talk to show my love big, because I can't keep it quiet. Happiness and blessings are convenient for me, I want to give them to you in heaps and prosperity I put on top, so your life shall take its course. 
  • Despite our arguments and disagreements, we are sisters and that is what makes our relationship so beautiful and special. I hope that this day is unique for you and that you can enjoy the beginning of your new year with us: Happy Birthday!
  • Today is an unforgettable day because it is your birthday. I wish you a good time in the company of your loved ones and then you will celebrate with all your friends. As a sister, I wish you a happy birthday.
  • Do you remember when we were riding our bikes looking for thousands of adventures? I remember like it was yesterday and it was a blessing to have you as a sister. Every day I give thanks for that. Congratulations.
  • Happy birthday older sister, you know you have always been my biggest support and for that I am very grateful. I will never forget all you have done for me, I will always be in your debt!
  • Even though I don't tell you very often, you know that I love you very much and that you are an essential person in my life. So today I want to wish you a happy birthday. I hope that you will always be very happy and that all your wishes will come true.
  • Your birthday is a very special day and it is not only your birthday, it is also my birthday, happy birthday sister, I love you very much.
  • Happy birthday sister. I wish that you have only joys on this day. You are a very special person and deserve to be very happy on this and every day of your life.
  • May life give you happiness and joy and may it take away your worries, especially on a day like today, your birthday. I wish you an evening full of laughter and contentment, that's exactly what you deserve: happy birthday!
  • The day has finally come for you to join me for a drink, today you are 18 years old! Happy birthday little sister, I wish you a lot of fun tonight and be very careful with the drinks so that the hangover comes to all of us!

50th Birthday Wishes for Father - Best Birthday Wishes for Dad!

50th Birthday Wishes for Father - Best Birthday Wishes for Dad - 50th birthday wishes for dad from daughter, heart touching birthday wishes for father from daughter, inspirational birthday wishes for father, short birthday wishes for dad from daughter, happy birthday dad from daughter letter, deep birthday wishes for father, 50th birthday wishes for father in marathi, funny birthday wishes for dad.

50th Birthday Wishes for Father - Best Birthday Wishes for Dad!

50th Birthday Wishes for Father

  • 50th Birthday Wishes for Father
  • The world is amazed, you are now half a century. Dear Dad, great man, you really do not look 50. To your jubilee from your child all the best and above all there the best!
  • Dear Dad, congratulations on your 50th birthday! We wish you only the best! May love, health, joy and laughter continue to accompany you in your life. Best wishes from your son, daughter
  • Dear Dad, on your 50th birthday we wish you all the best, much success, health and above all joy in life. We hope you will spend the next 50 years full of happiness and satisfaction!
  • Happy 50th birthday to the best father in the world. I can't imagine a better father and wish you countless more years of health and joy!
  • Dear Dad, from the bottom of our hearts we wish you all the very best on your special day. May your coming year be full of happy moments and good experiences. All the best!
  • Best wishes on your 60th birthday, dear Dad. We are very happy to celebrate this day together with you. Long may you live!
  • May all your wishes for your 60th birthday come true and you continue to be the center of our big family. This is what we wish you!
  • Happy Birthday and good luck, you are now looking back on 60 beautiful years. You will have a nice party today, of course only nice people will come. Let yourself celebrate and enjoy life, certainly there will be many beautiful birthdays for you.
  • Dear Dad, here's some advice,
  • today on your special day: Fifty years an optimist, stay as you are for a long time

  • Dad is 50 years old today, He was always there for me/us. May he stay for a long time and in many new years experience a lot of happiness.

  • 50 years of life 50 years of giving everything 50 years of joy and sorrow 50 years of satisfaction Here's to the next 50 years! Do the only true thing for you: Enjoy your life to the fullest, for that we wish/ I wish pleasure!

  • Dear dad, listen carefully, Today you have no rest. We celebrate fifty years, with champagne and wine and cold beer. We will have fun for a long time and honor you with speeches. But today, on your jubilee day, we'll do the age test: Is the old man still fit? Can he keep up with the young? We're not worried about that, The bad end won't come until tomorrow. Cheers!

  • Half a century and we are not surprised that Dad now for eternity, always the same: The best dad in the world, who always sticks up for us. We wish for the next years, only the best, no question. Today a great day, that he may never forget.

  • Gray hair, eventful life, Fifty years of hard striving Today we just want to enjoy, Champagne should flow in streams! Dad, after all these years, we want to thank you for the beautiful time of your life, that you were willing to sacrifice to give love, happiness and fun for our family life. For the future we wish, harmony and joy to you.

80th Birthday Wishes For Mother - Happy 80th Birthday Mama!

80th Birthday Wishes For Mother - Happy 80th Birthday Mama - 80th birthday poems for mom, 80th birthday wishes for grandma, 80th birthday quotes inspirational, 80th birthday quotes funny, 80th birthday speech

80th Birthday Wishes For Mother - Happy 80th Birthday Mama!

Celebrate a special birthday today, 

Congratulating everyone,

Mama makes the 80 complete

we really like that!

80th birthday wishes for mother

80th birthday wishes for mother

80 years are a long life,

and it has given you a lot.

Rain is always followed by sunshine,

May it be a sunny celebration today.


Our center, dear mom, that's you

You can do it for us and always listen.

We congratulate you from the heart

and give you 80 birthday candles.


80 years and rarely quiet,

sometimes a bit old-fashioned,

dear mom stay as you are,

we wish you a celebration,

you never forget.


Our birthday song comes from the heart today,

just like gifts and cake with candles,

Your 80th birthday is the feast of the feasts,

Mom, you are our very best!

80th birthday wishes for mother

80th birthday wishes for mother

Today we do not care about the weather,

You only get 80 years once.

On your day of honor we want to be happy together

and pack many presents for you.


Health and a long life,

may the next years give you.

We wish you the best of luck on your 80th birthday

You look back on many beautiful moments.


Today you will be 80 years,

and except for a few gray hairs,

are you still in top shape -

Congratulations mom, that's huge!


For the 80th birthday you look back on a long life,

You gave your family a lot.

We wish you many healthy years with good luck,

look back happily at your celebration.


Dear Mom, 80 years smart and wise,

are behind you on your life's journey.

Always look forward and in joy,

We wish you moments full of happiness.


Let's celebrate today is your day,

My congratulations show you how much I like you.

You have always cared for me and taken care of me with all my strength,

and thereby made the 80 years full.


We want to give you a birthday saying,

and think about mom today.

Achieved the eighth zero today

It was not always easy in life.

Let yourself celebrate and forget all worries,

look forward to the next morning.


Good luck and blessings for the 80th birthday,

today there should only be sun for you.

With colorful gifts and birthday cake,

we are happy to visit you.


Rain or shine,

for birthday coffee you invite today.

We would like to celebrate your day of honor with you,

on the 80th we toast with champagne and beer.


Joy, happiness and sunshine,

come into your heart today.

Mom I wish you the best,

and celebrate with you a feast of the festivals.


Accompany you happiness and blessings,

on your other life paths.

We congratulate you mom with a lot of momentum,

Even with 80 years you feel young.

70th Birthday Wishes For Mother - Best 70th Birthday Messages for Mother

70th Birthday Wishes For Mother - Best 70th Birthday Messages for Mother - 70th birthday wishes for mother in law, happy birthday mom from daughter, happy birthday mom from son, birthday wishes for mom from son, happy birthday mom letter, happy birthday mom funny, happy 70th birthday mom poems

70th Birthday Wishes For Mother - Best 70th Birthday Messages for Mother

At 70 you are fast as never,

sometimes it also tweaks in the back and knee,

does not make you feel like it,

can defeat us,

while biking, gardening, playing cards,

can you still feel like 40?

That's why we wish you a cradle party

only the best for the years to come.

70th birthday wishes for mother

70th birthday wishes for mother

Our mother is today 70 years

and it feels wonderful.

She has done a lot in life,

so many times new.

Given great love to children,

The grandchildren enrich their lives now.

All of us are ready today

Thank you - for the nice time.


You can not believe that you turn 70 today!

To make you sing loud,

let's allow ourselves today.

We wish you a nice party

let's swing the dance leg,

you like the coming years

just bring happiness and joy.

70th birthday wishes for mother

70th birthday wishes for mother

At 70 years you look back,

not always you were lucky.

But you never gave up,

it always went on somehow.

You have brought us children into life,

not only our thanks today.

Keep up the good life,

we always want to give you support!

70th Birthday Wishes For Mother - Best 70th Birthday Messages for Mother

For 70 years you are in the world,

have brightened our lives.

Was there sorrow or worry

you were always there.

This morning was still dark, was the morning

then bright again for us.

Because every one of us likes you,

let's celebrate your day of honor today!


Do not think about the daily plague today

lean back on your 70th day of honor.

As a mother, you've done a lot in life,

but sometimes the strength is lacking today,

did you always go to school,

to help us children in every situation.

That's why we want to tell you

how nice it is that we have you.

We wish you to your present day feast,

Health, joy and the very best!


Dear mother!

You will be 70 today,

quite a few are wearing gray hair,

but you are not old iron,

Do your duty daily.

Should something not quite fit,

we can rely on your advice.

We wish you health and a lot of strength,

so that you can do the 100 too.

60th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Best 60th B-day Messages For Mom

60th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Best 60th B-day Messages For Mom - 60th birthday speech for mom from daughter, 60th birthday wishes for mom from daughter, happy birthday mom from son, 50th birthday wishes for mom from daughter, birthday wishes for mom from son, birthday wishes for mother in hindi, 60th birthday wishes for mother in law, funny birthday wishes for mom from daughter

60th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Best 60th B-day Messages For Mom

 If you had not seen the light of the world 60 years ago, 

That would be, no doubt, God's greatest mishap.

The worst misfortune concerning me, that much would be lost to me,

Security and your love, I would not even have been born!

Therefore, I wish the best, the best and the only true

Mom, and much, much, in the next 60 years!

60th birthday wishes for mother

60th birthday wishes for mother

Dear Mom, 60 years! I still can not believe it!

How should that fit with your nature and your being?

So young and beautiful in heart and spirit;

So fresh and strong in the chest and groin;

Never would I have thought that years can be hidden!

Dear Mom, 60 years! I still can not believe it!

Should not be dusty in the living room at the age of 60?

In the rocking chair with good wine;

And a book for a good appearance;

No trace of your way of life can allow such conclusions!

Dear Mom, 60 years old, you probably do not believe that yourself!

Not a single proof to you, who speaks for the hypothesis!

60th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Best 60th B-day Messages For Mom

Are you 60 years old? Traces left only,

60 springs and summer, with flowers and sunshine!

No autumn foggy fog, no winter snowfall speaks,

From your warm, calm eyes and your gentle face.

Neither darkness nor cold, hide in your heart,

Because the bright sun laughs out of that, along with 60 little sparklers!

Who will be 60 today,

and who is the only true,


My mum!

Is the only true,

Answer only, to this question!

60th birthday wishes for mother

60th birthday wishes for mother

Good luck to the 60th birthday,

because you are our best piece.

May all your wishes come true,

We want to see you very happy today.

Gifts are available later with coffee and cake,

We really like to visit you today.

On the birthday cake we are very happy

and to see you much more.

I wish you all the best and say, remember:

At the age of 60, life really starts.

60 years are worth

that you are honored especially.

That's why we want to tell you today:

It's nice that we have you!

We wish you flowers and candles,

We are here with gifts today.

After all, you will only live 60 years once in a lifetime,

that's why there has to be a really great celebration.

The best time begins for you

The golden years start - if not now when?

The true art of living is to see the miraculous in everyday life.

Once, faithfully and diligently,

he did some deep pull.

Only after being twice 30,

he said, "It's enough now!

Of the deeds, well done,

loves to rest,

and now it's up to the boy

likewise their duty to do.

60th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Best 60th B-day Messages For Mom

Do not make the 60 years old

and not the gray hair.

You are only old when you lose

and you are no longer interested in anything.

Everyone who gets the ability

To recognize beautiful

will never grow old.

60th birthday wishes for mother

60th birthday wishes for mother

60 years ago you saw the light of day. I hope you look back with a smile on all the time.

Wine and sparkling wine and a few clear

... and a strike on sixty years!

Life is beautiful, life is long, now it depends on your 6er a 0er. The 5 and 9 are past, but you still have enough time. Your life begins with new goals and dreams. From clear lakes and tall trees. Happy Birthday!

The more you thought, the more you did, the longer you lived.

What in your 60 years,

has everything happened to you,

have experienced a lot and seen a lot,

many mishaps happened to you,

but also success was always present

on all your life paths.

Dude, dance, despite the years!

What joy when it says:

Dude, you're old at years,

blooming but is your spirit!

60 years - what a number! A reason to celebrate is that!

Unstoppable, quiet and silent

multiply the annual circles.

Suddenly in the passage of time

a round number is wide.

If you wake up this morning,

did you make the 60 full?

Every year has its meaning,

as it comes, take it.

For everything you do, thanks!

Stay healthy, never get sick!

The human being, who ages fast,

First he wears jeans, later flannel.

The teeth are getting yellow,

that does not look good, you realize yourself.

Low in physical activity, more weight,

the hair gets ugly,

whether less or tinted the hair,

That's how it goes with the years.

At you sixty, I realize

all this is still coming!

You are so fit and mopsfidel,

make no secret of the sixty!

50th Birthday Wishes For Mother - Deep 50th Birthday Wishes For Mom

50th Birthday Wishes For Mother - Deep 50th Birthday Wishes For Mom - 50th birthday wishes for mom from daughter, birthday wishes for mom from son, funny birthday wishes for mom from daughter, happy birthday mom from son

50th Birthday Wishes For Mother - Deep 50th Birthday Wishes For Mom

A mom can in life

always give the most beautiful to you.

She is always there for you

makes your life wonderful.

I never want to live without you

and give you today

the largest bouquet of flowers in the world

your life always keeps blooming.

My dearest mom for my birthday

I am there for you too.

50th birthday wishes for mother

50th birthday wishes for mother

A nice day has come

I took your hands

and I want to tell you from my heart

I could never complain.

You are always there for me

every day and every year.

And also with 50 years

should you preserve yourself

Your big heart and your love

I wish it to stay that way.

50th birthday wishes for mother

50th birthday wishes for mother

Today you will be 50 years

I think that's wonderful.

Will honor you and tell you

I love you on all days.

I can always count on you

just have to dial your number

then you are there and help

even if you do not always want.

The best mom in the world

priceless with money too.


Sometimes I worry you

I'll borrow money.

Was not always good

sometimes stupid as a sheep.

That's why I want to tell you today

You should not complain anymore.

You will be 50 years old

and I wish me soon

that you always stay healthy

that your life always runs around.

Health for your life

because a mother must always exist.


In life you supplied me

a protective hand always borrowed me.

The worries you have taken from me

I have always got love.

For the 50th I want to tell you

I could never complain.

Because the best mom in the world

they had ordered for me.


Sometimes there was a fight

not all time was easy.

But you were always there

and that is wonderful.

Because even with 50 years

I learned

that mother love stays

and never deviate from the side.


A family is very important

because only then is it right.

To get along with life

worried me.

Today I give you this back

because it is in my view.

At 50 you are not old

but if, then you get hold of.

I will take care of you

and to lend you my love.


Not everything is important in life

some things are completely void.

But you have to have a mom

one thinks of the many gifts.

She gives everything that is possible

always stands by the side.

Today I want to honor you

and give you the 50th

a beautiful day

because I like my mom so much.

40th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Happy 40th Birthday!

40th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Happy 40th Birthday - happy 40th birthday mom poems, happy 40th birthday mom funny, happy birthday mom, happy birthday mom from daughter, happy birthday mom letter

40th Birthday Wishes for Mother - Happy 40th Birthday!

Special 40th Birthday Wishes for Mother

I wish you, because I like you.

Today you will be 40 years old

and it's a big day.

Many years of your life

did you care about us?

Took care of you, mothering us

and always provided with love.

You are our stop in life,

give us courage and a lot of strength.

And you have in all those years

so much good already done.

Love is not self-evident,

but you are wonderful,

You are the best mother,

We all like you.

Happy Birthday!

40th birthday wishes for mother

40th birthday wishes for mother

We give you flowers and sweets today

and have concocted many other ideas.

Because today is your birthday, a very special festival,

that brings all your loved ones together.

You've been in this world for forty years

and do not always do what you like alone.

You're thinking of us all day

and often ask you with care how we feel.

You dry all the tears, get us out of every pain,

You are simply the best, with a big heart.

So we wish you good luck and sunshine today,

because what is really important to us is only you alone.

40th birthday wishes for mother

40th birthday wishes for mother

Thank you for always being there

that you miss me.

Thank you for forgiving me

which is not right.

You are my mother,

the person who loves me.

Someone who warms and protects me,

his whole heart gives me.

You are so close to me,

always know what I think,

To have you with me

is more than a gift.

Happy Birthday!

40th birthday wishes for mother

40th birthday wishes for mother

Good morning, woke up,

The long night is over now.

Today is your great day of honor,

where everyone likes you even more.

As our mother you are today

the center of the whole pack,

who gratefully joins you

and your birthday is lit up.

We congratulate you and sing,

may many good things succeed you yet.

40th birthday wishes for mother

40th birthday wishes for mother

We just want to say thank you

that you love us, on all days.

Forgive, forgive and tirelessly

every quarrel is settled peacefully and amicably.

At 40 you are in the middle of it,

Congratulations on a new beginning.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

34+ Generic Birthday Wishes (Simple & Warm)

Generic Birthday Wishes - Simple and Warm Birthday Wishes - Among family members and good friends birthday congratulations are almost a must. Any birthday gift should be presented with a few sensitive words in a birthday card.

34+ Generic Birthday Wishes (Simple & Warm)

If you want to present very personal congratulations, you can address the past year of the birthday boy or girl, for example: "After your recovery, I wish you ..." or "After your passed exam, I would like to congratulate you now also very warmly on your birthday!". However, the congratulations can also be used to look to the future: "I wish you all the best for your birthday today and good luck with your high school graduation."

Generic Birthday Wishes

1- Congratulations on your birthday!

2- All the best and love for your birthday wishes

3- Exciting and many beautiful things we wish you for your xxth birthday ...

4- I wish you the very best for your birthday, stay as you are!

5- I wish you all the best and love for your birthday. Warmest greetings from ...

6- I would like to greet you and wish you all the best for your birthday.

7- Happy Birthday! The warmest wishes for your birthday from ...

8- I send you a thousand kisses on your birthday! Congratulations from ...

9- A thousand birthday greetings and best wishes from ...

10- For the biggest treasure in the world the best birthday greetings, all the love from ...

simple birthday wishes

11- I wish you only the best and a beautiful, unforgettable birthday.

12- Love, happiness and everlasting cheerfulness wishes you for your birthday ... .

13- I wish you a happy birthday with love, happiness, health and joy.

14- Health, joy and success on your birthday wishes ...

15- Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you all the happiness in the world, your ...

16- Best wishes for your birthday celebration and much joy from ...

17- I wish you all the best for the new year of your life.

18- Your new year of life should bring you much happiness and joy, this wishes you ...

19- For the new year of your life I wish you much happiness, success, health and cheerfulness.

20- My birthday wish: all your dreams shall come true!

generic birthday wishes

21- I wish you for the next year a colorful firework of wonderful experiences.

22- I wish you joy, happiness, contentment and a lot of drive for the new year of your life.

23- High you shall live, high you shall live, 3 x high. Congratulations on your

birthday from ...

24- Dear xxx, I send you 1000 kisses and a happy birthday!

25- Happy birthday to you! May your days be filled with sunshine and happiness in the coming year as well.

26- I wish you all the best for your birthday. May health and joy be your companions also in the new year of your life. The very best congratulations ...

27- Dear friend, I would like to congratulate you on this special day. I wish you much happiness, success and health for the coming year.

28- Dear friend, the new year should bring you only carefree days! Happy birthday from ...

29- For your birthday today I wish you the very best. May all your dreams come true! Happy birthday from ...

30- I wish you for the coming year a happy time, with many great surprises and experiences. Congratulations from ...

31- I wish you from my heart that all your dreams come true. The warmest birthday wishes from ...

32- Dear birthday girl! We wish you a new year of life full of joy, happiness, health and lightness.

33- We wish you that the new year will bring only beautiful moments. Happy birthday greetings from ...

34- On this special day I would like to bring you the warmest congratulations. I hope we will have more time for coffee together in the coming year. Your friend ...

Friday, May 14, 2021

Birthday Wishes For Zumba Instructor, Happy Birthday For Dance Teacher

Birthday Wishes For Zumba Instructor, Happy Birthday For Dance Teacher - zumba birthday greetings, happy birthday zumba style, happy birthday to my zumba instructor, happy birthday zumba instructor, happy birthday zumba queen, zumba happy birthday dance, happy birthday zumba images, happy birthday zumba friend

Birthday Wishes For Zumba Instructor

Birthday Wishes For Zumba Instructor

Just stress and high expectations for me,

shape my memories of you.

This is now the end of this day,

I forgave you, no question.

You meant well,

even if I cried a lot earlier.

And soreness was there,

very hard for me was the last year.

But today I hope for your kindness,

I am tired of the constant moaning

and wish you a Merry Christmas,

only the best and many more years.

I followed your example,

I did not always want it.

Was often desperate and in the end,

but always you took my hands.

Showed me what's important,

Have you ever been ill, I missed you.

No one trains zumba as well as you,

even if you are tough, I admit it.

A smile flits across your face today,

because you are now one year wiser.

birthday wishes for zumba instructor

birthday wishes for zumba instructor

Sporty and well toned,

You have been and never embarrassed yourself.

Show me the limits

trains me hard and often branches,

were my thoughts and muscle strands,

because of your relentless constraints.

But you only wanted the best for me,

so all the best for cradle festivals.

Life is not a pony farm,

I often thought I was stupid.

But have you taken away my thoughts,

have always come with good tips.

I owe you the zumba career,

very often you put me in the place.

I took your tips seriously,

I made progress in zumba training.

I would like to thank you for that now

and celebrate your birthday, that breaks.

birthday wishes for zumba instructor

birthday wishes for zumba instructor

You have never been kind,

all the time you had to stress us.

You meant it only well.

Nevertheless, I often cried.

I often felt overwhelmed,

many things were ordered by you.

Performance, your highest priority,

After many training sessions, we were dead.

That's why - congratulations!

Have you thrown me and wounded,

always found a way

To enforce your will

and to rush myself properly during zumba training.

Warp and forget no,

but today should be your day of honor.

That's why I want to send you in this way,

all the best, health and a long life.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Birthday Wishes For Doctors, Birthday Cards For Doctors

Birthday Wishes For Doctors - Doctors are always there for us and for our health and sometimes even put the well-being of their fellow humans above their own. At least they can accept a thank you - or a happy birthday. Because if we are not feeling well again, we are grateful for the birth of a clever doctor! In addition, he will certainly be pleased when he is put on the spot by his patients and medical assistants on his day of honor. happy birthday wishes in medical language, birthday cards for doctors, happy birthday doctor funny, birthday wishes in medical language, happy birthday doctor images, birthday wishes for medical student, happy birthday doctor cake, happy birthday doctor greeting cards

Birthday Wishes For Doctors

Birthday Wishes For Doctors

Have a birthday, believe me,

is the best way

and a true miracle cure

against stress in a white coat.

Chocolate cake instead of tablets

and champagne instead of cough syrup -

that gives you, let's just bet,

new strength for everything.

birthday wishes for doctors

birthday wishes for doctors

So I wish you with all my heart,

that you are at all the drudgery

sometimes have time, glad to joke;

enjoy life - take a break!

"Celebrate until the doctor comes" -

the saying is true,

but since you have today's birthday,

this rule is void.

Instead of the little word "to,"

there is a "because" needed -

Because you are a doctor! Drum I seal

until my skull smokes

and wish you, despite the semantics

and this long lyre,

that tonight the bubbly flows

at your great celebration!

You are the demigod at the bedside

and many patients find you nice:

That's why I wish you today

even more such people,

they make up for the rest quite easily!

You are celebrating your day of honor

and because I like you so much,

I wish you three things today

for medicine:

A practice, big and nice

with waiting room and skeleton,

which belongs to you all alone

and nobody bothers you.

In addition, private patients

with a lot of money and high pensions,

which frees you from pain

and then she points to bed.

And lastly, though

missing to the whole of one,

but I think, you already have it:

Enjoy the profession.

birthday wishes for doctors

birthday wishes for doctors

"Happy Birthday", we sing

and raise our beer,

bottled in a beaker -

that fits better than a measure.

There are chips from the kidney shell;

There were many parties,

but there is not everywhere

a medicine ball!

That's why we want to write here:

As you are, you must stay,

clever and conscientious -

a true doctor of passion,

full of humor and joy,

yes, we wish you all the best!

You are a really nice guy

and great lifesaver;

Birthday you have today

and me and all the people,

we wish you from the heart

(and that, without joking)

A pretty steep career,

so completely without a barrier.

It does not matter if the bile pinches me,

if the flu bothers me,

the blood values ​​go crazy,

or the stomach gnaws,

my doctor, he always listens

and knows the medicine,

I'll get well with him in no time,

he can do it again.

That's why, because he has a birthday,

I wrote him this poem,

he is a man of advice and action,

and I do not want to miss it.

Doctor knows my Zipperlein

and knows the medicine

and my wife doctor all alone,

she'll get me back.

It is Mrs. Doctor who recognizes

from afar any patient,

she knows every life story,

listen and do not judge.

Doctor is celebrating her birthday,

I congratulate,

because no doctor else I like,

and for no one else I'm tight '.

Dear, good veterinarian,

if a doctor like you would not be,

then the animals would have to invent him,

for spraying, auscultation, bonding.

And whether poodle, hamster or hare,

for everyone and everyone you have a nose,

the animals feel who they really like

Happy Birthday.

birthday wishes for doctors

birthday wishes for doctors

They would not be good for a long time,

my tired, old eyes,

would not be a specialist,

who misses those eyes.

I do not want to write long,

it should stay with a few lines,

only congratulations, in fact,

the best ophthalmologist of our city.

He has already seen so much

so many he saw already go,

and he always encourages everyone

Our doctor is kind hearted.

Many times he was ill himself

and has wavered with fatigue,

has always plagued us,

not complained about it for a word.

For my birthday, I wish you a happy birthday

a nice holiday, and very far away.

When nobody is there anymore

and if no man loves you,

It's the doctor who does not forget

that there is you on earth.

And today, I do not forget

that the doctor has his birthday,

a basket of powerful weight

Thank you for every action.

The diagnosis of the symptoms for next year shows

that the status praesens is coming to an end.

The etiology is a definite alcohol penie

which can be solved with a therapy in the circle of friends.

Therefore congratulations you genius

and that the lifesaver industry leaves you a little privacy left.

I wish you an extirpation of the worries

and a transplant of your wishes,

still hidden,

lie in your innermost

and hopefully be fulfilled before they fly away.

My definite prognosis is a cheerful diagnosis,

if you have a leather pants for the next visit

in the patient,

Therefore, a happy birthday

with this little post,

and that you think more about yourself next year.

In these unhealthy days

you have to endure a lot,

that's why it's often the Doctor's neck,

because the patients say one thing and only promise to behave well,

as the doctor thinks fit.

Therefore it is better with you, if one does not count the years,

because you already have more than you think.

I hope that next year your cholesterol level lowers,

and now is poured for your birthday.

May the exitus to your patient not hurry so much

and that they will stay for a long time under your successes.

We all appreciate your encephalon,

although you do not have enough pay

for your constant insomnia

due to the professional medical history.

We all feel deep sympathy and gratitude towards you for serving the good of humanity.

May today's euphoria

hold for a long time and we will give you pleasure with our gifts.

Do not let the alcohol hit the Gaster so hard today,

because tomorrow there are again patients who gave their fate into your hands,

and perhaps endure the foetor with melancholy.

I hope the birthday was good, and now that you're older,

deny new victories with much courage.

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