Splendid Happy 60th Birthday Wishes

Splendid Happy 60th Birthday Wishes - The 60th birthday marks a special moment: The jubilee reaches an age when people talk about "seniors". Anyone who does not want to work at this age is no longer subject to compulsions, and one is basically perceived as a person who has put all the necessary things of life behind him and can now let it "fade away". In the whole environment, people over 60 are considered old: seniors receive a discount if they have reached the age of 60, train tickets are offered cheaper, the zoo is cheaper to enter and even in fortunately no longer imaginable war would be no longer called the weapons. So one is old and therefore no longer useful in and of itself. Who does not fumble when a man of 60 years marries a 20-year-old fashion model from around Ukraine? - The suspicion is obvious that the 60-year-old man has earned the favor of beauty not because of his power but rather because of his money. At the age of 60, you probably should not do certain things anymore.

Splendid Happy 60th Birthday Wishes

Aging is also associated with a wealth of happy circumstances: At 60, you are usually already a grandfather or a grandmother. This closes the circle of nature and makes it easier to deal with one's own transience. So you are 60 and listen with joy and contentment to the sayings of relatives and acquaintances. There is much to hear, because the age of 60 basically rounds off a human life, even if the Bible promises us twice that age. Proverbs on the age of 60 should not necessarily point consistently to the transience of being: it is better to point out the upcoming section.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes

The 60th birthday is also a day of reflection: It is looked back on a hopefully fulfilled life and a happy time. Dear people may come for a blessing and life is celebrated together. It is the anniversary or the anniversary guest allowed to have nice people who would like to join a carefree celebration.
Since table speeches on such an occasion are indispensable: Sayings to the 60th Birthday can be found in every diction with us.

At the age of 60, it really starts
the worries are small, the children big.
Drum celebrate this day today
he only wants to bring you good!

You have a birthday '60 years'!
You ask yourself, "Is that true?"
The child in you never grows old,
It gives you joy, happiness and stability!

At sixty you are not old today,
Also the youth sun shines cold.
You still have a lot to give everyone
in this oh so beautiful life!

You have been in these 60 years
to experience some happiness and suffering.
But nothing has ever happened in vain,
If you look back, you will see it ...

With 60 old? Who says that?
There is still a lot of fun!
Only those who complain are old
and falls into the "mourning hole" soon!
So much you can do now,
maybe a trip to Cameroon?
It's beautiful in Tibet
There are a thousand lakes in Finland!
So live now, because everyone knows
You do not stand on the siding!

How many times have we come to you,
You hugged us,
always mindful of your love,
made a lot of jokes.
Your heart is so big
So we will never let you go!
You have achieved a lot at 60
and it was not always easy,
have you given us strength and comfort,
it's so nice to live with you!

You were born, thank God!
At 10, you're sitting on the school bench,
at 20 you have heartache,
with 30 a tax number.
At 40, the motto is:
"50 is the midlife crisis!"
At 60, you have overcome
what hurt you as a young person.
Then you are above all things
and you can sing a song with happiness!

As good as a matured wine
I would like to be 60!
Then I can see people "more mature"
and understand more through experience.
And lies on my head also snow
then it does not hurt me a bit!
I do not cry for the youth,
it harbors many avenues ...
At 60, I come to me
and feel safe then ...

Many a friend is no longer there
and not much anymore as it was.
Many a dream is not fulfilled
but your desire unfulfilled ...
That's why it's not the outer appearance
who lets you be young at 60!
Your heart has hurt many a pain,
but you also found man
who shared happiness and sorrow with you.
The "60" has overtaken you now ...
Be grateful for the colorful life
that once gave you as a gift ...

Oh, how long have you thought
60 will be? Good night!
And now it's up to you,
and now comes the time,
and you stammer: what are they talking about?
Now everything is better than never!
Those with 70 are full of envy ...
Reason enough to enjoy today.

You do not need to prove yourself
no longer have to fight, slime, travel,
can find a distance from the old life
full of pressure, full of stress, full of fears.
Who used to despise as an "old man",
is well respected today,
is always strong and confident.
Look around, discover perplexed:
Look, the blonde from kindergarten
can hardly wait for the 60s.
Sechzger are a fine class.
Really experienced, good breed!

At twelve, still in school, you were,
and heard about the teacher Karmann.
The, almost thirty, one day
stayed away; it was called what arges
happened to the poor man,
and now, in the hospital, he is operated on.
At thirty? It's not worth it anymore.
So there was the opinion. But that changes a lot ...
A sixties can only smile tiredly here.
Must not lag behind highlights long ago.
Rejoices in life.
And the jubilarian live high!
And if possible
many years still!

Who actually says that we, not even sixty,
would have been happy and always without worries?
And who says that we, not even sixty,
had lived the life without fear of the morning?
Who is jumping nowadays?
in Dauertöten, without question,
from internship to internship,
anxious about the future, job and fame?
A Sixth looks sovereign
very easy forward
into the next year ... (joking !!)
He is happy, thankful,
and drink another glass,
and rejoices the friends.
Well, that's something!

That may have been true in the old days
that is attractive only who is young in years.
But times are different, that's known,
those who are young have a hard time in our country.
Would very much like to plan the future
and just as the ancients foreshadow
how it goes on, preferably without worries
the job, the apartment, the rent of tomorrow.
And who knows how gladly the poor boys look
on the cheerful Sechzger, who succeeded so much:
They celebrate a completely different life.
A free one. A happy. A 6oer just!

The round is huge.
The life of many was famos.
Some are young and are great,
the others are older,
take the mouth not so full.
The evening is getting long
the wine, that's good,
and the hour of truth
do not stay out, the courage grows,
let's say how bad that is with 30
with a child, long distance relationship,
pretty crap.
And at 40, the child is always pubescent,
the woman is bland, does not leave the guy alone.

They say:
The man becomes very interesting with age soon.
The women, however, are only quite old.
The real living counter-evidence with momentum
He is now on the same day smooth 60 years young.
Keep your great youthfulness.
This gives you power and drive at all times.
This is really guaranteed
That you, that increasing age is not decorated with obscurities.
Live with great enthusiasm
Then he never stops, your momentum.

Scandals, crises, climate collapse:
And every morning.
You really do not want to hear that anymore.
That's too much grief and worry.
But the best news is coming today.
Giant message for all curious people!
Your full 60 years!
They are the positives and the truths.
This is the super message from the day.
Everyone really likes to hear.

Sing praises to you.
Bring you gifts.
Flowers must be there too.
So that a big party is your 60th

For your celebration
Come cook and Meier.
Come many well-wishers.
The same found the festival.
Your 60th, that is unique.
That's why we celebrate very loudly.
With you and here
See you tomorrow at four.

We want to bring you joy today
And sing a song of praise.
Because 60 years you have become
And still optimist.
Stay there:
Then life is cheerful.

How the weather is life.
Sometimes it's a huge crap.
Clouds, rain, wind and sun:
They are always bliss.
Take it as it comes.
You will be accompanied in all your ways.
But that is a true giant rain.
No matter how today the weather forecast.
For you is the little poem.
For your 60th birthday,
And because everyone likes you.

Eat the most delicious cake piece.
For the 60th we wish you great luck.

You have given us all a lot of love.
A lot of time and effort from your life.
For 60 years
Your comforting voice sounded.
We celebrate you with joy.
That's why we're all here.
Today is a day of rest for you.
Where you have your joy.

The past is called history.
What brings and the future? Who knows.
Present is just and today.
All people know about this fact.
That's why we're happy about everything
With you to popping the party to your 60th.
This is probably no age anymore.
That's why we're all very happy.
You cordially invite us to you.
That's why we all want to be happy with you.

This morning I sat at breakfast.
I almost forgot!
Forging the right verse for you.
Yes, I still did not avoid it.
There my poetic talent
For you knows no limit.
I do not play the flute.
I'm not a little Goethe.
For your 60th, however
All good wishes.

At the age of 60, when it really starts, life is so well known to many. Today you also crack the border and become tender and proud 60 Lenze. If you are young or old, you will soon receive the answer. It's up to you, what follows, but I'm sure you make gold out of everything. So let's party properly today, dance and sing and spend a cozy evening together. Best wishes for your birthday. All the best and good health for your future.

We congratulate you on your special day of honor, for one reason, because everyone likes you. Take this gift, which comes from the heart and blows out all 60 candles. You will succeed without any problems and we can finally devour the delicious cake. All the best for your birthday and good health for the future!

Sixty years old sounds quite old, but you, you are still far from being so far. But you are still clearly in the head and physically very fit, but heed a well-intentioned tip: Treat yourself to one or the other break, at your big birthday break. All guests are now here waiting for today's star. They want to start with the big party and give you the absolute rest. Have fun celebrating and enjoying your day of honor. Congratulations!

When does being old start? What else is there to it? Many people ask these questions because you have a birthday today. You're 60 years old and rarely cold in your life. You are a person with a big heart and have already taken many pain from us. We thank you very much and want to give you a little something back, so take this gift, which is filled with lots of luck. Thank you for everything and now let us celebrate, sing, dance and laugh and turn the night into day. Happy Birthday!

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