Happy 30th Birthday Wishes - Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes - Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes - With the 30th birthday ends the youth. It is no longer charming, still studying or still living in the "Hotel Mama". At 30, men and women should stand on their own two feet and start their own lives accordingly. As a rule, the 30th birthday is therefore followed by a big party. Anyone who turns 30 usually leaves their parental home or has done so over the last few years. A reason to say goodbye is this day, because most of the 30th Birthday also means farewell to the familiar environment. For most people, it also means to be "grown-up": children are finally no longer children when they have reached a certain age and have attained a degree of spiritual maturity. There is a Abnabelung of the parents, which is necessary for the survival of a species. The parents perceive this as bad, but it serves the preservation of the species.

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes - Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes

The 30th birthday is also usually the starting point for the professional career: Who has not made it to the age of 30 years to have come far in the professional career, will probably end in a underpaid ud and discontented mediocrity. The 30th birthday is thus or in other words also an indicator of the past and the future.

The 30th birthday is also often a reason to celebrate. The "child" celebrates himself and his parents, his past and his future. However, it is also time to think about what's coming. Anniversaries such as the 30th birthday are a great way to reflash past life: Was everything right and did I do the things I wanted? - Do I work as expected? - What did my parents want from me? As a rule, you will receive numerous presents for your 30th birthday. Most of these donations are rather meaningless and don't have any real purpose. However, sayings about the age of 30 can be very groundbreaking: a person who turns 30 years old will be happily directed in the right direction. Our offer will show you a variety of sayings that allow one to leap into the next period of life.

Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes

So fast did the time rob you of the years,
did not you just learn to walk?
And then those strands, are they already gray?
From childhood, you have wisely removed.

But you can keep a look back.
The Flegeljahre are long gone
You still do not belong to the old,
enjoy what lies before you, because that is new.

You really do not look at the Thirty,
You're celebrating a thriving age today.
You have a job and you stand your man
and you're ready for any nonsense.

That's the way it should stay, you're still young.
Life still has much to offer you.
Experience becomes too fast,
the most beautiful flowers wither too fast.

And if sometimes you are worried,
just do not let that get you down.
Only confidence solves the questions of life.
With doubts you can only bend cotton.


You look really great.
Are you actually thirty?
Children, car and a house,
You were really busy there.
Should this continue?
Can you still enjoy it?
Job and money are good and nice,
but what can you sweeten,
when suddenly nothing works?
I say as a friend to you: hold on!
True quality of life
are not alone trouble and pain.

You are in the middle of life
and you are in the juice.
Let's raise the glasses
on health and strength.

Let yourself celebrate and praise
admire, gift,
let's drink and dine,
just do not think about tomorrow.

Your heart is full of zest for life.
We wish you strength and energy.
Enjoy the years very consciously
and continue to stand your husband.
This birthday is only once
and thirty you will nevermore,
with everything you always have the choice
take the glass half full, never half empty.
Life is a risk
but as a present the best!
Be brave, strong and always happy
take the whole thing, not the leftovers!

Give your life to life
Do not just let it pass.
It still offers you a lot,
You will survive many things.
You're so young, just thirty,
a day worth celebrating.
Tomorrow you are busy again,
strong and ambitious, as usual.
But today you should be happy,
forget the worries, lift the glass.
You're never alone with friends,
you have not only for fun.
So let me congratulate you
as you are, you are quite right.
Wherever your paths lead,
You know, you are very important to us.

You have mastered a lot in life,
have already lost a lot
I'm happy and excited
that you exist, that you are born.
Have a good time, look ahead,
Life means well.
Problems do not need anger,
they need heroic courage.
I wish you that today.
The 30th is round and beautiful.
And that nothing regrets you later,
I will always stand by you.

Tempo thirty, a good start,
life is gaining momentum.
Steer it carefully, then you realize the sense
then you will be spared bad.
Do not take the bends quickly,
think of the oncoming traffic,
drive full of curiosity and be curious,
then your life does not remain empty.

The 2 and the 9 are gone
past the youth, oh fright.
Now it's up to date
the 3 and 0 came too fast.
But it is said, look forward to this number,
Time flies, you have no choice!

From me to your party,
as wishes only the very best.
And to that, that's clear
a great happy year.
Happy Birthday,
there is no reason for a pout!

It has to be celebrated
You have been here on earth for 30 years.
A genuine one of the highest quality,
very rare, a true rarity!
Quality lives up to its promise
a good year does not age.
He has to develop more and more,
and still last forever.
For the 30th birthday the very best,
good luck and fun at your party!

Today is your birthday, old boy,
turn 30 and it turns off the color.
But even in this moment, remember
Antiques always arrive well.

30 years you are now young,
Thanks to the stress is still good momentum.
why even now advise and rest,
who feels old, he should do it quietly.
How wonderful that you were born,
we would otherwise have missed you very much.
30, you can hardly pronounce it,
Nevertheless, all the best for your day of honor.

Today go out of the circle of friends
many wishes on the journey.
Although the country is very large,
the joy is huge.
And are the friends still so far,
The greeting has a lot of warmth.
Whether from the Moselle, the Rhine or even the Elbe,
from Bavaria and also Saxony comes the same.
Happy 30th or Frisian flat a "Moin",
the greetings have only one purpose - to please you.

It takes to the annual circles,
unstoppable, quiet and silent.
Over time,
now makes the 30 wide.
Woke up after a short night,
she has gotten close to you.
Stay healthy and do not get sick
Show everything you do, thank you.


Soon they are there, the third teeth,
even if I do not like to mention it.
Your six-pack belly, he'll disappear,
writhe in wrinkles towards the ground.
Also you do not have to annoy,
when the chest begins to hang.
The hair is gray and thinner, it is soon clear
the beauty has not been around for a long time.
But on your honor day,
do I ask you the question
if you want to celebrate with us,
traditional, rustic like the Bavarians.

For 30 years I have to endure you,
How dare you,
now want to age even further
and to ruffle over your face.
Back then, it was you, young and crispy,
in your appearance - if you were naked -
the girls turned around,
today it is being blasphemed.
Despite all that, I congratulate you on my birthday,
because old, sunken and not attractive I still like you.

Congratulations, old spikes,
thirty years on the cheeks now.
You barely see it, you're in a good mood,
Take it with humor and let time take its course.

Today is your day of honor that everyone likes to celebrate with you. You will only be 30 years old once in your life, so let's give it everything today. We celebrate, dance and drink until the last waving goodbye to you. Happy Birthday.

No matter if big, no matter if small, today we all want to be with you. We want to celebrate your day of honor because everyone here loves you so much. You are now 30 years old and are still far from an old figure, so let's make a break with dancing, drinking and much more laugh. Best wishes for your birthday.

30 years, you will want to celebrate today and with you all people. They come from near and far and want to congratulate you so much. So let's party and laugh to make the night of the day. So we congratulate you sincerely for the birthday and wish good health and all the best.

Today we celebrate your birthday and ask us where do we leave the time just? You'll be 30 years old today and one thing I can tell you, you're still young. That's why we wish you all the best and stay healthy and healthy, you sweet Zuckerschnute.

Because your birthday is so much fun, today is celebrated and much more laughed. Our lives, you make colorful, that's why you are the only focus today. Because with 30 years it starts really, with many journeys through the world, that will be terrific. There is so much that can be discovered, for example, it is possible to reach for the stars. Since 30 new things start, so enjoy this day and let it crack again! happy Birthday

Thirty long and interesting years of life, which were not only rosy, these years you have since today behind you, so you get only the best wishes from me. On roses you were rarely bedded, and yet you are such a very nice and also a very young smart woman, who I would like to look deep into the eyes. I very much like to tell her that I love you and hope too much that she will always stay with me, so take these flowers and take my hand, I hope I can hold you for a lifetime.

Your life train has arrived at Station Thirty,
and do not even stop there.
You can still celebrate and be happy,
You really are not old yet.

The train will not stop here,
He continues the life journey.
And on this long, long journey you should always be happy
At any time, in any place!

Are you looking at life's rearview mirror,
then there is not much to see.
You are still so young, there is hardly anything happened.

Do you look ahead with your thirty years
then it looks quite different.
Success and happiness and festivals,
they are coming towards you.
You can not defend yourself against that,
So let's just do it!

You can not be thirty yet
You do not look that old.

Do not ask me why, why
You look at most like twenty-nine and a half.

On your thirtieth birthday, many well-wishers are queuing up
I join in there.

And when I stand before you face to face
Then I'll tell you something nice,
But what - I do not know that yet.

Stop! Stop! It occurred to me again.
Do us all a favor:
Stay healthy, happy, full of energy
Never forget the party.

About every party are you happy?
Trust us: we support you!

Every new year of life lies before us like a white, blank slate,
We know exactly, things do not always go smoothly!

We make plans and we feel like we're blacksmiths,
But do not know what will happen tomorrow.

I wish you that you can always direct your life - as needed
and that I am allowed to accompany you very dearly and faithfully.

Who are the lucky charms in our lives?
Quite simply, it's the friends that surround us.

On your birthday you should be happy,
And then I want to be one of your lucky charms.

My birthday rap
Does not come from an app.
I thought this up for you
Last night.

Now listen to my birthday message:
Stay happy and happy and fully casual,
You could be a little cooler
Would be good for your psycho-complaints.

Do not leave a party,
At some point you will also find your mouse,
Stay away from stress
On your way to Happiness.

My birthday rap
Did not come from an app.
I thought this up for you
Last night.

Woe, if you laugh at it!

On your birthday you look forward and back.
Both will bring you luck.

The retrospective shows: Thirty years have passed
Do not complain, you are fine.

Looking to the future you are prophesied:
Now comes your best time.
Only luck and success and happy days
Carefree cheerful and without any plague.

You are skeptical, do not believe me?
Yes, I really can not guarantee it.
But my glass ball almost always lives up to its promises.

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