Cool Happy 20th Birthday Wishes - Best 20th Birthday Wishes

Cool Happy 20th Birthday Wishes - Best 20th Birthday Wishes - The 20th birthday represents a certain turning point for the young person, because suddenly the 1 has disappeared in front of the number and has made a 2 place. Many birthday children organize a very special celebration on this day and the guests often ponder for days about a suitable gift. The birthday child is always beautiful or funny sayings along the way. These are either on the birthday card or are presented during the celebration. A much better impression leaves the guest, if it is not about sayings off the rack, but original sayings that he does not know yet.

Cool Happy 20th Birthday Wishes - Best 20th Birthday Wishes

Not everyone is a born poet, but he can be helped. On this page he finds a variety of birthday sayings. Of course, important topics are primarily the end of the teenage years. The greater responsibility young people now have to bear is another issue that is often written about. In addition, very specific characteristics of the birthday child can be described in the saying. On the one hand, a twentieth birthday saying can look back on the past 19 years, but of course a look ahead to the future. Of course, the outlook should be kept as positive as possible, so that the birthday child gets a good mood. Sex also plays a role in the selection of the birthday saying, because often character traits are described in the sayings, which occur more in one or the other sex.

Birthday sayings can be presented in two ways. Often they are simply written on an invitation card. Many make the mistake of inserting the card into the printer and hoping that they will get a decent card. Such a card with a printed saying is very impersonal. It is better if the saying is applied with a beautiful handwriting. A special effect also achieves an unusual color, for example, a gold tone is very popular. Sometimes one or more sayings are presented orally in the form of a small lecture. Who wants to do that, should first practice the proverbs at home in front of the mirror. When the day begins, it is important to have the full attention. A good time is when everyone is eating. Of course not necessarily during the meal, but just before. With a small bell you can make yourself heard and then start the lecture.

best 20th birthday wishes

For the 20th birthday today
many people congratulate you,
you are grown right now,
you are put into another time.
Enjoy your day today,
what I like to treat you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear round birthday boy,
20 years have passed like the wind.
Today we celebrate your feast with you,
where you let us participate.
We are very happy to be with you
cheerfully join in the congratulations.

20 years have passed since you were born.
we can not believe how fast time has passed.
Have you prepared for your present life,
I still want to give you something today.
Would you like to say we are here for you,
whenever you need us, we are close to you.

Today we celebrate your cradle festivals,
Become 20 years old, you are our best.
We brought you something nice,
we hope that your heart will laugh about it now.
Happy birthday to you too,
We wish you that very much.

Very quickly, the days of childhood have passed,
What should we do without you?
You will miss us, you know that, my child.
Now you are 20 years old, how fast the days have passed.
But one thing you should know, whenever it has to be,
we are there for you with much love and a kiss.

Today is my son's birthday
You are already 20 years old.
You celebrate a party with your friends,
where you let it really crack.
I wish you all the best from my heart
never give up, always feel happy.

I still can not believe it, my child,
20 years pass like a second in the wind.
You are now grown up, you are responsible for you,
but I'm still here for you, I swear.
If you call me, I should help you,
I come to you, because I still think you're great.

Birthday to celebrate, that's very nice,
but before all the guests go home,
I would like to congratulate you on the 20th
and personally serve you my gift.
I hope you like it and bring you luck,
please always remember me in love.

You are still so young and enjoy your life,
how it should be with 20 years old.
That was also granted to you from the heart,
I would do it if I could. '
On your birthday, I can even do that,
although I'm older so many years'.

Today is a special day,
a day I like to tell you
that I am so glad that you exist,
I have always loved you so much
Even if you are 20 years old,
You are someone for me you never forget.

I liked to come to you today,
I heard your invitation with great pleasure.
We sit together and celebrate your feast,
Thank you for letting me be by your side.
For the 20th birthday I congratulate you from the heart,
I wish you a fulfilling life without pain.

20 years ago
We were really happy!
Suddenly you were there,
we thought it was wonderful!
Since then a lot has happened
you even learned to walk.
You got the driver's license,
Grandma now has more wrinkles.
And also the graduation - a breeze,
You really do not do a lot of puttering.
Now you are finally 20 years old
but we do not fight each other's hair.
We want to celebrate with you
So we are all here today!
We'll come up against you!
Bottom up!
Best wishes for your birthday!

The second round in your life in this world,
Of course we like that a lot.
The 20th birthday is very important
So far, everything was going right.
We want to celebrate the 40, 60, 80 and 100 with you,
whether in Hamburg or Bavaria.
You are and you are the best child,
a real true whirlwind.
Stay calm and thoughtful in life,
then you are fine on all your ways.
Happy 20th birthday!

Now you are 20 and not a bit rancid.
Life is before you, that's why we celebrate.
The world is open to you, so let's hope
There are still many round celebrations
and the most important person is just you!
Happy Birthday!

Today is birthday and everyone is coming
Grandma, Grandpa and the aunts are taken.
To make you live,
Corks pop, glasses fall and cups pop.
We all want to celebrate with you
Just like the FC BAVARIA.
For the 20th Birthday we wish you the best
with an incomparable party!
Happy Birthday!

For this important festival
We wish you the best
Family and friends are already here
and find it wonderful,
To let you live today,
they still can not believe it
that you are really 20 years old!
Best wishes for your first birthday!

Good luck for your birthday,
You can not really go back now.
Adulthood starts soon,
but celebrate today until it pops.
I want to congratulate you
You should really enjoy yourself.
I would like to congratulate you on your 20th birthday
And tomorrow you should regenerate yourself.
I wish you a happy and unique birthday!

One year old is quite normal, but 20 years old is very special.
That's why we wish you a great birthday with friends and family,
that you would like to have many special birthdays.

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