Monday, July 12, 2021

Birthday Wishes for Rockstar

Happy Birthday, old house, today no eye is dry.
You can rely on it, today we let it rock properly.
One year older, but not quieter.
Today we rock the shack the voice husky.
You are always in a good mood and mood is taken care of.
Also with drinks, since we are amply supplied with you.
Then nothing can happen to us today.
No one will lose the pleasure of the party so fast.
Maybe you can hide your wife and kids,
because we are guaranteed to party until the morning.

Birthday Wishes for Rockstar

From afar you can hear music is in the air.
We follow the rhythm and the sausage fragrance.
Today we let it crack because you rocker with body and soul are.
High you should live, because now is your birthday.
Put on the old discs.
We are looking forward to the party and come to Hauf.
So we're fine and that's the way it should stay.
We will still write history as a rocker.


Happy Birthday, leather and wild dreams.
We climbed together on the highest trees.
With lots of horsepower, cool rocker songs and a cool beer,
We are all rushing to you today.
The party, she'll be a cracker, you'll see.
Nobody wants to go home today.
Live your life and stay who you are,
because time is too short for tribulations and worries.


Dear birthday child, today it can be louder.
Because it beats so many rocker heart on earth.
Your birthday we will water with a big party
while enjoying the rocker songs from the speakers.
Whoever speaks here of getting older, stay as young as you are,
because our motto is youth and life and freedom.
Do you feel young at heart,
then you stay a rocker, not just in memory.

Rockers are fighters, are always on the move and fit.
Happy Birthday, today we all celebrate with.
A new year of life can not hurt you.
Rockers are fighters, always on the move and clever.
Cheers on you and on the Rocker, forever.
Keep the rocker deep in your heart.
Then you can also get over some evil in life.

Together on our bikes we are
in all the long, past years
over dusty slopes and straight highways
drove so many endless trip.

The time of your life is such a tour,
flying on boundless black asphalt;
Do not let anything cut your wings
and do not stop at any obstacle.

It's your birthday, then my word:
The world belongs to us and to the tires
our machines, that we in all
Years that come, take the liberty!


A few years ago, the hero saw
of the heavy metal the light of the world.
The god of rock was finally born,
on him a true Cobain was lost;
already on those earlier days
he only smashed toy guitars,
where other babies still get milk,
he always ate whiskey.
Today he is a bone-hard bone
and brings every bike bar to a boil:
instead of darts he throws knives at the dart
We say: Happy Birthday and rock hard!


We know you do not need much to be happy - that's why we wish you three things for your birthday: a full tank, the loudest amp of all, and a full box of beer.
Hail to the rock!

You've always had gasoline in your blood,
found motorcycle riding and "Megadeth" good;
had a weakness for fast machines,
you never appeared without a leather jacket.

It's the freedom you like so much:
Values ​​count for you, not money.
You are honest and courageous and always loyal to friends,
a wild guy and not shy.

For what you love, you would give everything -
and so we wish you a very long life
and a birthday that you will never forget:
All the best, stay the way you are!


For your birthday I want to finally say my opinion about you:
You're a long-haired wheelman with holes in his jeans,
You only hear loud music that disturbs the neighbors,
You have tattoos and piercings everywhere
and you consume beer as if it were water.
I love you with all my heart for these qualities. Happy Birthday!

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