Birthday Wishes for Hunters - Happy Birthday for a Hunter

Hunters are mostly calm and well-balanced people because they move a lot in nature. A walk in the forest or even a session with a hunter on a high ground is an interesting and informative experience. The "professional clothing" of the hunters is kept in green color, because of the camouflage. Even outside of duty, they like to wear these clothes, they are easy to recognize. If you know a hunter, you should congratulate him on his birthday, maybe an invitation to a birthday party with a game roast will take place.
Birthday Wishes for Hunters - Happy Birthday for a Hunter

One year older should you be?
That's surely
Just a three-runner - so it looked -
is suddenly now an "old hand" out of it!
One with experience already in the weather,
nothing left so easy to tremble.
We wish for the birthday party
Everything that can be seen and heard
and whichever track you choose,
Luck, that should never miss you!


good hunting

For many years now with Kimme and Korn
Do you also hunt for happiness in life -
with Halali you hit the horn
and you never gave up hunting.

So many game hunted you and killed
now a new year of life moves into the country,
and in the district that you cared for,
we wish a healthy luck stock!


"Good Hunting"

As a friend, always loyal, true and with integrity,
a true man of honor as a hunter,
always honest, free and frank

We wish you a happy birthday
as a meeting always good!
And of happiness and health one part each
and above all, of course

Fermes destiny

Another year rushed by,
employed on your seat by fate,
already accepted by some animals,
but also very good times.
Although many wild animals have escaped you,
but you also have often targeted well,
You had, looking back,
in the past so much joy and happiness!
We wish you further in the life skirmish
Your fate, it is always suitable for the game!


Our birthday boy, that's not a phrase,
is a huntsman, as he is in the book,
he already knows how he runs, the hare
and how nothing goes through the rags!

He loves to nurture and care for
also skillfully brings down many a game!
We wish Blessing to the birthday of Saint Hubert,
Happiness and health and many a doublet!


we want to sing happy songs.
Happy Birthday, we congratulate
wish you so many animals.
Whether red deer, sow or even hare,
never fall on your own nose.
Take good care of you in the woods and fields
when the fields are ordered.
All the love and a lot of time,
to hunt the opportunity.
We wish you that very much today
and if you want much more.


Your high seat is there at the forest,
where the fox goes for a walk.
You like being there in nature,
that is pure life for you.
Now we congratulate you today,
wish a big booty,
if you go hunting again,
and therefore get up very early.
Congratulations and a lot of time
for your hobby the opportunity.


A shot pops through the silent night,
on the high seat you have been through.
Finally the sow is killed
she did not move again.
This is your hobby, is your life,
Then let us lift one.
We want to congratulate you on your birthday
will like to salute.
Look forward to the court
the sow in the oven has weight.
With Waidmannsheil and Halali,
we celebrate for as long as never.
Happy Birthday!


Your life is devoted to nature,
you have always had much of that.
You love the forest and every animal,
often look for lodgings on the high seat.
We celebrate your cradle party today
And wish you "the best"!
For your hobby and your life,
it still has so much to give you.
We're drinking a beer on it now,
because that's what we're after here for.
A Halali will still sound,
later we will sing too.


Where Fox and Rabbit say goodnight,
Your hobby comes to fruition then.
In the quiet and moonlit night,
Did you spend some hours there?
Wild boar, deer and deer,
there you go on the stalk.
The shot is always very targeted,
and has not missed his goal yet.
Happy Birthday today
wish you your hunters.

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