Birthday Wishes for Campers - Happy Birthday Camper Girl

You are and will be born for the campsite,
You have lost absolutely nothing in hotels or pensions.

That's why we give you a birthday instead of money,
a brand new camping tent.

Birthday Wishes for Campers - Happy Birthday Camper Girl

In your holiday you go hitchhiking again,
and instead of staying in hotels, you go camping.

Your only companion is your cat.
She sleeps with you on the air mattress.

So we know you, that's how it should stay
You stay our camping god, we do not want to drive you out.

Good luck and keep living like a vagabond,
then you have some nice hours.


You are and will remain my greatest treasure,
and we celebrate your birthday at the campsite.


Smell the beautiful bonfire in the evening,
then crawl into the sleeping bag.

Yes, you enjoy nature,
that's what you call pure life.

We do not want to dissuade you
and will sing you a song.


You can actually do whatever you want,
You always celebrate your birthday as a camper at the grill.

Then you grill us delicious sausages again,
and give us drinks that will quench our thirst.

So every time the same lyre,
and again we look forward to this celebration.


Hotel vacation is not too expensive,
but you still prefer to sit by the campfire.

And instead of staying in a hotel you live in a tent,
Camping is and remains your world.

Stay the way you are, keep your style,
We want to be like you, that's our goal.

We will give you a sleeping bag for your birthday
There you realize that you have friends who just think along.


Rarely have you ever caught a cold
that's because you're camping regularly.

You get the following result, if you are rated,
stable like an oak, and extremely hardy.

Greetings come, you will already suspect
from your faithful tent companions.


You lead a life of freedom in style,
in your beautiful camper.

Every month you are, that I find strong,
in another camping park.

Keep your rhythm and do not let yourself be bent,
and for your travels we give you 2 camp beds.


Happy Birthday, we wish you all the best,
and give you a little water against mosquito bites.

With this you then moisten your skin,
before the camping tent is built.

Then all mosquitoes are repelled,
And your holiday remains carefree and carefree.


Air mattress and sleeping bag are things my child,
which are simply essential when camping.

That's why we give you these things honey,
and wish you a lot of fun at the campsite.

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