Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues

Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues - If someone from the workforce has a birthday, the work colleagues warmly congratulate to formally - depending on how it works in the job. Especially among colleagues, the tone is often not very polite, but rather a little rough or ironic. The strengths and weaknesses of the birthday child are mostly known. So it is often not enough that the person is taken a bit on the shoestring. But the birthday is also a fitting opportunity to thank for collegial behavior or helpfulness.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues

Birthday Sayings for work colleagues - funny and witty

Congratulations in the circle of colleagues are usually written with humor. Popular allusions are to the inexorably approaching retirement age, which must also be heard by workers under 50 years. Or the indication that it once again did not work out with the promotion, because again a younger man had the nose ahead. It is also noted that the agreement with the boss in the eyes of colleagues is unusually harmonious. Small taunts are often not enough in the birthday sayings for co-workers. As long as they are not unfair or fuel the rumor mill, they can be very funny. Above all, when she recites someone who controls that and has a sympathetic charisma, the birthday boy will not react snapped.

Some teams go out of their way to honor a colleague or a colleague. Then the birthday sayings sound almost like a praise song to the person in question. Maybe it's the mood cannon in the department or someone who is always fair. Even superiors can experience some kind of homage, for example, if they are recognized as good conflict managers. In creative professions, colleagues attach great importance to a special choice of words, and here, too, the joy of words and clean rhymes becomes apparent. Or how the ambiguity of the language is used to accommodate a small sideline.

Birthday sayings for work colleagues arriving

Anyone who struggles with the density of crisp birthday sayings, can fall back on an old trick: simply a popular song umdichten. Then the verses do not rumble, and the song gives a guide. In addition, re-enacted pop songs or folk songs are usually a scapegoat when reciting a chorus of work colleagues or a gifted soloist. If the birthday sayings for co-workers meet the highest intellectual standards, offer poetry or quotes from poets and thinkers. For all proposals online there are a variety of entertaining and challenging suggestions.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues

Our job is really not always comfortable,
but working with you is pleasant.
You are calm and relaxed, even when you are still in stress -
Happy Birthday, and please keep it up!

If it gets too colorful, we'll take a break,
and sometimes we go home earlier.
We will still be able to do the work
with united diligence and united power.
That's how nice it is and it's fun
and that's why I wish you something today:
Good luck, stay healthy and happy,
then we just keep it up!

We like you as a colleague,
but stay away from us today!
It's your birthday, so you have free.
Contradiction futile - it remains!

When I started here I was told
Here, above all, team spirit is required.
I was a little inexperienced
and also quite young for years.
But you came right up to me
and took me by the hand.
A real team quickly became both of us
and we can enjoy each other
Today is your birthday, so I tell you:
Go home, go celebrate, leave the work to me!

Although you have a birthday today, you came to the office.
Everyone else except you would have taken off.
That's why I did not think long
and something to celebrate.
You have to look for colleagues like you for a long time,
That's why you deserve this cake!

Teamwork - not always an easy job.
Therefore you deserve great praise:
Working with you is a pleasure
and so we wish you today:
Good luck and success, stay healthy for a long time,
then everything will continue to run smoothly here!

Today the work must be quiet,
we have better things to do:
Your birthday, colleague, has priority.
I'm sure the boss understands that, too.
We all want to congratulate you,
because without you nothing would work here!

You have been doing this job for many years,
but you still like to do it and good.
And here is the wonderful thing:
This work is simply in your blood.
A stroke of luck you are for all colleagues,
So we wish you good luck and much blessing!

Colleagues are sometimes a nuisance
but to whom do I say that.
With you that's different, no question:
With you the work is fun!
So I wish you this way
Good luck to my birthday, my dear colleague!

The boss has released you today,
So you are not here at all.
You make a nice life at home,
and we do the work.
Because today is your birthday,
is that okay.
Because you are our colleague,
we are happy about that.
All the best, health and good luck -
we expect you back tomorrow!

Today you're sitting happily behind your desk,
On it are flowers that are fresh.
As a birthday present, we have put it to you,
We are happy that you really like our present
And we wish you to remain our dear colleague,
We are happy to go with our little worries.

On the birthday, dear colleague, we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts.
We are glad that you work together with us here
And got to know you as a hard-working and loving colleague,
Who loves difficult tasks and never moves away from them.
So we congratulate you today for the birthdays
And we wish without any question,
That you stay as you are today
And enjoy the job with us for a long time

For your birthday, dear colleague, we wish you luck and blessings
And also in the new year a lot of success on all your ways.
It is nice that you are our colleague,
And enjoy the day of honor with us at work.

We have been working together in the company for many years,
We also found out that you have a birthday today.
We congratulate you wholeheartedly
Nice that you are with us with your laugh and your jokes.

A good colleague is as important as at home the dear husband or the dear wife,
Because most of the time we spend with him - as sociologists calculate accurately and accurately.
That's why today we do not just congratulate you on your birthday,
But also thank you that you stay at work always nice and fair.
We wish you a successful and healthy new life and work year
And hope for you that your many dreams will come true.

Today is the right time for us all
To celebrate a feast at work,
Because today you are celebrating the birthday with your colleagues,
On this day of honor, we wish you all the best and all the blessings
As well as success in all your projects,
But first we all want to eat cake.

Today, our dear colleague will be older once again a year,
The birthday calendar shows that your day of honor is really true.
That's why we gather to sing you a little serenade
And to bring you our congratulations.
We wish you success in the workplace and in private life
And to all your plans good luck and all blessings.

All colleagues, are here today,
and make you live, having you is a blessing!
And that's why I save a lot of talking:
Happy Birthday and happy birthday!

We are so glad that you are
of all of us you are the one who taps the fastest!
You are always on time, your outfit is usually neat
You are still friendly, and most are still nice!
Today is your birthday, everyone is happy with you,
We also like you pretty much, and that's why we sing:
"Happy Birthday to you…".

Dear colleague, Today is your birthday,
That's why I'll just give a little speech:
We all know you and love you,
That's why we want to bow today
in front of you and your performance, you are really a hero!
You always give everything, but you still do not get more money!
You do not care, because the operation is your life!
Anyone like you is a blessing to every boss.
If you have problems, you can always talk to you.
So slowly enough, I come to the end,
stay as you are and shake our hands!
We all congratulate, you are the hero today,
and for us, the best colleague in the world!

There is something to celebrate today, because many years ago you were born,
Back then you already had a crooked nose, a high forehead and big ears.
And that cheeky grin we all love so much,
I wish you a happy and happy birthday,
healthy and happy as often as possible.
It's good that you stop smoking, because that's as bad as narcotic.
Stay strong and keep it up, consider achievements so far as a leader:
You are already high up on her, your goal is closer
as the ground and you are still on course, and never wrong.
Enough of the serious issues, let's now settle for
To take a drink, because you are our man:
Happy Birthday to the colleague who can do everything!

Today has its birthday, people come here
the colleague is having a birthday, we are all very happy!
Because then there are rolls, sweets and cakes,
with these goodies, you quickly forget the book,
counting and typing,
and instead of "good day" you always have "all the best" on your lips.

In a nutshell: you are the best
I wish you a lot of holidays, and dough in the vest.
Stay the way I know you, then you have a real fan in me!
happy Birthday

If the colleague's birthday,
then a celebration will take place.
It is laughed and also danced
and not entrenched behind files.

Colleague ___ laughing at the desk,
who is celebrating today,
he has his birthday, oh how fine,
and invite the colleagues to.

With flowers and with cards,
we wait for the colleague
because this is his birthday,
and make a celebration of joy.
So we dance and we sing
and congratulate him here today.

Celebrating a birthday is a blessing
celebrating with the colleagues a little bit,
it also tastes the birthday cake,
you give him many nice words.
A party that everyone likes
on his rejoicing honor day.

His work table is decorated today
with flowers and gifts,
because he has his birthday today,
we think about the colleagues.

We celebrate the birthday today
by colleague Schmidt,
we also have gifts here
and bring flowers.

High should he live,
today we celebrate,
from the colleague's birthday here
Today we let the work be
and celebrate the birthday fine.

Today, a party is going up in the office
and the colleagues who are glad
who has ___ today's birthday
and therefore make a celebration.

A party is in the air today,
and also a very special scent,
Coffee and cake should be,
it will not be _____ birthday?

In the office, a party is going up today
that's why you all love you,
my colleague's birthday today,
and that's why today is the celebration.
There is dancing all night,
also much celebrated and laughed.

A serenade is brought to the colleague
because this is his birthday today.
Is celebrated today oh oh how beautiful,
there you can see all colleagues.

If the colleague's birthday,
is a nice party,
with flowers and gifts,
because everyone thinks about him.

There's a celebration in the office today,
and there are many people coming
There is dancing and laughing
and the colleague a pleasure.

When the colleague's birthday is over
everyone goes to the party,
there is drinking and laughing
and having fun all night.

The colleagues, all are happy,
because now comes the birthday child,
Today is sung and laughed,
the work today makes another.

The colleague's birthday today,
what makes all other colleagues happy,
a little drink, that's fine,
will be a pleasure for the colleagues.

A high on the birthday child,
so let's party very fast,
because the colleagues are crazy,
We want to send birthday greetings
and send flowers and gifts.

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