Happy Birthday Wishes for the Boss, Team Leader

Happy Birthday Wishes for the Boss, Team Leader: Everyone is happy about a nice poem or a fitting saying - even the boss. After all, it also means that the company is like a family. A nicely rhymed Poem, perhaps even with a fitting individual relation, can lighten up and revive the company gathering for the honorary day of the company owner or department chief - or even be the highlight of the event.

Happy Birthday Wishes for the Boss, Team Leader

However, one should pay particular attention to the choice and the presentation of a birthday sentence for the boss, that neither the general behavior rules nor the specific netiquette of the company are violated. The borderline between recognition and drowning is usually very subtle in the working climate

From the large number of birthday sayings that can be found on this page especially for the boss, only those shortlisted, which also correspond to the nature of the boss. If the boss is more of a reserved person, very politely and at a certain distance from the employees considered, the birthday saying should neither be too funny nor too personal.

If the boss shows in everyday life that he can deal with fun well, even if it concerns his person, he is sure happy about a matching birthday saying, in which a good portion of humor is. If you are not sure, a small trick will help: Allies.

In general, it may make sense to discuss the idea for a rhyming spell on the birthday of the supervisor with one, several or all colleagues. Preparing for the special day of the boss together can not only be fun, but can also strengthen the team spirit - and spread responsibility over multiple shoulders.

After the selection comes the lecture. A good idea may prove to be the intention to present the slogan together. For example, one could have the individual lines recited by different colleagues or audition the birthday saying as a chorus. This also gives the supervisor that he is in charge of a team that not only respects him as a boss, but is also interested in his personal well-being.

Regardless of which option you choose, in our birthday sayings for the boss you will find the right slogan for this opportunity.

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happy birthday wishes for the boss

If the boss has a birthday,
he usually does a party,
the staff is very happy
because today there is no more work.
It is laughed and also danced,
and not entrenched behind the desk.

If the boss is having a party,
then there's only one reason
because he has his birthday.
This is celebrated with all colleagues,
who also like to put the work aside.
So the fete takes its course
and the boss takes it in purchase.

A high on the boss and his day,
because you like him so much,
We celebrate in a tour
the boss's day of rejoicing around the clock.
Best until the next day,
because the workforce likes him so much.

The boss does it like every year,
designed a party, oh how true,
it will be his birthday
and he invites everyone.
Whether from the warehouse or the office,
everyone is anyway.
Many people are then
Nobody else gets to such a party.

Today a keg is opened,
the boss does a party,
is celebrated in a big way,
There's a lot of that,
the boss has his birthday today
and why make this party.
Celebrating with all the people,
which rejoices every year.
Fun makes this festival,
because it takes the bad mood.
And all the people are happy.

When the boss makes a round,
then you people really pay attention
and that loving her is the best
the boss its big cradles.
Is celebrated all night,
because the birthday is awesome,
is celebrated in large numbers.

With flowers and gifts,
will we consider the boss,
because today is his day of rejoicing,
and because you like him so much,
So you celebrate the great day.

Everyone knows
and the boss is also ready
he celebrates his cradle festivals,
he wants only the best for everyone,
of food and drink is always thought
Because he only does the best.

A festival as it is in the book
and on which every colleague goes,
the boss, who invites to the party,
then it can only be his birthday.

A party that gives everyone pleasure
where the boss likes to laugh,
is the birthday that's fine,
this will be the giant party.
That's why you dear people,
so that the boss is really happy.

When the boss invites you to a party,
there the whole company goes,
it is laughed, drunk and sung
and also the dancing leg is swung.
The boss's birthday is terrific,
something is going on at this party
is the mood always famos.

Every year the same game,
the boss's birthday is the goal
is celebrated now without rest,
and there is no one who misses that.
A party to which everyone gives something
because everyone loves the boss so much.

The best boss in the world,
does it every year because he likes it
a party to his cradle party,
There is only the best in this.
A party that everyone likes
every year on this day.

Can you choose your boss,
then you would be the first choice!
Why? - That's easy to tell,
but we will do it another time.
Today we congratulate from the heart
(because once again a year passed)
with a cupcake and with candles,
and singing for our boss!

Well, dear boss, here we stand
and wish you a lot of good.
We let the work rest for a moment
and are very glad -
that you give us a glass of sparkling wine.

We treat you to the big armchair,
where you are enthroned and lead,
You are removed from the cauldron,
because you work with your head -
who now tells you: "Lift the glasses!"

Congratulations, master, boss and boss,
that you do not fall from the high horse,
that you continue to count mistakes
and torture us with your "goodness"!

We do not want to exchange our boss.
He is fair, accurate and nice.

No forest - but he hears leaves rustling,
No head - there is probably no board.

He is certainly sometimes scattered,
Forgets to praise, if something was good.

And yet - not only today,
he is just unmistakable!

You had to climb many steps,
the boardroom is very high.
Even if we bow to each other very deeply,
You see our faces.
Today we come up to you.
We want to tell you: you are great!
You can blame and praise.
Congratulations! On your well-being!

Fresh from college, new broom;
Of course you have turned well,
It had not been easy for us.
But today you are very much worshiped.
You know where to go here in the house,
you had to learn a lot, get it over.
Take our warm applause,
and let you be honestly congratulated.

Congratulations, boss, keep it up!
That you lead me makes me happy.
Well, that's not every day,
that I'm really good at you.
But on the whole and in the whole,
between files and balance sheets,
Between coffee and papers,
I can congratulate from the heart.
Mostly we understand each other blind,
because we have become a team.

We see you as a respect person,
we have respect and are active,
follow instructions for pay
and would like to be lethargic
like you on your throne.
So it seems to us, because you are the boss,
but you have a lot to think about
pondering about some cunning,
to steer us perfectly.
Anyway, we congratulate you very much
and only wish the best,
Hey, our glasses are still empty.
Do not just give us the leftovers !!!

On the top floor
birthday is celebrated.
Surely there's a feast,
a buffet, overpriced.
And there are many wishes,
everyone joins in there,
smiles to the games,
because it has to be yes.
We stand there silently,
we work and are diligent.
But we also wish the boss good luck.
Long live the one who knows nothing about it.

You are our boss,
You make big speeches.
You are our boss
and you pull the strings.
You are very smart
and often very prudent.
You're just a woman
have already won.
If you only appear,
we feel blind.
True, if you think
that men are like that.
What year are you celebrating today,
We do not know that,
because you carefully veil it
behind the young face.
But here's the congratulation from all of us:
As a boss you are the best person!

You can not love a boss like that
as you with good reason,
So I stayed here
and stay for many hours.

You can not love a boss like that,
he is also nervous,
I like to stay here,
because he does not mean it bad.

On his honor
I want to congratulate him,
to that, no question
do not lose more words.

Only one thing I say today,
Health and good luck,
take this gift with joy
and me a piece of cake!

Responsibility, not an easy game,
the competition is huge,
Orders the company needs a lot,
they do not fall into our lap.

So today we thank a man,
who puts a lot into the stuff,
that it can go on for us,
that something is moving.

Congratulations from the crew
and only the very best,
we wish that too
and are very happy your guests.

Congratulations from all masters,
from the apprentices and journeymen,
we want to inspire with gifts
the boss, the smart and lightning fast.

If we do not know how to continue,
he always knows advice, is competent,
never sits on the pillow,
it is he who knows the answer.

Best wishes all the best,
no, best wishes,
Here we make a happy mute
and celebrate your birthday with you.

The boss, who has his birthday today,
we congratulate all,
if he always shied away from the praise,
it applies, in this case.

The boss, who has his birthday today,
there we want to congratulate
from the department all people
want to decorate him the day.

The boss, who has his birthday today,
there is also a gift
with it on this great day
he thinks long and happy.

Our boss will turn forty today,
so many women who adorn themselves,
to think about her age,
but she can not hurt that.

Our boss will turn forty today,
so many women who adorn themselves,
to tackle, to torment,
but with her you can steal horses.

Our boss will turn forty today,
on this day, that's it
that we congratulate
and you decorate the table richly.

Congratulations to the boss,
who is the birthday boy today,
The gifts are not big,
but of the kind you never forget.

The boss we let live high today
with flowers and speeches and also with gifts,
he has already given us so much,
That's why we just want to think about him today.

The boss, who gives himself the honor today
and celebrate with us his birthday party,
that he'll have a great day,
and worries he worries.

It is not easy to run a company
the employees often have to feel it.
They master this achievement but mostly with a sense,
this saves us all an ulcer.
We would like to thank you today,
until we all waver together.
As long as we do not bicker,
we would like to thank you once again.

As a boss you have the responsibility
that always means to judge everything,
You can not do that well.
That's why we've taken that over for you and it's come
that we can congratulate you on your birthday today.
May we still write a lot and you continue to swing everything in the right direction.
Good luck and good luck to you from the whole piece.

As a boss, you always have something to say
Sometimes we hear you complaining too.
But you also often say nice words
There is also this cake for now.
We congratulate you on this special celebration
and wish them all the best.
Let's hit you now,
on our Titan.

We would like to cheer with you
but we have to be comfortable with that, after work.
You can not ask for a boss, but you can still score well with us.
If you continue to score, then you are the boss we wish for.
If the working climate is rough, we feel like piggy.
Nevertheless, we like you and wish you all from afar, happy birthday.

Unfortunately we can not sing and do not make big speeches.
Speech can swing you so much the better
that belongs to their waters.
It's not always easy,
when laziness sometimes sneaks.
But we know what we have about you and we can only complain badly.
From the heart, without joking we wish you a happy birthday.

On you Mr. boss we must always hear well
and may rarely disturb only.
You must be at all important things
often swing the work scepter.
Always stay so nice and easy
and we do not knock you off the stool either.
So enough of the small serenade
We'd rather shake hands with you now.

We would like to say birthday
There is not much to complain to you as a boss.
As a boss you often have a lot of courage
and we think that's good too.
Let's hope it stays that way
and we wish you a nice time.
We congratulate you on your birthday
and without any setback.
Our great working atmosphere
we find colleagues all the best.

Dear boss, today there are delicious things
and we all have to laugh.
We all thought of it
and even the whole night.
Then we finally woke up again
and now it is done. A cake for you
and almost without words.
A delicious tart
for all the records.

Our boss - a man with tolerance.
Far from ignorance and never arrogance.
You are a boss with heart and mind,
who always found a suitable solution.
Advice from us has always been important to you
and even refrained from going on a picnic.
We thank you
we the busy bees.

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