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Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends - Long Birthday Paragraphs - Messages

Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends - Long Birthday Paragraphs - Messages - A friendship is something very special. The relationship with the best friend lasts a lifetime. It is there when you need it. In good, as well as in bad times she has an open ear and is available with words and deeds. With her we experience the most beautiful things that we never forget. To show her how valuable she is, cute, funny, emotional and remembering sayings are perfect for her birthday. You can personalize each gift. Who carefully selects a birthday saying, which shows that he makes real thoughts about the friendship. The spell or a poem should be matched to the best friend. The congratulations should include only those statements that fit perfectly on the girlfriend.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends - Long Birthday Paragraphs - Messages

For a birthday saying or a poem for the best friend, it is important to convey the feelings lovingly. Warm-hearted words provide a lasting memory. Congratulations become particularly emotional when the poem recalls the common past. This also strengthens the friendly bond and the best friend knows that she can always rely on her soul mate. Birthday sayings can also be loosely worded and create a funny atmosphere. Metaphors are popular instruments to make a poem more vivid. They bring the poem to life. It tells a little story that your best friend can picture in pictures. Every girlfriend is different. It is all the more important that the birthday saying fits her too.

The best way to convey the individual birthday sayings is to design a birthday card of your own. She is especially personal when she has been crafted with her own hands. Creativity knows no limits. It is optimal if the design of the card is tailored to the content of the birthday saying. Anyone who addresses the sea and freedom as a symbol of friendship in a poem can design the card in shades of blue. The poem can be written with a pen on white or colored paper and then attached with a drawstring in the inner part of the card. Another very personal variant is a shared souvenir photo. The back can then be provided with the saying and lovingly designed. But in addition to these traditional birthday cards, congratulations can also be cleverly and originally packaged. A message in a bottle conjures the girlfriend a smile on the lips and provides for a long time for conversation. The ideas are endless here. These individual congratulations show the friend how valuable she is.

cute birthday wishes for best friends

I would never miss your birthday,
I would hate myself forever.
Because through thick and thin we always go,
no one can understand me so well.
We are like sisters.
Tomorrow, today and yesterday.
So live high and long and happy!
And call your best friend me for a long time.

What was, that's not important,
because from today you do it right.
A new year of life begins.
Enough time to improve.
But what do you want to do better?
Look bombastic or laugh ravishingly?
Both are perfect and just great as it is.
So, dear friend, just stay as you are.

A wonderful birthday for a wonderful person.
I do not mention how old you become, you already know that.
But fortunately, we age together,
together we are never lonely.
No matter what, we stand side by side.
As best friends, we never look for the space.

Be funny, happy, and a little bit crazy,
and look for a man who makes you happy.
Do not count calories and eat a lot of cake,
Even at the bar you should not look for long.
Just do what you like.
There is no one to stop you today.
It's your birthday, let's crack it!
We do not want to worry today.
Happy Birthday, all the best and love for you,
the first lap is on me today.

I am glad that you exist.
You should know, there is someone who loves you.
A best friend is irreplaceable
and together we are invulnerable.
Today, the Dream Team is celebrating your birthday.
We let it crack because I like you.

No birthday party without me,
Finally I scold your best friend for me.
I want to spend the day with you
and you also sing a serenade:
"Love (insert name), Happy Birthday to you.
Today, only you count for me. "

My best friend celebrates her day of honor today.
That's why she only does things she likes awfully.
Long sleep and plenty of brunch,
then splash happily in the bubble bath.
A shopping trip would not be too bad,
then a manicure, that's it.
A little laze in the late afternoon,
then try it on, so that you were not wrong with the outfit later.
So she looks fantastic in the evening
and we end the evening together at their party.

We liked each other yesterday, we like each other today.
No matter everyone else is.
As long as we are all good
and we certainly never lack the courage.
Your birthday is occasion once to say thanks,
for the beautiful experiences in the years and days.
You are a true friend whom I trust fully,
and on which I have been building all my life.
That's the way it will stay in the future,
because nobody can drive us apart.

Happy, who has a girlfriend,
who also asked for your help.
It shows confidence and that she needs you.
But even after your help, the friendship is not smoky.
It is a constant take and give,
which weave the bonds of friendship.
Sometimes you are weak, sometimes you are strong,
but sometimes you just talk quark.
That's why I better stop it now
and let the birthday run.
Congratulations, sweetheart,
I send you the best regards.

For my sweet best friend

I wish the best friend in the world,
the most beautiful and greatest birthday,
good luck, health, gifts and money.

Good luck and blessings in all your ways,
I will be your faithful companion
because you are irreplaceable in my life!

May all your wishes and dreams come true,
because your luck increases my heartbeat,
and I want to see you in a fulfilled future.

You know how much I love you,
because you are my very favorite sunshine,
and as sweet as a chocolate!

On this wonderful day,
where I carry a gift full of love for you,
and whose covenant holds forever,
because this friendship and love never expire,
yes, on this day I want to thank you,
that you light my day and we never quarrel.
You fill my life with harmony and joy,
I never feel like I'm wasting time with you.
So let's celebrate your birthday today,
and reflect our shared memories!

Nice and sweet words are easy to say
even a bouquet of flowers is easily commissioned,
but nice and fantastic people like you
are not to be found in no time.
I hope you feel how much I like you,
All the best for your birthday!

For my birthday I give you a little bear
and tell you an exciting fairytale.
In a small town,
lives a special girl.
It lives in a pretty cottage,
and is sweet as a tiny mouse.
It's also the friendship of two girls,
which holds together forever, on fixed threads.
This story comes from my heart
For my birthday, I will light a candle for you.

I have a girlfriend with whom I laugh a lot,
I have a girlfriend with whom I do crazy things!
I have a girlfriend who is always there for me,
I have a girlfriend, with a friendship without a deadline.
I have a girlfriend and her birthday is today,
we are celebrating a party and many people are coming!
This girlfriend is only one person
and this is sitting on the birthday throne today.

When I think of all the time we spent together,
with all our crazy ideas and exciting projects,
then I realize how much you have shaped my life
and how you have designed and written the chapters of my life.
Then I realize how much I need you,
because I dive without you into the underground.
That's why I celebrate your birthday every year
because I can never miss you anymore
and because every year I thank God
that he sent you to us on earth.

My dearest friend, your birthday is today ',
a day that pleases us every year!
I wish you the greatest happiness on earth,
the day should be the most beautiful for you.
In good and bad times,
should accompany you health, success and joy.

Another year has passed.
Did not start it
that we two met each other?
Now we can reap the fruits.
We are here for each other,
and that from year to year.
And I grow old like a cow,
my best friend, that you stay!

Today I want to tell you
that after all'nothing days
You are the best for me,
feel yourself kissed thousands of times.

I let the cork pop for you,
did you already notice?
We want to have a party today,
Do not obscure the reason:
I wish you all the best,
Play "Happy Birthday" on the piano.

Flowers are too few
and do not last forever.
But the bond of friendship
holding with so much power,
that we already through thick and thin
have gone with a lot of profit.
I will never forget you,
but always very missing.
No matter if close, no matter if you are away
You are always my brightest star.
You seem like the warm sun
and fill my heart with bliss.

Today is a big day
is your birthday today?
Flowers, sparkling wine and Tralala,
we are all there for you today.
Do you also get something from me,
so that you always think of me.
We are friends for a long time,
and without difficulty.
I still wish many days,
where I just ask you:
"What you wish for?"
and you say, "Just be here."

Many years have passed
since we once sang together.
Talked for hours
and also often enough.
Things hatched together
and sent us letters.
You and me, we were a team,
and sometimes it seemed like
that it does not last forever,
but has fulfilled a wish:
That we know each other today,
because nothing and nobody can separate us.

What should I write to you now,
without overdoing it?
That you are my best friend,
is certainly not a ruse.
We are closely connected,
We found each other then.
And that can not be a coincidence
that was destiny, from the beginning.
Soul mate, I would call that
to know each other's thoughts in a flash.
Now I wish you all the best
in your new year of life for every minute.

Today I'll get the stars from the sky,
come by and ring the bell,
hug you and give you a kiss,
drink a glass of pleasure with you.
I dance and rock and go crazy,
and then yell it full of fervor:
You have a birthday today and I invite you
to be my best friend forever

I give you red roses,
I wish you four children.
You get a kiss for free
and some smarties too.
I do not hand over money to you,
so that our friendship never breaks.
You already have my heart,
Are you a great person?
And now enough of the many words
Where is the birthday cake?

A year older again? Do not worry, because you are just a great friend who can not touch the years of life. Congratulations!
unknown author

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If we often laugh together,
today we let it crack,
Your birthday is a date
where I never come too late.

For many years, so lucky
Let's go through thin and fat.
And that should stay that way for a long time
I have to write in these lines.

And because I always think of you,
There's also a gift later.

Happy Birthday, sweety!

Today is your day of rejoicing
I write you because I like you
You should celebrate, be happy
And with me and not alone
Let's party today
We both let it really crack
We go dancing until the morning
Just forget the worries
And then we start the new year
It will be wonderful.

"Now I am already one year older!", You certainly thought that when you got up this morning. But that's not true! As your friend, I know that you have the ability to turn back time. No one laughs as happy as you, no one can be so delighted for the little things in life. Believe me, your incredibly positive energy will always keep you young!

You are always there for me,
and for that I love you.
I wish you a wonderful, special day,
Friends forever - that's what I'm going to tell you.
No matter how old or how young you are,
we keep going through every crap.

What do you wish for your birthday, dear friend? If you ask me, I know exactly what I wish for your birthday. I just want everything to stay as it is and continue to experience so many exuberant and quiet moments of familiarity.

Today he is finally here
Your birthday, Sonnenklar
What is a year more
We met, it's been a long time
And already celebrated many festivals
For me you are the best
I wish you a long life
Also love happiness is given to you
Health, wealth anyway
That it gives you makes me so happy.

If we had never met, my life would be poorer. Although it is said that you can not miss the people you do not meet - but maybe that would have been different for us both. Anyway, I'm glad that we met each other, and send you all the best birthday wishes!

As a good friend, you have the ability to keep secrets best for yourself! You know, you can always count on me for that. But that you have a birthday today, I had to tell everyone. Will you forgive me? Let yourself be hugged and wish you all the luck of the earth!

Instead of a song, I write
Birthday for you
The new Year
Will be wonderful
You will see
Worries pass away
You will surely laugh again
Do a thousand great things
Together we are so strong
Then even bad things are not so bad
Now celebrate really nice
I want to see you radiate today.

My dear best friend, I wish you all the best from my heart happy birthday, health, happiness, money like hay and other beautiful things that start with G!

Congratulations, I say to you,
I am very happy that I am here today.
We have known each other for a very long time
and we are always ready
always to be there for each other.

The nice thing about your birthday, dear friend, is that on such occasions we have a free pass to go crazy! I'm really looking forward to happily celebrating your birthday with you, laughing, dancing and making plans for the near future. You can count on one thing: the twelve months until your next birthday will not be boring!

My dear, good friend, what would I do without you? I almost forgot your birthday because you did not remind me. Now I wish you a very happy new year of life, with interesting encounters, exciting adventures and a lot of fun with everything you are planning!

Happy Birthday my sweetheart
Greetings for the birthday
Think a lot about you today
You will definitely celebrate
Can not be with you today
But you are not alone
Feel firm of me

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