Birthday Wishes for Golfers (Ball Sport Lovers)

birthday wishes for golfers - birthday cards for golfers. We sincerely congratulate you on our birthday and wish you good luck next year on the golf course and of course a lot of fun in the "19. Hole"!

Birthday Wishes for Golfers (Ball Sport Lovers)

When golfing, it is especially on the shop talk, but we wish you in the next year, that you improve your handicap!

For your next year, we wish you no Bogies, but rather many Eagles and maybe even one or the other As!

Greens, fairways and rough, the golf course has a lot of different surfaces to offer. In between there are trees and shrubs, hills, bunkers and possibly water. Not so easy to play the par! In this sense we wish you a good blow at all times and that you will find as many balls as possible in the next year of your life!

Always stay cool when you hit the ball. Do not be fooled on the green. Choose the right club. You can do all that with life and aging: just do not let yourself go crazy, but take life and golf as it comes! Rail accidents and other uncertainties should not put you out of rhythm.

We wish you a happy birthday and always have the right racquet at hand so that you can improve your handicap even further!

Playing golf requires the right swing, a steady hand and a cool head. That's why we wish you today for your birthday that you stay fit, do not tremble and drink enough!

It is said that golfers are not deterred by playing. Today your birthday is still celebrated! And tomorrow you can hide the shadows under the eyes behind sunglasses. The only important thing is that your ball stays on the fairway, so you are not tempted to rest in the rough ...

We wish you not only a good new year of life, but as many 18-hole rounds with as few strokes as possible!

Happy birthday and all the best for your favorite hobby, playing golf! Keep your handicap and do not be discouraged by failures, because without them it does not work, neither in golf nor in real life.

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