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30th Birthday Memes - Funny Happy 30th Birthday Meme

30th Birthday Memes - Funny Happy 30th Birthday Meme: You are in the middle of your life - 30th birthday. Forget the sadness of being late - Forget the worry of failing - Forget about not liking the situation it is in - and have fun with our free memes!

goodbye 29! happy 30th birthday! - funny 30th birthday memes

its your birthday? i dont think you are 29 anymore - funny 30th birthday memes

happy 30th birthday - welcome to the club - funny 30th birthday memes

oh, happy 30th birthday - what were the dinosaurs like? funny 30th birthday memes

happy 30th birthday - and dont worry i wont make any age related jokes i genuinely feel bad about how old you are - funny 30th birthday memes

i found an old baby photo of you - funny 30th birthday memes

its going to be huge fabulous - funny 30th birthday memes

heres to turning 30 - funny 30th birthday memes

mom called to wish me happy 30th birthday - turned 29 - funny 30th birthday memes

welcome to your 30s where every weekind is a baby shower and the hangovers last for two days - funny 30th birthday memes

happy 30th birthday - bazinga! - funny 30th birthday memes

Long Romantic Happy Birthday Paragraphs & Wishes for Him

Long Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Him - Do you know what I give you today for your birthday? You get something very special, something without which I can not live. But, if you keep it carefully, do not break it and lovingly handle it, then nothing can happen to it! Did you guess? I'll give you my heart! Do you like it?

Long Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Him

Love is…

... lying on a meadow together and looking into the clouds.
... wait for the others in the rain.
... sipping spaghetti from two sides.
... to scratch one's back for hours.
… being together with you!
I love you sweetheart and I wish you the very best for your birthday!


Let's hover together on cloud 7 today for your birthday. I want to kidnap you and make a trip to heaven with you. There is already a beautiful, pink cloud reserved for us. Close your eyes and take my hand! You will not regret it…


Since I know you, I have this strange feeling in my stomach! Can you tell me what that is? It tingles and whirrs, it fidgets and tickles, it sometimes makes me wake up at night and smile happily. I think there are a hundred, no, a thousand butterflies who do not want to stop dancing. And today, on your birthday, they fly around wild! I love you.


Only you…

... have the most beautiful eyes in the world!
... can grin like a little boy!
... attract me like a magnet!
... understand me without words!
... are my greatest treasure!
Happy Birthday, my darling!


Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Did you expect a cake from me? You will get that too. Today I want to be your birthday cake, sweet and sweet and to your taste! N / A? Would you like to bite ...?


There are six continents, seven days of the week, five oceans, twelve months and billions of stars. But there is only one person - at least for me. And that is you! You are unique and that's why I love you uniquely! Happy Birthday, my very, very, dearest sweetheart!


My sweetheart,
when God created you,
it was not bright yet.

That's why your eyes,
the luminosity of the moon.

Your birthday is therefore a happy day,
that does not end so fast.


If your life is wonderful,
from morning to night,

when the time is ahead of you,
is brilliant,

and if your dreams are
miraculously fulfill,

then you know
what I wanted for you.


How many wishes you all give others,
from me you get only the blessing,

that every single person likes to fulfill,
and you are blessed every day.


Power, wealth and success,
after which you can aspire
but I can only give love to you.

Hold on tight and you are rich,
not only today,
but all the time.

I will give you this wish today,
what you do with it,
may fate guide you correctly.


Today for your birthday,
I want to give you many wishes.

Love, health, success
and a long life.

Always surround yourself only with people
who love you,

stay yourself,
and do not let it turn you.

Open your heart and let me stay,
not just to write you these lines,

but because there is nothing better in this world,
as a person who loves another.


For my day of honor my dream prince,
what could you wish for?

A car, money or a journey?
I can not fulfill that in any way.

But my heart,
I put this at your feet.

together with a coupon
full of tenderness and a thousand kisses.


You gave me your sweetest smile,
and my whole life has changed.

No such beautiful word was invented yet
which someone like you can describe.

For me it has been clear for a long time
You alone are my dream man.

That's why I wish you a long life,
full of luck and success is given to you.

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Simple, Unique and Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

Simple, Unique and Funny Happy Birthday Wishes
Today is another day of jubilee
I wish you luck, because I like you.
But I wonder if it makes you happy too
After all, you're getting older today. happy birthday

Unique and Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

Again the ravages of time
because it's time again.
One year on top of it
that's how life takes its course.
You do not need to rumble now
Many people want to congratulate you! happy birthday

Life - it goes on and on
quite serious and sometimes cheerful.
The youth has been here for a long time
but believe me: do not take it so hard.
It is less the beautiful hair grow
the years of life are rising and rising.
Do not think back to the old days
but look forward - piece by piece. happy birthday

today the time has come
it increases your lifetime.
Well, life is like that
so it rises to the number of lives.
You are in the prime of your life
nothing was in vain in your life.
But be assured - I know it:
Soon she will reach the midlife crisis! happy birthday


Oha - oh god - oh dear,
You're getting older, I see.
To hell, what a bad luck
Your years of life - they go wech.
Hurts come and stay there
also color changes in your hair.
Oha - oh god - oh dear,
To see you older - that hurts! happy birthday


It's the same procedure every year:
I'm getting older - what am I doing?
The best thing is, I do not party
No one has to see the wrinkles on the face.
I stay in the quiet little room
alone for me this day.
But differently then the environment thinks
and you will be richly rewarded.
So you have to preserve the wrinkled face then you
and learn from the others again and again:
"Hey soon you can retire"
"Hey, can you still see without glasses?"
For the next year, you are looking for a solution
and you will book a trip very early! happy birthday


You are and you are young at heart
So I'm not talking about it
before the worry upsets you
you are only as old as you feel
Let me congratulate you
For cheerfulness and cool beers
because who celebrates a lot does not rust
says you this birthday poem


Birthdays are good for you
because statistics certainly show
People who have many birthdays
Life is the longest
you can say


I want you, as a true friend
Remember your birthday today
We want to forget the age
and prefer to eat cake


I just want to give you a birthday wish
I hope you will live forever. happy birthday


The crux of birthdays is
not that you forget them
but, and I say that from the heart
The older you are, the more candles you have
you need on the birthday cake
the cost due to their high number
then more than the price of the cake was


Let's celebrate your birthday and eat cake
And do not forget it
that only gets better with age
as long as you do not lose your head
So celebrate and let me tell you
You will still have a birthday many times


Mother Nature wants to tell you one thing
if you have a birthday again
you should not have them either
without wrinkles you missed something


The older you get, the more mature you are
Do you reach like a good wine?
let yourself celebrate and count the candles
how much may it be
but no matter they are from the heart
they burn only for you alone


I will behave myself well
today on your birthday
and will you give me a piece of pie?
I tell you that I like you


I wish you all the best for your birthday
another 100 years of life and a fresh heart
to stay as you are
because without you everything is crap

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Happy 30th Birthday Wishes - Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes - Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes - With the 30th birthday ends the youth. It is no longer charming, still studying or still living in the "Hotel Mama". At 30, men and women should stand on their own two feet and start their own lives accordingly. As a rule, the 30th birthday is therefore followed by a big party. Anyone who turns 30 usually leaves their parental home or has done so over the last few years. A reason to say goodbye is this day, because most of the 30th Birthday also means farewell to the familiar environment. For most people, it also means to be "grown-up": children are finally no longer children when they have reached a certain age and have attained a degree of spiritual maturity. There is a Abnabelung of the parents, which is necessary for the survival of a species. The parents perceive this as bad, but it serves the preservation of the species.

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes - Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes

The 30th birthday is also usually the starting point for the professional career: Who has not made it to the age of 30 years to have come far in the professional career, will probably end in a underpaid ud and discontented mediocrity. The 30th birthday is thus or in other words also an indicator of the past and the future.

The 30th birthday is also often a reason to celebrate. The "child" celebrates himself and his parents, his past and his future. However, it is also time to think about what's coming. Anniversaries such as the 30th birthday are a great way to reflash past life: Was everything right and did I do the things I wanted? - Do I work as expected? - What did my parents want from me? As a rule, you will receive numerous presents for your 30th birthday. Most of these donations are rather meaningless and don't have any real purpose. However, sayings about the age of 30 can be very groundbreaking: a person who turns 30 years old will be happily directed in the right direction. Our offer will show you a variety of sayings that allow one to leap into the next period of life.

Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes

So fast did the time rob you of the years,
did not you just learn to walk?
And then those strands, are they already gray?
From childhood, you have wisely removed.

But you can keep a look back.
The Flegeljahre are long gone
You still do not belong to the old,
enjoy what lies before you, because that is new.

You really do not look at the Thirty,
You're celebrating a thriving age today.
You have a job and you stand your man
and you're ready for any nonsense.

That's the way it should stay, you're still young.
Life still has much to offer you.
Experience becomes too fast,
the most beautiful flowers wither too fast.

And if sometimes you are worried,
just do not let that get you down.
Only confidence solves the questions of life.
With doubts you can only bend cotton.


You look really great.
Are you actually thirty?
Children, car and a house,
You were really busy there.
Should this continue?
Can you still enjoy it?
Job and money are good and nice,
but what can you sweeten,
when suddenly nothing works?
I say as a friend to you: hold on!
True quality of life
are not alone trouble and pain.

You are in the middle of life
and you are in the juice.
Let's raise the glasses
on health and strength.

Let yourself celebrate and praise
admire, gift,
let's drink and dine,
just do not think about tomorrow.

Your heart is full of zest for life.
We wish you strength and energy.
Enjoy the years very consciously
and continue to stand your husband.
This birthday is only once
and thirty you will nevermore,
with everything you always have the choice
take the glass half full, never half empty.
Life is a risk
but as a present the best!
Be brave, strong and always happy
take the whole thing, not the leftovers!

Give your life to life
Do not just let it pass.
It still offers you a lot,
You will survive many things.
You're so young, just thirty,
a day worth celebrating.
Tomorrow you are busy again,
strong and ambitious, as usual.
But today you should be happy,
forget the worries, lift the glass.
You're never alone with friends,
you have not only for fun.
So let me congratulate you
as you are, you are quite right.
Wherever your paths lead,
You know, you are very important to us.

You have mastered a lot in life,
have already lost a lot
I'm happy and excited
that you exist, that you are born.
Have a good time, look ahead,
Life means well.
Problems do not need anger,
they need heroic courage.
I wish you that today.
The 30th is round and beautiful.
And that nothing regrets you later,
I will always stand by you.

Tempo thirty, a good start,
life is gaining momentum.
Steer it carefully, then you realize the sense
then you will be spared bad.
Do not take the bends quickly,
think of the oncoming traffic,
drive full of curiosity and be curious,
then your life does not remain empty.

The 2 and the 9 are gone
past the youth, oh fright.
Now it's up to date
the 3 and 0 came too fast.
But it is said, look forward to this number,
Time flies, you have no choice!

From me to your party,
as wishes only the very best.
And to that, that's clear
a great happy year.
Happy Birthday,
there is no reason for a pout!

It has to be celebrated
You have been here on earth for 30 years.
A genuine one of the highest quality,
very rare, a true rarity!
Quality lives up to its promise
a good year does not age.
He has to develop more and more,
and still last forever.
For the 30th birthday the very best,
good luck and fun at your party!

Today is your birthday, old boy,
turn 30 and it turns off the color.
But even in this moment, remember
Antiques always arrive well.

30 years you are now young,
Thanks to the stress is still good momentum.
why even now advise and rest,
who feels old, he should do it quietly.
How wonderful that you were born,
we would otherwise have missed you very much.
30, you can hardly pronounce it,
Nevertheless, all the best for your day of honor.

Today go out of the circle of friends
many wishes on the journey.
Although the country is very large,
the joy is huge.
And are the friends still so far,
The greeting has a lot of warmth.
Whether from the Moselle, the Rhine or even the Elbe,
from Bavaria and also Saxony comes the same.
Happy 30th or Frisian flat a "Moin",
the greetings have only one purpose - to please you.

It takes to the annual circles,
unstoppable, quiet and silent.
Over time,
now makes the 30 wide.
Woke up after a short night,
she has gotten close to you.
Stay healthy and do not get sick
Show everything you do, thank you.


Soon they are there, the third teeth,
even if I do not like to mention it.
Your six-pack belly, he'll disappear,
writhe in wrinkles towards the ground.
Also you do not have to annoy,
when the chest begins to hang.
The hair is gray and thinner, it is soon clear
the beauty has not been around for a long time.
But on your honor day,
do I ask you the question
if you want to celebrate with us,
traditional, rustic like the Bavarians.

For 30 years I have to endure you,
How dare you,
now want to age even further
and to ruffle over your face.
Back then, it was you, young and crispy,
in your appearance - if you were naked -
the girls turned around,
today it is being blasphemed.
Despite all that, I congratulate you on my birthday,
because old, sunken and not attractive I still like you.

Congratulations, old spikes,
thirty years on the cheeks now.
You barely see it, you're in a good mood,
Take it with humor and let time take its course.

Today is your day of honor that everyone likes to celebrate with you. You will only be 30 years old once in your life, so let's give it everything today. We celebrate, dance and drink until the last waving goodbye to you. Happy Birthday.

No matter if big, no matter if small, today we all want to be with you. We want to celebrate your day of honor because everyone here loves you so much. You are now 30 years old and are still far from an old figure, so let's make a break with dancing, drinking and much more laugh. Best wishes for your birthday.

30 years, you will want to celebrate today and with you all people. They come from near and far and want to congratulate you so much. So let's party and laugh to make the night of the day. So we congratulate you sincerely for the birthday and wish good health and all the best.

Today we celebrate your birthday and ask us where do we leave the time just? You'll be 30 years old today and one thing I can tell you, you're still young. That's why we wish you all the best and stay healthy and healthy, you sweet Zuckerschnute.

Because your birthday is so much fun, today is celebrated and much more laughed. Our lives, you make colorful, that's why you are the only focus today. Because with 30 years it starts really, with many journeys through the world, that will be terrific. There is so much that can be discovered, for example, it is possible to reach for the stars. Since 30 new things start, so enjoy this day and let it crack again! happy Birthday

Thirty long and interesting years of life, which were not only rosy, these years you have since today behind you, so you get only the best wishes from me. On roses you were rarely bedded, and yet you are such a very nice and also a very young smart woman, who I would like to look deep into the eyes. I very much like to tell her that I love you and hope too much that she will always stay with me, so take these flowers and take my hand, I hope I can hold you for a lifetime.

Your life train has arrived at Station Thirty,
and do not even stop there.
You can still celebrate and be happy,
You really are not old yet.

The train will not stop here,
He continues the life journey.
And on this long, long journey you should always be happy
At any time, in any place!

Are you looking at life's rearview mirror,
then there is not much to see.
You are still so young, there is hardly anything happened.

Do you look ahead with your thirty years
then it looks quite different.
Success and happiness and festivals,
they are coming towards you.
You can not defend yourself against that,
So let's just do it!

You can not be thirty yet
You do not look that old.

Do not ask me why, why
You look at most like twenty-nine and a half.

On your thirtieth birthday, many well-wishers are queuing up
I join in there.

And when I stand before you face to face
Then I'll tell you something nice,
But what - I do not know that yet.

Stop! Stop! It occurred to me again.
Do us all a favor:
Stay healthy, happy, full of energy
Never forget the party.

About every party are you happy?
Trust us: we support you!

Every new year of life lies before us like a white, blank slate,
We know exactly, things do not always go smoothly!

We make plans and we feel like we're blacksmiths,
But do not know what will happen tomorrow.

I wish you that you can always direct your life - as needed
and that I am allowed to accompany you very dearly and faithfully.

Who are the lucky charms in our lives?
Quite simply, it's the friends that surround us.

On your birthday you should be happy,
And then I want to be one of your lucky charms.

My birthday rap
Does not come from an app.
I thought this up for you
Last night.

Now listen to my birthday message:
Stay happy and happy and fully casual,
You could be a little cooler
Would be good for your psycho-complaints.

Do not leave a party,
At some point you will also find your mouse,
Stay away from stress
On your way to Happiness.

My birthday rap
Did not come from an app.
I thought this up for you
Last night.

Woe, if you laugh at it!

On your birthday you look forward and back.
Both will bring you luck.

The retrospective shows: Thirty years have passed
Do not complain, you are fine.

Looking to the future you are prophesied:
Now comes your best time.
Only luck and success and happy days
Carefree cheerful and without any plague.

You are skeptical, do not believe me?
Yes, I really can not guarantee it.
But my glass ball almost always lives up to its promises.

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Best Happy Birthday Meme Collection! Explore our Hilarious Happy Birthday Memes!

Happy Birthday Meme - We would like to write and celebrate how we can make our loved ones more happy with birthday memes, in a way that stays away from clichΓ©s. We may want to better express how much we love them, especially to lover, friend, sibling, mother, father and spouse whose place is indispensable for us. For this reason, the most beautiful, sincere, funny, entertaining, impressive, short and long birthday memes and messages that you can send to your closest people are on our page.

more memes?

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Explore Funniest Happy Birthday Meme Collection

WELL... Its your birthday... AGAIN :( - Happy Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday My Friend

Happy Birthday Son! ITS NOT TODAY LOL


hope your birthday is kick - happy birthday meme

everyone sent you birthday wishes yesterday
bet they arent thinking of you today like i am. happy belated birthday - happy birthday meme

birthday? you mean new personal record for number of days lived - happy birthday meme

dont worry about getting older. you are still gonna do dumb stuff only slower - happy birthday meme

happy birthday to a husband - who has the worlds greatest wife - happy birthday meme

yeah... happy birthday - now if you could get back to work, that would be great - happy birthday meme

happy birthday this much - happy birthday meme

happy birthday you sexy beast - happy birthday meme

did i shutter? happy birthday - happy birthday meme

today is your birthday, so... why arent we drunk yet?

we wish you a happy birthday - they told us the dress code was formal - happy birthday meme

remember age gets better with wine - happy birthday meme

one does not simply - say happy birthday without memes - happy birthday meme

happy birthday bro! - happy birthday meme

here is to your mom she gave birth to a legend - happy birthday meme

its your birthday... or annual declaration of being awesome! - happy birthday meme

happy birthday baby - happy birthday meme

happy birthday! take the day off! oh wait you are a nurse you cant - happy birthday meme

nobody wishes happy birthday better than me - happy birthday meme

happy birthday son - told me no one ever

Birthday Wishes for Fiance - Birthday Poems for Fiance Sayings, Messages

Birthday Wishes for Fiance - Birthday Poems for Fiance Sayings, Messages - Happy Birthday, sweetheart! So many wonderful things will happen in your new year. Are you looking forward to it as much as me? My heart could almost burst with happiness when I think that we will soon call ourselves husband and wife. I love you so much!

Birthday Wishes for Fiance - Birthday Poems for Fiance Sayings, Messages

I still have that tingling sensation in my stomach when I think of the beautiful marriage proposal you made me! That was such a dreamlike and really unexpected surprise for me. Today is my turn to surprise you, because today is your birthday! Close your eyes and open them again when I tell you! You will be astonished, my darling!


You can not imagine how intoxicatingly beautiful and torturously sweet the anticipation of our wedding is for me. Do you feel the same way, my fiance? How happy I'm there, that your birthday shortened the exciting waiting time! For he too is a day of love for me, for which I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I love you and I am so happy that we will go through life together! Happy Birthday!


For your birthday, sweetheart, I want to prove my great love to you. I only love you because ...
... I always feel good around you.
... you are so tender and sensitive.
... no one can make me laugh as much as you do.
... you even love my little and big quirks.
... I may be with you as I am.
... you are the man to whom I will soon be wholeheartedly giving my say.
I am so looking forward to our wedding!


Happy Birthday, my big love! You know what you will get involved in your new year! I hope you do not get cold feet until then ... No, certainly not, because we love each other too much. Let's once again celebrate and enjoy your birthday today as a "friend and friend"! Next year we will call ourselves "husband and wife". Is not that funny and wonderful at the same time?

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Special Birthday Wishes for Dog Lovers - Best Wishes

Birthday Wishes for Dogs: Amazing friendship of babies and dogs - Birthday excitement of our lovely friends dogs - explore amazing dog birthday wishes from us. Birthday wishes to dog, birthday wishes for animal lover friend, birthday wishes from dog to human, happy birthday dog lover funny, 1 year birthday wishes for dog, birthday wishes with dog picture, happy birthday dog lover, happy birthday to my dog in heaven quotes

(*MARVELOUS*) Birthday Wishes for Dogs

Happy Birthday, faithful friend!
Everything you dreamed about
in your beautiful dog life,
should it be today's birthday:
Big bones with a lot of meat
and a basket, sheepishly soft;
You can have any toy,
allowed to dig in molehills ...
Today, nothing is denied you,
what your dog heart desires.
And as a coronation - best variety:
Dog cake instead of the cake!


All the best, little dog,
stay so faithful and so healthy
as you are now - that would be nice!
I would like to see you forever,
how do you make Radau in the house
and laugh at me with pink tongue;
So I wish you fast today
always dense, soft fur
and for the next phase of life
a cold, wet nose!


You were so tiny when we got you
a small, fluffy ball of fur on legs;
still shy and insecure, one might think
without a family and without a name.


But if you were scared, you barked it
And hardly that you have settled in here with us
Did you miss a chance to create chaos?
and successfully turned our world upside down.


Years have passed since that time,
you became a clever and magnificent animal
and without you, it would only be half as nice here.


And so, when we sang for your birthday today,
I thought back to all the beautiful years
and I was glad: What luck have we with you?


I wonder if you really know
what is today for a day,
but your tail wagging proves
that you do not care.

Happy Birthday Wishes from Dog to Owner 

You're just happy that all people
are so kind to you;
they praise and they are scratching today
the birthday child.


For dogs, that's not the day
they live the moment;
as long as everyone likes them,
There's always a happy ending.


But even if only we understand
that you have your birthday:
We want to see you happy
and celebrate without rest.

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(*BEST*) Birthday Wishes for Father in Heaven, Paradise, Eden

Birthday Wishes for Father in Heaven, Paradise, Eden - Last year, at this time, we sat here together, were happy and have forged plans for the future together father. Today marks the anniversary of your birth again, but you are no longer there. Wherever you like to linger, I feel that you are with me right now. Let me tell you how much I miss you and how wonderful and unique it was that I was allowed to love you and still love you.

(*BEST*) Birthday Wishes for Father in Heaven, Paradise, Eden

Birthday Wishes for Father in Heaven

We know how much you loved your birthdays father. That's why we all got together again today to remember the wonderful time with you. You were such a special, warm, lovable person and therefore one thing is certain: we will never forget you! Wherever you are now, we send our never ending love to you!


This is not a day like any other, this is your birthday father! You are no longer with us, but the memories of you are as fresh as ever. We look at pictures from your past birthdays, look forward to how happy you look and laugh at the jokes you made. You will always stay with us, and on your birthdays you are especially close to us.


It is not easy to greet this day with joy father. Today you would have been ... years old. Again and again I wonder what you would have wished for your birthday. How would you have liked to spend this day? What could have surprised you? I have to smile when I imagine it and let my mind run wild. In them, you are suddenly alive again and take me with joy beaming in the arm. These are moments when the beauty of memory dispels pain.


We know how cheerful and heartfelt you have always been. You would never have allowed us to have a sad thought on your birthday. You would have wanted us to remember you with joy and laugh at you during the great time. And there were many funny moments in your life! We promise you that we will celebrate your birthday today without mourning and that we will happily commemorate your captivating personality.

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Friday, July 30, 2021

Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues

Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues - If someone from the workforce has a birthday, the work colleagues warmly congratulate to formally - depending on how it works in the job. Especially among colleagues, the tone is often not very polite, but rather a little rough or ironic. The strengths and weaknesses of the birthday child are mostly known. So it is often not enough that the person is taken a bit on the shoestring. But the birthday is also a fitting opportunity to thank for collegial behavior or helpfulness.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues

Birthday Sayings for work colleagues - funny and witty

Congratulations in the circle of colleagues are usually written with humor. Popular allusions are to the inexorably approaching retirement age, which must also be heard by workers under 50 years. Or the indication that it once again did not work out with the promotion, because again a younger man had the nose ahead. It is also noted that the agreement with the boss in the eyes of colleagues is unusually harmonious. Small taunts are often not enough in the birthday sayings for co-workers. As long as they are not unfair or fuel the rumor mill, they can be very funny. Above all, when she recites someone who controls that and has a sympathetic charisma, the birthday boy will not react snapped.

Some teams go out of their way to honor a colleague or a colleague. Then the birthday sayings sound almost like a praise song to the person in question. Maybe it's the mood cannon in the department or someone who is always fair. Even superiors can experience some kind of homage, for example, if they are recognized as good conflict managers. In creative professions, colleagues attach great importance to a special choice of words, and here, too, the joy of words and clean rhymes becomes apparent. Or how the ambiguity of the language is used to accommodate a small sideline.

Birthday sayings for work colleagues arriving

Anyone who struggles with the density of crisp birthday sayings, can fall back on an old trick: simply a popular song umdichten. Then the verses do not rumble, and the song gives a guide. In addition, re-enacted pop songs or folk songs are usually a scapegoat when reciting a chorus of work colleagues or a gifted soloist. If the birthday sayings for co-workers meet the highest intellectual standards, offer poetry or quotes from poets and thinkers. For all proposals online there are a variety of entertaining and challenging suggestions.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues

Our job is really not always comfortable,
but working with you is pleasant.
You are calm and relaxed, even when you are still in stress -
Happy Birthday, and please keep it up!

If it gets too colorful, we'll take a break,
and sometimes we go home earlier.
We will still be able to do the work
with united diligence and united power.
That's how nice it is and it's fun
and that's why I wish you something today:
Good luck, stay healthy and happy,
then we just keep it up!

We like you as a colleague,
but stay away from us today!
It's your birthday, so you have free.
Contradiction futile - it remains!

When I started here I was told
Here, above all, team spirit is required.
I was a little inexperienced
and also quite young for years.
But you came right up to me
and took me by the hand.
A real team quickly became both of us
and we can enjoy each other
Today is your birthday, so I tell you:
Go home, go celebrate, leave the work to me!

Although you have a birthday today, you came to the office.
Everyone else except you would have taken off.
That's why I did not think long
and something to celebrate.
You have to look for colleagues like you for a long time,
That's why you deserve this cake!

Teamwork - not always an easy job.
Therefore you deserve great praise:
Working with you is a pleasure
and so we wish you today:
Good luck and success, stay healthy for a long time,
then everything will continue to run smoothly here!

Today the work must be quiet,
we have better things to do:
Your birthday, colleague, has priority.
I'm sure the boss understands that, too.
We all want to congratulate you,
because without you nothing would work here!

You have been doing this job for many years,
but you still like to do it and good.
And here is the wonderful thing:
This work is simply in your blood.
A stroke of luck you are for all colleagues,
So we wish you good luck and much blessing!

Colleagues are sometimes a nuisance
but to whom do I say that.
With you that's different, no question:
With you the work is fun!
So I wish you this way
Good luck to my birthday, my dear colleague!

The boss has released you today,
So you are not here at all.
You make a nice life at home,
and we do the work.
Because today is your birthday,
is that okay.
Because you are our colleague,
we are happy about that.
All the best, health and good luck -
we expect you back tomorrow!

Today you're sitting happily behind your desk,
On it are flowers that are fresh.
As a birthday present, we have put it to you,
We are happy that you really like our present
And we wish you to remain our dear colleague,
We are happy to go with our little worries.

On the birthday, dear colleague, we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts.
We are glad that you work together with us here
And got to know you as a hard-working and loving colleague,
Who loves difficult tasks and never moves away from them.
So we congratulate you today for the birthdays
And we wish without any question,
That you stay as you are today
And enjoy the job with us for a long time

For your birthday, dear colleague, we wish you luck and blessings
And also in the new year a lot of success on all your ways.
It is nice that you are our colleague,
And enjoy the day of honor with us at work.

We have been working together in the company for many years,
We also found out that you have a birthday today.
We congratulate you wholeheartedly
Nice that you are with us with your laugh and your jokes.

A good colleague is as important as at home the dear husband or the dear wife,
Because most of the time we spend with him - as sociologists calculate accurately and accurately.
That's why today we do not just congratulate you on your birthday,
But also thank you that you stay at work always nice and fair.
We wish you a successful and healthy new life and work year
And hope for you that your many dreams will come true.

Today is the right time for us all
To celebrate a feast at work,
Because today you are celebrating the birthday with your colleagues,
On this day of honor, we wish you all the best and all the blessings
As well as success in all your projects,
But first we all want to eat cake.

Today, our dear colleague will be older once again a year,
The birthday calendar shows that your day of honor is really true.
That's why we gather to sing you a little serenade
And to bring you our congratulations.
We wish you success in the workplace and in private life
And to all your plans good luck and all blessings.

All colleagues, are here today,
and make you live, having you is a blessing!
And that's why I save a lot of talking:
Happy Birthday and happy birthday!

We are so glad that you are
of all of us you are the one who taps the fastest!
You are always on time, your outfit is usually neat
You are still friendly, and most are still nice!
Today is your birthday, everyone is happy with you,
We also like you pretty much, and that's why we sing:
"Happy Birthday to you…".

Dear colleague, Today is your birthday,
That's why I'll just give a little speech:
We all know you and love you,
That's why we want to bow today
in front of you and your performance, you are really a hero!
You always give everything, but you still do not get more money!
You do not care, because the operation is your life!
Anyone like you is a blessing to every boss.
If you have problems, you can always talk to you.
So slowly enough, I come to the end,
stay as you are and shake our hands!
We all congratulate, you are the hero today,
and for us, the best colleague in the world!

There is something to celebrate today, because many years ago you were born,
Back then you already had a crooked nose, a high forehead and big ears.
And that cheeky grin we all love so much,
I wish you a happy and happy birthday,
healthy and happy as often as possible.
It's good that you stop smoking, because that's as bad as narcotic.
Stay strong and keep it up, consider achievements so far as a leader:
You are already high up on her, your goal is closer
as the ground and you are still on course, and never wrong.
Enough of the serious issues, let's now settle for
To take a drink, because you are our man:
Happy Birthday to the colleague who can do everything!

Today has its birthday, people come here
the colleague is having a birthday, we are all very happy!
Because then there are rolls, sweets and cakes,
with these goodies, you quickly forget the book,
counting and typing,
and instead of "good day" you always have "all the best" on your lips.

In a nutshell: you are the best
I wish you a lot of holidays, and dough in the vest.
Stay the way I know you, then you have a real fan in me!
happy Birthday

If the colleague's birthday,
then a celebration will take place.
It is laughed and also danced
and not entrenched behind files.

Colleague ___ laughing at the desk,
who is celebrating today,
he has his birthday, oh how fine,
and invite the colleagues to.

With flowers and with cards,
we wait for the colleague
because this is his birthday,
and make a celebration of joy.
So we dance and we sing
and congratulate him here today.

Celebrating a birthday is a blessing
celebrating with the colleagues a little bit,
it also tastes the birthday cake,
you give him many nice words.
A party that everyone likes
on his rejoicing honor day.

His work table is decorated today
with flowers and gifts,
because he has his birthday today,
we think about the colleagues.

We celebrate the birthday today
by colleague Schmidt,
we also have gifts here
and bring flowers.

High should he live,
today we celebrate,
from the colleague's birthday here
Today we let the work be
and celebrate the birthday fine.

Today, a party is going up in the office
and the colleagues who are glad
who has ___ today's birthday
and therefore make a celebration.

A party is in the air today,
and also a very special scent,
Coffee and cake should be,
it will not be _____ birthday?

In the office, a party is going up today
that's why you all love you,
my colleague's birthday today,
and that's why today is the celebration.
There is dancing all night,
also much celebrated and laughed.

A serenade is brought to the colleague
because this is his birthday today.
Is celebrated today oh oh how beautiful,
there you can see all colleagues.

If the colleague's birthday,
is a nice party,
with flowers and gifts,
because everyone thinks about him.

There's a celebration in the office today,
and there are many people coming
There is dancing and laughing
and the colleague a pleasure.

When the colleague's birthday is over
everyone goes to the party,
there is drinking and laughing
and having fun all night.

The colleagues, all are happy,
because now comes the birthday child,
Today is sung and laughed,
the work today makes another.

The colleague's birthday today,
what makes all other colleagues happy,
a little drink, that's fine,
will be a pleasure for the colleagues.

A high on the birthday child,
so let's party very fast,
because the colleagues are crazy,
We want to send birthday greetings
and send flowers and gifts.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes Princess, Girl, Boy

The second birthday party is a very special day, especially for the parents. The child will probably not remember this day later, parents and grandparents but all the more. In this case, many grandmothers and grandfathers like to think twice about declaring the birthday wishes in a not too conventional way for their 2 year old grandson. A simple "Happy Birthday" is usually not too good, especially since you often get a greeting card, which you hand over to a nice gift to the parents. Popular toys here are often rustling or educational toys about which certainly the parents are happy.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes Princess, Girl, Boy

where our / our're ... birthday has!
2 years you are in this world now
and the sunshine that lights our day!
You are the greatest treasure for us,
That's why there is now NEN big smack!
Can someone tell me
Do we have a birthday boy here?
A truly sweet-sweet child,
as cute as angels are otherwise?
One, maybe ... means
and does not know anything about his 2nd birthday?
Actually - I found it, there it is:
Dear, I wish you all the best and a happy new year!
First one, then two - that's great,
our / ours ... is getting big now!
Can you already have so many great things,
that make you and us so happy!
With you life is exciting, beautiful and colorful,
there is laughter, dancing - there it goes!
We wish you that it stays that way,
live a life full of love, happiness and joy!
... will be 2 years old today,
that really does not leave anyone cold!
This is celebrated until it crashes,
and small ... laugh with us for the bet!
We wish you, right here and now,
all the best and that happiness never leaves you!
The birthday girl a loud hip-hip hurray!
Klein .... is actually already 2 years!
Today you have several wishes,
Also your favorite cake is included!
Strongly we want to make you live,
sing, jump, dance and laugh with you.
It's going to be a great day,
Every one of us likes to remember.
That's why we wish you on all your ways
all love, good luck and God's abundant blessing!
Our little sweet mouse,
we wish quite freely,
only the best for the 2nd birthday
and have fun at their party!
Ri, Ra, Slide -
the .... gets a kiss now!
Because he / she will be two years today,
everyone is happy here.
Ri, Ra, Slide -
the one, that's gone now!
A little bird came in the night
and brought me a message:
The / the ... is already 2 years,
that is celebrated - it is clear!
I got up quickly
and thought up a nice present for me.
Hopefully you'll like it,
otherwise I prefer to keep it here!
Do not worry - that was just a joke -
the gift is only for you, my heart!
Tip-tap, tip-tap,
two little feet tripping around the world,
pitsch-patsch, pitsch-patsch,
two little hands reach for the sky.


Clip-on folding, clip-folding,
two small eyes blink in wonder,
zip-zap, zip-zap,
listen to two small ears, whatever happens.
And what do you hear? What could that be?
It's a birthday serenade - just for you!
2 years you will - this is a hit,
And all your friends are partying!
Trari-trara - now it starts!
Celebrate your birthday - that's great!
We wish you lots of fun,
at your cradle festival number 2!
Look, look at little mouse.
Today you look much older.
You are already 2 years old,
Madness like that happens in an instant.
We all want to tell you Happy Birthday,
hug you and carry you on hands.
Congratulations on the 2nd birthday for the best grandchild that there is! Grandma and Grandpa have brought you something beautiful and want to give you the very best wishes for blessing along the way.
The second Burzeltag is a nice day
Everyone in this shop shows you that he likes you.
Today you are our star all alone,
Yes, best regards and celebration very wonderful.

Happy Birthday my dear little sparrow! If your parents were not here I would take you smoothly, you are so sweet.
For the second birthday all the love and the greatest happiness in the world. Have a great birthday party and enjoy every minute in your life.
We wish your little Windelpuper for children's birthday all the best. Surely you have already read your child's wish from your lips and organized a huge party.
I am sure that you can give a 2 year old girl a nice teddy bear. But only one who is at least as cuddly as she!
With 2 years you look gorgeous,
out of the diapers you're out soon.
I also wish you all the best,
a lot of health and success still more.
Hippi, Hurray the second is the best day of the year.
Officially, you are getting bigger and warmly welcomed by all,
no wonder, if you also sweeten the day for us.
Grandma and Grandpa love you very much
we wish a lot of health and happiness for life.
We have already missed our dearest godchild,
We all know how happy you are every day.
For the 2nd my little sweetheart I wish all the best,
I am always there for you, I give you my oath!
Year after year you get older, soon you are three.
Everyone comes to celebrate you,
We have a wonderful son,
our love and blessing are yours.

No matter if 2, 3 or 4.My child congratulations on the 2nd birthday. You make every day indescribably beautiful, because we want to spoil you with all our means.
We wish you all the best for ever.
Also, if you soon forget today,
Let's measure ourselves today in the cake feed.
We are all here to sing with you,
with so many nice things.
Go your way my child and always stay true to yourself. Life offers us so many opportunities to master. Surely mum and dad will prepare you well this way and we are always behind you. Congratulations from all of us.
Who would have thought this yesterday,
Today you woke up with a 2 in the petto.
You will soon have big dreams in you,
so big that there are almost no rooms for this.
But yes, you can do anything in life,
You only have to get up.
Mayor or doctor you can become,
to do good in heaven and on earth.
Now we want to search for the right words,
Happy Birthday party still book.
The 2-year holiday is very special today,
In addition, with twins you have the place already full of people.
From our birthday the sweetest congratulation,
soon you can stand on your own.

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